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Saturday, 7 July 2018

What to Wear for Work When it's Too Damn Hot!

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Is it hot where you are just now?
Warm enough or too much?

I love it when the mercury rises.
It's such a rare treat for us, here in Scotland.
And it's especially great when you have some time off work!

{Guess who's been loafing around in the garden for the past week?? 😊}

However, if you're squashed up on public transport while commuting to work then the heat is no fun at all.

{There is nothing as disgusting as being pressed up against someone's sweaty armpit on a tube, or bus, journey.... yuck!}

Commuting and working in the heat can be a miserable experience.

That uncomfortable clammy feeling.
Crumpled clothes.
Damp armpits.
Hot swollen feet.
Even your makeup slides off your face.

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The makeup part is easily fixed with a little help from someone in the know...

Take a look at this (old) video from Lisa Eldridge.
The colours may be very 2013 but the techniques are still spot on.

She is one of my favourite MUA's... no Instagram OTT looks.
Just wearable makeup.

So, your face is now staying put...but getting dressed can be a little more tricky!

Most tailoring is not very comfortable in really hot weather.
Work clothes can feel stiff, restrictive and stuffy, ending up in a crumpled mess well before lunchtime.

Sometimes you'll see people who are normally immaculate, looking like they've slept in their clothes when the hot weather hits.

Linen may seem like the obvious answer, but it can be dodgy as it crushes and wrinkles as soon as you look at it the wrong way!

{Personally, I like the look of crumpled linen but it's not to everyone's taste.}

The only way to dress comfortably is in loose fitting natural or high-tech fabrics.

Definitely NO polyester dresses or blouses for me... Polyester + Sweat = Stink!

Today I'm wearing an outfit that is smart enough for my workplace.

I am obviously wearing shorts here and I know that for a lot of people shorts are unacceptable workwear, but you could easily swap out these short shorts for a pair of tailored culottes or a skirt.
If you need to wear a skirt with hosiery there are some beautiful invisible tights available.... try these.

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

For me, this outfit is the perfect compromise between smart and practical.

I'm wearing a loose cropped cotton shirt that lets the air circulate around my body.
I'm certainly NOT tucking anything in today!

My shorts are a softly tailored cotton/linen/poly mix that resists crushing.
Not too tight on the leg, tummy or around my rear.
I tend to swell up a little in hot weather and can't bare anything that digs in!

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

These shoes are the perfect balance between comfortable and cool.
The covered toe keeps them looking smart but the open back is light and cool.

They also have an orthotic footbed that supports the foot so it's not like shuffling around in slippers like many of these loafer-style mules!

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I prefer to keep hot weather outfits as simple as possible.
Accessories can be irritating, so today I've stuck to simple earrings and a practical large bag... essential for those hot weather extras like water bottles, suncream and deodorant!

SHOES: c/o Vionic
SHORTS: Charity shopped ... try these!
BLOUSE: Also Charity shopped... M&S ... try this one.
BAG: Dune... try this one.
GLASSES: Calvin Klein (old)... try these
EARRINGS: Charity shopped (again!!) ... these are lovely

What do you wear for work when the temperature rises?
I'd love to hear!

Hot Weather Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous




  1. Looks lovely and cool, but I would unbutton at the top a bit. Thanks for the makeup video, very helpful. What part of Scotland do you live in? Was there for a painting holiday a decade ago and fell in love with the country.

    1. Hi Sharon, I'm in Central Scotland... near Stirling and Falkirk. Where were you?
      I understand the unbuttoning but it's not something I like. I normally love the buttoned up look. It's more androgynous (which I love) and stops me feeling frumpy.

  2. Classic, cute and cool! Lise

  3. Since retiring and not having to maintain a professional appearance, dressing for summer heat has become much easier. I've rediscovered the benefits of the air circulation afforded by wearing a sundress. I find that regardless of fabric, a loose sundress really fills the bill.
    I love your look here Samantha. It has a summer meets feminine menswear feel! :-)

  4. mwahah, I lived (and worked) for seven years in the south of Spain, so I was used to be an expert in dressing up for work when it's 35ΒΊC (for months). Not anymore!
    But I still have some advice to share, which you've also told us: avoid polyester, embrace viscose, cotton gauze or linen (if you don't worry about wrinkles!). Flowy loose tunics and dresses are my favorite clothes these days!

    1. Polyester and hot weather.... yuck yuck YUCK! I'm so glad you agree!
      South of Spain and working in 35 degrees sounds like a style nightmare but I suppose you get used to it and have the shops/brands at your disposal.
      I'd have loved to see some of your work outfits!

  5. You look absolutely fabulous, Sam! I love those shorts – the colour and the fit are just perfect. The shoes too!
    Suzy xx

    1. Awww thank you so much Suzy... another charity shop find! XXX

  6. Definite looks like an outfit that would fit right in Malaysia, all year round! I'm all for how you've kept the whole look in a neutral palette, you look fresh and cool but still exude casual elegance, plus the pieces you chose look "expensive". I LOVE mules for their versatility, aside from how my feet are still "breathable" in them they DO make feet look smart.

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. I often wonder how you manage to look so chic AND maintain your modest style... cool in both senses of the word! XXX

  7. Gorgeous loafers, I usually go for breezy dresses when it gets so hot.
    and t gets quite hot here... imagine 36 degrees !

    1. I like it hot Lorena... but hot + work don't go easily together.
      Commuting is a misery!
      Breezy dresses are perfect.
      I love lightweight cotton... as long as the undies are seamfree!!! :oP

  8. You look great in shorts! And I am a longtime fan of a camp shirt but I haven't had one in ages!


    1. I had to 'google' a camp shirt Bettye... but I totally get it now!
      Smart but still cool and breezy.


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