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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Festival Dressing | Fun with Fashion over 40 | Link Up

Denim Dungarees and Leopard Clogs | Fake Fabulous

Summer festivals are not just for the teens and twenty-somethings.
In fact, we over 40's were the original rave and festival goers!
We were the pioneers.

We've been there and done that... with bells on!

Denim Dungarees and Leopard Clogs | Fake Fabulous

Unfortunately, I'm not off to an old skool rave party here (more's the pity).

I was just staying at home, sitting in the garden reading a book and relaxing (hardcore eh?!) BUT my husband did comment that I looked like I was off to a music festival and it made me think...

I know the festival season is almost over but festival dressing is the perfect opportunity to have as much fun as possible with fashion.

Absolutely ANYTHING goes when it comes to personal festival style, and no one would bat an eyelid no matter how extreme your outfit was.

This ensemble would be tame to the point of boring!

Denim Dungarees and Leopard Clogs | Fake Fabulous

At home, I often wear clothes that don't get a regular public outing but on this occasion, I was wearing my well-worn dungarees.
The difference was that I don't normally wear them with just a bra top!

On this occasion, I wasn't going anywhere (except taking Jake for a walk that evening, but that doesn't count as I was wearing trainers and a waterproof jacket!) but I would replicate this outfit in a heartbeat if I was heading to a festival!

{Disclaimer: You'd probably need to substitute the clogs for wellies here in Scotland!}

Denim Dungarees and Leopard Clogs | Fake Fabulous

Did you get up to mischief where you were in your 20's?
Were you a 'secret' raver like me?

Did you enjoy music festivals?
Do you still enjoy them now?
I'd love to hear all about it!

DUNGAREES: JohnnieB (Very old and from the teen section at Boden)
TOP & NECKLACE: Charity shopped
CLOGS: Lotta
BAG: Topshop (old).. try this.

Denim Dungarees and Leopard Clogs | Fake Fabulous

Last week Suzy really caught my eye, not only with her simple and chic outfit but with her story from the Algarve.

Pop over for a read HERE... and a closer look at her amazing abs!!



  1. Wow you look amazing in your cropped top and dungarees Samantha! Love the clogs with it! Fab xx Maria

  2. Sam, you’re rockin’ the festival style and you look fabulous! Around my parts, huge music festivals are attended by people of all ages (I’ve been to a couple in recent years). It’s boho on steroids which I adore. Thanks for sharing your styling inspirations and for hosting. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  3. Oh to go to a festival! Never too old! I'm sitting here wondering what I would wear! xx

  4. Fun post. I love that overalls are back. I loved going to alternative clubs in PHily when I was in my 20's.

  5. You look fabulous in this outfit, Sam! I love that necklace and the clogs are fantastic! I used to love going to music festivals but now I find them too crowded and too noisy! Ha! ;) XXX

  6. Just perfect! I think you look spot on Sam. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  7. woww, you look gorgeous and cool (with a touch of sassiness!) and ready for some festival action! dancing queen!!

  8. Samantha, this outfit makes me want to scream YES!!!!! It is cute and sexy and sassy and super fun! You are rocking this look, for sure. I love those clogs, too! Mischief in my 20’s, eh? I am still getting into mischief in my 40’s! Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?!


  9. Your looking pretty "hip and cool" lady!

  10. Many a 20 year old would be envious of your look!

  11. Would you believe I've never been to a festival, Sam?!! I know, I haven't lived! The thing is, I'm not a big fan of lots of people, crowds ugh.... makes me feel all claustrophobic! However, I do like the idea of dressing for a festival LOL! Your outfit, for instance, is spot on for me. And, guess what? I finally found a pair dungarees YAY! They're black, from H&M in the sales. But it's too hot here to wear them just yet!
    THANK YOU so much for featuring me. I did laugh with the abs comment!!!!!!!
    Bug hug from a now much clearer and safer Algarve
    Suzy xx


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