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Sunday, 8 July 2018

How to Avoid FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is SO common in people of all ages.

So, what causes this feeling of missing out on something important?

In a word... Media.
Whether it's clever marketing in a glossy magazine or Social media stories.
The fear of missing out on the latest wonder-product (or event) is real.

{Read about my experience with Heist tights HERE when my friend bought me a pair after seeing an advert on Facebook}

Social media can be the worst culprit.
Or, more specifically too much social media.

Facebook and Instagram are notorious for bombarding us with adverts and videos.
Telling us all about the latest amazing item/product that will change our lives.
Or, portraying other peoples lives as perfect.

According to Social Media, everyone else has...
  • Perfect skin, makeup, brows and hair.
  • Children that never misbehave or argue.
  • Teens that are a delight to be around at all times.
  • Perfect attentive husbands.
  • Amazing immaculate homes.
  • A calendar filled with non-stop fabulous social events.
Life appears to be one big-perfectly-coiffed-party.

You may end up feeling like your life, family, friends (and appearance) are falling seriously short.

Well, guess what?
It's all a load of old bollocks!

If that face cream was so effective why don't women in their 50's all look 25?
If the party was so amazing why were the guests on their phones posting on Social?
If you have time (and inclination) to get your phone out at a party then that tells me the party was bor-ing!

FOMO may sound like a stupid fad BUT it is a real struggle.
So, how can you manage those pangs of envy, or urges to shop?

1. Realise the grass is NOT greener, and the roses don't smell any sweeter.

That face cream or magic tights will NOT make you instantly look younger and thinner.
Only filters and photoshop do that!

{Besides, the model is about 15}

That person's life is NOT perfect.
Nobody has a perfect life.

Anyone who is keen to tell you about how amazing their life is probably has more problems than you do!

2. Try to cut back on Social media.

Be honest with yourself.
How long do YOU spend scrolling and watching videos?
It's probably way too long.

I know I spend too long, and I hardly ever look at twitter or Faceache (oops ... I mean 'book')

Watching the seemingly beautiful doing glamorous things in designer shoes is depressing.

Try to take things with a pinch of salt and restrict your 'checking up' to once a day... and no, once a day does not mean from 8am until 10pm!

3. Host your own REAL party!

Why not arrange a meet-up, party or event with your friends/family and focus on having fun.

Try and avoid 'posting' and simply enjoy the moment.
You could even put a lighthearted ban on devices!

It will feel great to let loose with no fear of it being recorded and shared.
You'll have some serious fun for real, instead of trying to prove to the rest of the world how much fun you're having.

Are you guilty of spending too much time on Social Media?
What about FOMO?
Do you ever buy items because of clever marketing then feel let down?
Or feel a pang of envy as you scroll through your feed?

I'd love to hear about it!

Leave a comment... or contact me by sending an email to

This week's LINK UP is open for 3 weeks... it's the summer blog slump and I'm going to be doing some bloggy housekeeping.
Please pop back and add more of your work, if you'd like to... and let me know if you're making any changes to your blog this summer.
I'd love to hear all about them!

{Read more about preparing for the summer slump HERE and try THIS POST which has some housekeeping ideas!}



  1. Housekeeping! I need to crack on with that too Samantha. I don't worry about social media. I would be in the wrong job if I did. xx

    1. Very true Laurie!! ❤️ I've got a list of jobs to do too. 😁

  2. I totally agree on your approach to this FOMO thing, Media are making us think that we're not having enough fun, not travelling enough, not looking good enough!. Well, my life is enough for me, thanks. And my best moments are not usually shared in the social media, as I'm too busy having fun to look for my mobile and take a pic. However, I like to share some 'real life' moments, like doing the groceries shopping or going for a walk without any makeup!
    Anyway, I still feel that kind of FOMO when I see all those perfectly decorated houses which have not books nor newspapers left lying around, nor clutter! Who Does live there!?

    1. Hahahaha... I guess they just push the clutter out of shot Monica! My house will never feature on social.... Too many people, pets, mess, life going on. 🀣

  3. Samantha, another wonderful thought-provoking post! I actually have gotten quite good at putting my phone down and ignoring it when I am spending time with friends and family. And I have to say that it feels amazing to not worry about capturing every moment on camera and just enjoy the moment! Life is so much better that way! But I do have to share this as well...I very well may have a perfectly attentive husband! Just as I was reading through your post (it is 7 am here), he walked downstairs from just waking up, kissed me on the forehead, and said, “How is your coffee? Can I refill it for you?” And those are the moments that make me swoon all over again...and I probably don’t share them enough! Thanks for the link up and I wish you a wonderful week ahead free from FOMO!


    1. Awww.... That man of yours knows how lucky he is! He should be treating you like his queen (as all men should their wives) I must admit that my hubby is great with the whole attentive thing too.... Especially when it comes to making me tea, coffee, wine!! ❤️ I think we must be very lucky. I never ever feel the need to share this fact on Facebook though.... Too busy drinking the coffee!! ❤️ πŸ’•

  4. People....real people. I love the idea of a party---it's the best way to enjoy the summer anyways!!

    1. It's a great idea Jodie and so much more fun! I remember being at a party a few years ago and caught someone videoing me dancing with my friends, without asking me first, I was SO angry. I may have had a couple of cocktails so my filters were off and I told them exactly what I thought of someone hiding in a corner videoing people having fun! Oopsy πŸ˜‚

  5. SUCH a great post, Sam! You're so right too. I've seriously cut down on the amount of social media time I spend these days and I feel SO much better for it too!
    Suzy xx

    1. It feels good doesn't it Suzy? 😁 I've deleted Facebook and messenger off my phone and I don't give it a second thought. Checking in once every few days is more than enough. Xxx 😘

  6. I just took a week's vacation from blogging and social media and I didn't miss any of it one bit. I am also in the midst of redecorating my den and found myself thinking about how the space would photograph for IG. That lasted a hot minute when I reminded myself this is my space and as long as I like it then who the hell cares what anyone else thinks?

    1. You're right about that! The world doesn't stop turning if we take a break, does it? It does us the power of good too. Nowhere in my house is Instagramable Jennie! Hahahaha. You enjoy your den! ❤️

  7. Luckily ask if my friends are anti social media, accept one, and it doesn't cross my mind to post something let alone get my phone out of my bag, when I'm around them. I have to ask when I want to take a picture for the blog! I love my friends!

    1. Your friends sound like the perfect antidote to those social media obsessives!
      You are lucky.
      My closest friends are the same... and my phone would never come out when we are together, unless someone asked to see something!
      I think someone sitting in your company scrolling social is just RUDE but there are plenty who do just that.... grrrrr! :oP

  8. I try to take a few photos at the beginning of an event, and then I put it all away. I want to be in the moment and building memories, not recording them. It's good to just step away from it all, so thank you for the reminder, Samantha! Thank you also for the link-up! I also really appreciate your links to previous posts (I've gone down the rabbit-hole!).

    1. I don't know where my reply has gone Sheila!

    2. That's annoying....
      I'll try to remember what I said...
      I think you have a great balance there Sheila.
      A few snaps to mark the event then getting on with enjoying it!
      Sorry for tempting you with other posts but I'm so glad you did!!!

  9. I always enjoy the posts where you give us a piece if your mind Sam! My connection with social media is restricted to the bloggers I follow ( just over 10) and Pinterest. I still spend a lot of time on my device and realize that there are so many things that would probably be more fulfilling and meaningful. I am making an effort to read BOOKS as an alternative to reading from my tablet.

    1. Hahahahaha... I can have an opinion now and again Jude :oP
      I'm as guilty as you spending too much time looking at a screen. I much prefer pages in a paper book!!

  10. I hear you ! It so true, it always seems as if the information on social media is put out there like its a standard. If you are not seeing that sunset or having that dessert it's not up to par.
    The only thing I have FOMO of is the actual news, the others I can live without ;)

    1. I'm glad you agree Lorena!
      People even photograph their lunch... "look how perfectly healthy my lunch is you greedy toad!"... :op
      I was scrolling through Insta yesterday (on my break) looking at perfect lives (and lunches) while tucking into a mountain of chips, beans and a giant sausage roll!! oink oink... Definitely NOT Insta-worthy munching!! :o) hehehehehe

  11. Great post, and so true. I try not to feel like this, but it creeps in sometimes! I have a fabulous life and love blogging, but try not to take it too serious. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. It CAN creep in a little can't it?
      I sometimes feel a pang when I see images of events in London that I'd love to attend BUT 'popping in' from central Scotland is never going to happen.
      Then I remember that these events can consist of PR's talking at you for an age then awkward mingling and product pushing.... maybe I'm not missing out after all!! :oP
      You're spot on about not taking things too seriously.
      Life is serious enough!

  12. Due to an error by my bank ( electricity flux) I ended up overdrawn even though I didn’t take out the money! My local branch seemed not bothered at all about resolving this. So I went over their heads. Money was returned, overdraft charges removed and £ 30 gift for the inconvenience!

    1. It definitely pays to complain Pamela-Marie... even if it's just the fact we feel better!
      I'm glad you got a positive result.

  13. Yes I totally agree. Matter of fact I think social media plays into our insecurities. The other side too is for the people who want to make blogging as a side hustle or business need to do and be on social media. I do my best to try to stay away from it from time to time but it is difficult. I also enjoy my life so I never compare my experiences to any one else's. I think once I start doing that then it takes everything hard that I worked for and I never want that.

    Maureen |

    1. That's the part I don't like about blogging Maureen... the social media pressures.
      The "numbers game".
      I quite enjoy looking at Instagram and certainly wish my numbers were bigger but I'm not willing to buy followers or likes.
      If only we could escape it all and just BLOG!

  14. I'd give up all my blogging and social media I think if I didn't have my Etsy store. Right now it is my main marketing tool.

    Blogging has changed too much since I started back in 2006. I don't find the sense of community that was once there. People prefer to scroll IG and heart a photo rather than make a real connection via blogging by leaving a heartfelt comment.

    I've written a few posts about why I hate social media. I dropped FB and Twitter a while back and now only post automatically from my Etsy store. I no longer actually visit those accounts.

    I haven't given up on IG even though I hate it. I do find that I can make sales through it.


    1. I still love your IG posts from your shop Suzanne!
      I love seeing the clothes and imagining them slipping into my wardrobe with ease.
      Luckily for my bank balance I've not spotted the perfect item in my size...YET.
      I did swoon over those Stella McCartney shoes you had a while back but they were out of my budget... so stunning!!!
      I completely understand your feelings towards Social and feel the same way!


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