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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Styling a White Dress in Summer

Havana Dress | Styling a White Dress in Summer | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing a wedding dress and no, I'm not going to a wedding...or a fancy dress party.
Neither is this a joke.

Don't worry.
I've not turned into a 'Miss Havisham' or completely taken leave of my senses.
Nor have I decided to dress in a more avant-garde style, channelling an eccentric vibe.
I am wearing a wedding dress for real.

Let me explain myself...

Havana Dress | Styling a White Dress in Summer | Fake Fabulous

This dress is a wedding dress and is sold as such.
It would be perfect for those low-key, casual and easy-going events that are always great fun to attend.

However, the beauty of a dress like this is that it's not really a wedding dress at all.
It's just an incredibly comfortable, classically cut, ivory dress.

Perfect for, well... wearing!

Havana Dress | Styling a White Dress in Summer | Fake Fabulous

I wore this dress on holiday and I've got plans to dress it up for a Christmas party, but today I'm wearing it to run errands and get in some shopping.
A normal day.

And why not?!

The fabric has a beautiful drape and it's fully lined in a substantial jersey fabric, so no nasty pant-lines on display... phew!

It doesn't crush up when sitting in a car (or bus) AND it wipes easily when you slitter your soup down it.... not that that happened to me of course*.

{*clears throat}

Just in case you're wondering... I've not been sponsored by this brand I just LOVE their dresses!

For me, white calls out for silver accessories in summer and this outfit was a doddle to throw together.

Havana Dress | Styling a White Dress in Summer | Fake Fabulous

Silver accessories and a denim jacket.
Done and done!

Havana Dress | Styling a White Dress in Summer | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: c/o Alie Street... now on sale with 60% off (less than £70)
JACKET: Boden (old)
SHOES: American Apparel (old)
CLUTCH: Vintage... It's too small to be practical (only holds my purse and phone) so I threw it in a large shopper, which is not in these pictures.
NECKLACE & BROOCH: Charity shopped

Do you wear White/ Ivory?
How would you wear this dress to suit your personal style? 
I'd love to know!



  1. What a gorgeous dress Samantha, I can see why you love it! Looks edgy yet ethereal with the denim jacket

  2. The summer is lovely isn't it? We can wear our nicest dresses, no sleeves needed! :-) And this one looks great on you. Next time coordinate it with some colours, some oranges maybe? My compliments on your biceps, your workout seems to have its effect ;-)

    1. replying with my name did not go as planned...

  3. I've missed you Sam!!
    This white dress is open to all sorts of styling options but I like your simple and pretty silver accessories a lot! Your shoes look like they're made from a soft comfy leather and your necklace reminds me of a western mens bollo tie without the usual pendant or turquoise nugget where the the chain is tied. ( do you know what I mean?)
    I hope your summer has been warm and lovely Samantha!

  4. Ha, so funny, I JUST did a blog post on white dresses in summer! So yes, I would LOVE to be wearing a white dress this summer...if only I can find one in time as lovely as yours.

    I'm loving that liquid silver knotted necklace...I have something sort of similar that was my mothers, but in more of an early 80s heavy disco vibe that I can't see myself pulling off right now. But I keep keeping it thinking SOMEDAY it will feel right again. Yours is lovely and delicate.

    I hope you're still feeling refreshed from your interweb vacay. I had a week of in the beginning of July and I'm still feeling pretty..."low anxiety," which relatively speaking, is a good thing! And just three more weeks to the next LONGER vacation, I can't wait! I DID have a mini computer break when my pd went comatose for 48's not RIGHT but I learned a workaround for it last night so at least I can turn it on now. I did find once I just accepted I didn't have it, that I was able to lean into it and started a new book and watching a new series on tv and cooked an actual meal. Usually The Computer wins out over everything!


  5. Lovely dress, Samantha! And who says white is only for weddings?? Love the silver accessories and the jean jacket with it - great for a summer day!

  6. Very pretty dress Sam! I love a white dress that just feels right for the summer. Lovely accesssories too- love the silver accents!
    jess xx


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