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Monday, 27 August 2018

How to Wear Difficult Clothes!

Styling baggy neon pink culottes and an aqua cashmere knit | Fake Fabulous

I'm not going to beat around the bush here...
Culottes are not just difficult, they can be HIDEOUS.

I'm not ashamed to say that I LOVE them!

{Find out the REAL reason I love to wear culottes in a moment...}

Styling baggy neon pink culottes and an aqua cashmere knit | Fake Fabulous

Culottes are one of the trickiest items to style and wear well.

They are neither one thing or the another.
Hanging around the middle of our legs at the most unflattering point.
Neither a skirt or a pair of trousers.
They're loose and flappy.
They don't hug our curves.
They don't flatter our hips.

They add bulk where very few of us want bulk to be added.
They seriously shorten legs.

In fact, they are rarely the most flattering option for anyone.
Even the young, perfect, toned, long-limbed and beautiful struggle to look their best in culottes.
There is always a more flattering option.

Most people look better (in all senses of the word) in either a skirt, shorts or trousers.
Culottes can be mean to our bodies!

Styling baggy neon pink culottes and an aqua cashmere knit | Fake Fabulous

I also MUST mention our menfolk!

Fashion-minded gents aside (lucky you if you have one of those in your life) most men just don't 'get' culottes.
They can confuse them.

What is the point?
They're stupid.
They're certainly not sexy... in ANY way!
They're one of the ultimate man-repelling items of clothing.

However, all is not lost.
Other women (with an eye for style) really appreciate a worn-well culotte.
We nod in approval in the direction of a stylish pair.
We appreciate the subtleties of chic and edgy outfit.

So, why do I love culottes SO much.... The TRUTH.

The real reason I love culottes SO much (apart from the comfort and leg covering properties) is that very few other people like to wear them.
They are all over the internet and blogging word BUT in real life I see very few pairs.
I find them unique looking and different.

In an ideal world, I would be able to afford couture and individually made genuinely unique pieces.
Back in the real world... I try to avoid mainstream shops (and the popular designs in them) and enjoy scouring charity shops and sale rails.
Culottes nearly always end up on the sale rail.
Especially in BOLD colours and abstract patterns.

Culottes feed my individual style.

So, how do you wear really hideous man-repelling clothes without looking a mess?

It's simple.
Wear your clothes without compromise.
Without a sniff of an apology.
Who cares if you're theoretically too old, too short, too heavy, too skinny, too... whatever!

If you love something 'hideous' then go for it anyway.
Hold your head up and be YOU.

There is no point in hiding when you're wearing culottes (or any other potentially dodgy fashion item).
If you love the piece, and wear it with gusto, then it will always look great!
Confidence (real or faked) is 80% of style.

Be bold.
Be brave.
Stick two fingers up to the doubters and haters.

{Find out how to fake confidence HERE and HERE}

Styling baggy neon pink culottes and an aqua cashmere knit | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing a particularly hideous pair of culottes.
They're super-baggy and a bright neon coral/pink colour.

They're not flattering on my body, adding bulk at my hips and shortening my legs.
But guess what?
I don't care because I LOVE them.

The fact that they're neon makes me want to add even more colour and do a bit of clashing.

I've also made NO attempt to compensate for the shortening of my legs by adding a heel.
I'm all about the comfort today.

These gutties were the only way to go.
I know they make my feet look wider and bigger.
I know they contribute to the shortening of my legs BUT I'm okay with it.

I'm striding out with baggy neon confidence!

Styling baggy neon pink culottes and an aqua cashmere knit | Fake Fabulous

What difficult, man-repelling, hideous, awkward and potentially unflattering clothes do YOU love to wear?
Spill the style-beans!

CULOTTES: River Island... try these.
CASHMERE JUMPER: Charity shopped... try this!
BAG: French Connection... this one is nice.
TRAINERS: Puma... these are gorgeous!
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine... this is fabulous.




  1. Well, I think you look adorable! While I agree that culottes are quite difficult to wear, you have nailed the style with the contrasting sweater and those fabulous ruffled sneakers. I am wearing a particularly hideous pair of yellow floral wide leg pajama style pants today with an equally awful fitted striped tee that is probably much too young for my 44 year old body. But I am comfortable and I think it’s cute so I am wearing it with confidence! Rock on!


    1. Hahahahha... never too young for us Shelbee, nor a we ever too old!!
      Have fun in your billowing trousers and too-tight top.
      We're all a long time dead!

  2. I love my Birkenstocks and will always wear them. If men don't like them (they don't), so be it.
    Culottes? No way in the world! I've disliked them since I first laid eyes on them. Yours look good though, and I love the pink and green

    1. Hahahahaha... I used to hate them too Susan, then became hooked!
      As for Birkis.... YES!!!!
      I've got 3 pairs, all ghastly but I love them to bits.
      (My floral clogs are particularly ugly, especially with wooly socks!!)

  3. So true! You just dont see them out and about! My mom used to wear cullotes. I have never tried them! They look great on you and I love the casual vibe. The colors are lively and I love that.
    jess xx

    1. You would look amazing in culottes Jess!
      I hope you give them a go for AW18??

  4. I agree on every count, I couldn't be without mine, and want to add more and more as I love them. These are bold, bright and bloody gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. I'm the same Jacqui!
      I keep looking for different styles and colours... perfect for AW too... no soggy trouser hems!

  5. It s true! The first pair I bought werd awfull! But it didn t stop me from buying three others that I love and wear a lot! I think they are very stylish!

    1. I agree completely Nancy!
      As first it's Like..."uh, these a weird"
      Before you know it we're addicted!!

  6. mwhaha, I love your attitude! and you totally rock in your neon culottes! I understand why you love them! they have that fabulous originality and uniqueness, interesting color and defiant attitude!. And I think that your culottes look nice with flats, I prefer them this way!. You look adorable!
    I think that many suposedly unflattering ítems could look fab if you wear them your way. Sometimes it's all about finding that perfect piece which you love!. I have had some really unflattering trousers, worn them with pride and never felt that they repelled any men!

    1. Hahahaha... I bet your "unflattering" trousers are awesome Monica!
      Bold and bright and beautiful!!

  7. You call these pink babies hideous, I call them GORGEOUS. Oh how I wish they were in MY closet! You look gorgeous and carefree here, I love the styling, with you tying everything in with that cool necklace.

    Being a hijabi, I rely a lot on baggy pants, which include palazzo and culottes. The only problem is I don't find a pair that I love as often as I'd like! Most of my favourite pairs were bought in Tokyo. I can see that yours came from River Island and they're probably not in store anymore? But not that it matters, we don't get River Island stores here in Malaysia unfortunately, it's only available online and I don't do online shopping so much. But I will keep on looking!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Awww Liyana, they're not in store anymore.
      You should give the online shopping a go from River island... I'd love to see some more inspiration from you!!!

  8. I think you look bloody brilliant in culottes, Sam! These ones specially – the colour is fabulous and I really do love how you styled them. I still only own one pair and they're a thick denim so much easier to style than other fabrics. I have spotted a few pairs of winter culottes which I rather like the idea of wearing with knee high boots. Let's see!
    Suzy xx

    1. Right.... Need denim culottes (note to self).
      Thank you Suzy!!
      Culottes look amazing with boots.
      I can't wait to see those!

  9. I rather like them on you😊. I find that men do t seem to like a maxi dress, but I love them!

    1. Hahahahaha... yes, the maxi!
      There is too much hidden away :oP

  10. I purchased a pair of black culottes this spring and the fabric and fit are not at all baggy. Perhaps it's the black color that gives them a sleeker silhouette?
    I love frumpy, comfy, slightly big stuff. Everything from sweaters and overalls to sun dresses that have lots of room to waft about! Sometimes clothes that express some aspect of "youness" just aren't all that flattering and you like them partly because of that fact!!
    You look colorful, comfy and joyful Sam. You did these culottes up right! :-)

    1. There are some nice sleek culottes out there Judy that are much more flattering... and smarter!

  11. You look amazing! I teach in primary school in a hot climate, so for me culottes give me the comfort of breezy dressing while keeping me covered as I sit on the floor to teach in groups. I do agree that whenever I wear more fitted trousers, people complement it more. But I love culottes. I wear them with a stripy top and consider it my "Japanese art teacher" look. _J

    1. How cool !
      Anm arty look for sure... and perfect for getting on an off the floor.
      No undie flashing and no "too tight" trousers digging in!

  12. I love culottes - I must have more than 10 pairs! These pink ones look fab with the green sweater, and the necklace is the perfect accessory!

    Emma xxx

  13. I think you look adorable! And yes, sometimes it's good to wear something no one else does or likes, because it's okay to be ourselves.


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