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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

What's Wrong with Dungarees and Short Hair?

Dungarees and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been living in my dungarees over the past few days.
They're the perfect 'loungewear' but still cool enough to be seen out in public.

{Unlike those awful saggy joggers that are lurking in some of our wardrobes... you know what I'm talking about!}

I love this particular pair of dungarees.
The shape feels perfect, and the fabric is just right.

They're skinny-enough, without feeling tight, and the denim is just soft enough, without looking sloppy.

I also have a black pair, that are equally loved!
They're a stiffer-denim, and less suited to sofa-surfing, but they look smarter and dress up really easily.
{Well, as smart and dressy as a pair of dungarees can be!}

See my black dungarees styled with a Chanel-inspired jacket HERE.
See these blue dungarees with florals, HERE.

(You can find more dungaree looks HERE... and a dungaree-style dress HERE.)

You can even Find out if grown-up women should be wearing dungarees HERE.

Dungarees and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Dungarees have a bit of a bad reputation though, don't they?

Depending on where you live will depend on what stereotype is associated with dungarees.
None them are particularly flattering.
Stereotypes never are!

I was accused of looking...

"Too masculine, what with your hair and all."

Which was water off a duck's back to me, but it did get me thinking about short hair and how it can feel intimidating for some people.

(My hair's gone a bit wild in the wind here, which I also quite like!)

Dungarees, Stripes, Hoops, Fishnet and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Personally, I LOVE short hair.
Short hair is super easy to keep.
Washing and styling (Ha! What styling?) is a doddle.
Yes, you need to visit the hairdresser more often but if you colour your hair you need to go anyway so what's the difference?

In my opinion, short hair (almost) always looks cool and edgy.
Short hair is great in summer and perfect for the gym.
Short hair never gets in your way.

I think other women with short hair look in control of their lives, confident about who they are and pretty damn sassy!
I always admire cool short haircuts on other women.

Short hair is also a great way to fake all of these great attributes, even if you don't actually possess them.
No one will know you're bluffing!

Dungarees, Stripes, Hoops, Fishnet and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Now, of course, some people will always think short hair isn't feminine and that's their choice.
However, unless I specifically ask someone...

 "What do you think of my hair?"

I'm not really interested in their opinion.
It sounds harsh, but it's true!

If you like my hair then that's great.
If you hate it, then that's fine too.

Dungarees, Stripes, Hoops, Fishnet and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Dungarees can also be intimidating and they can have a reputation for being unflattering, especially when you see them on the hanger.
Dungarees don't have much hanger-appeal and they're not even remotely sexy.

In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth!

My husband thinks my dungarees are sexy.
(Something to do with being tight at the rear and open at the sides, I'm guessing!)
More importantly, I think my dungarees are sexy.

Even when they're styled, as I did here, with gutties (trainers/sneakers/plimsoles) and a polo neck.
I feel playful and cute!

{I'm wearing them again today, as I type this, with thick socks and a jumper... and I still feel great!}

Dungarees are undeniably comfortable and (for me) they're easy to style and totally practical for everyday life!

Of course, we can't all like the same things, can we?
Thank goodness for that!
Imagine how boring the world would be if we always agreed with each other and never felt challenged or uncomfortable.

Vive la difference!

Do you own a pair of dungarees?
Or, are they not for you?

I'd love to hear your opinion!

BLUE DUNGAREES: Old... try these!
STRIPED TOP: Old... try this one.
SHOES: Guess (old)... I love these trainers!
SOCKS: ASOS...  try these if you prefer to have feet.
LEATHER BAG: Older than time!!.... Try this one.
LIPSTICK: Mac-Lady Danger

Dungarees, Stripes, Hoops, Fishnet and Short Hair, over 40 | Fake Fabulous




  1. Haha my husband think dungarees are sexy as well! Has got something to do with the side access :-)

  2. Nothing wrong with short hair or dungarees! I used to wear my hair like this Samantha. I think you look bloody amazing here!
    Laurie x

    1. Thank you so much Laurie, you're very kind.
      I can imagine you rocking a cropped do, although I'm guessing the dungarees would have to be much less casual and more minimalist-chic... High heels would be a must too!! :o)

    2. Oooh Laurie, I'd love to see you with short hair!!
      Suzy xx

  3. My eyes went WIDE when I saw your Guess sneakers, and now I want my own Guess sneakers!!! Either the Guess stores in Malaysia don't carry sneakers or I just never noticed their shoes section, but I REALLY must check now.

    You look gorgeous and super cute in your dungarees, Samantha! They fit you perfectly. Dungarees may have a "reputation" but I think they've been making a comeback for a while now, and it makes sense that you, a style guru of a sort, would be one of those people rocking them!

    I have been searching for the right dungarees for a couple of years, but none I tried have the right fit. I'm looking for something that's more of a boyish fit (or should I say even more boyish), like a boyfriend-jeans version of dungarees, if that makes sense? Hoping I find them soon.

    I think you know that I've been a fan of your short hair since I first discovered you. I noticed you've added some blond hue too, and it looks gorgeous. Not everyone can carry red hair AND blonde, you know, lucky you! PS: Adding the orange-red lippie is perfection!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thank you for this fab comment Liyana!
      And thank you for noticing my hair... although it's gone crazy in these photos...hahahaha.
      I was getting tired of being red and asked my hairdresser to cool it down a bit (she added some ashy bits)
      I might go even cooler next time.
      I love hair for that reason :o)

      Have you tried ASOS for dungarees? They deliver to Malaysia and have all kinds of cuts.
      You would look amazing in dungas and the scarf fold/tucking into bib options would be fabulous.
      I'd love to see you style them.

  4. I think dungarees could be sexy or cute or tomboy or whatever you want!. You totally rock in them, you look gorgeous and cool, comfortable and comfident!. I do love short hair and totally agree with you!, I'm always astonished when somebody tell me that I don't look feminine enough because of my short hair, I think it's a stupid idea in so many ways.
    You rock your accessorizing!, the cute brooch and those socks!

    1. Thank you Monica... People can be rude can't they?
      It makes me laugh but it could also be hurtful.
      Do you own a pair of dungarees? I feel like I've seen you in them already!?

  5. I've never owned a pair of dungarees, I think because when I was growing up, they were considered to be things that poor people wore. And though we were incredibly poor, my mother's mission in life was to have us not LOOK poor.

    I have short hair and I love it, as I love yours. I'm so glad there is someone else in the world who thinks short hair is awesome!

    1. I had dungarees as a girl and I remember hating them because they were second hand (I longed for new and 'trendy' clothes) and too tricky to take off for the loo!
      Now I love them... and I love second hand clothes.
      Maybe you should give them another go too?
      It's always worth a try :o)

  6. I too also love your short hair and style sense! I have had short hair for the last 25 years and cannot imagine growing it out! I love it!

  7. I have had (super) short hair most of my adult life and absolutely LOVE the statement it makes! Everything you said about it is true. My husband loves it as well. I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks about my short hair...*I*love it and that's what matters. You look great in your dungarees/overalls. I just wore mine today as well!

    1. I think husbands find their wives sexy if their wifes are happy and confident... long hair or short hair, it doesn't matter really does it? Happy wife = Happy life :oP
      You sound like someone who knows her own mind.... I like that!!
      And a BIG "yay" for the dungarees.

  8. You know how much I LOVE short hair too, Sam, don't you? After all, I did cut all mine off again and re-branded my blog the pixie chick!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dungarees and I think you look really girlie in them. I'm still searching for a pair that fit my shape! You've spurred me on to hunt harder lol
    Suzy xxx

    1. I know Suzy and I was impressed with how far you grew it last year .. although I KNEW the scissors would be coming out :oP
      For a Pixie Chick it's only as question of time!!

    2. LOL You're so right!! I'm desperate for a cut now actually ;)
      Suzy xx

  9. I completely agree about short hair! I wore mine in a pixie in my early 20's, and just cut short again (I'm 42) after admiring yours for many months. And I LOVE it! But since you mentioned upkeep, would you remind me how often one needs a short cut trimmed? I don't color mine and so can't use that as a guide. Also, do find that a pixie is best maintained by a more skilled stylist? Or is it a straight-forward enough cut that any decent stylist can do a good job? I had mine done short by an amazing stylist in the city, but he charges three times what my local girl does. This is the first time I've commented, but have been reading for a long time. Thanks for such a fun, upbeat blog!

    1. First... Thank you so much for leaving your first comment!!
      BUT.... I'm sad you didn't leave your name so I could say a proper "Hello" :oP
      As for maintaining a crop...
      My hairdresser is quite pricey... especially if I get her to do my colour, as I did last time.
      If you don't colour then you're saving straight away.
      I would always recommend a skilled stylist to get the cut you want to sit the way you want it.
      Mine knows my hair so well and skillfully thins the parts that she knows go chunky quickly. She cuts so well that I can get an extra 2-4 weeks out of a cut compared to other stylists.
      Sometimes (read:often!!) I take scissors/clippers to the back and sides to get another week or two out of my cut... but I've been cutting my own hair since I was 18, so I wouldn't recommend that if you've not!
      I usually visit Shiona (my stylist) every 7-8 weeks... which is pretty good going for a crop.
      It's always worth trying your local girl.
      She may well be a skilled cutter and a gem!
      I like to try different people from time to time to get a fresh take on my cut, but I always end up going back as Shiona is the most confident cutter... she works like Edward scissor hands... hair flying all over!
      Then Boom.... it's perfect!
      She also has an important quality... she's brave and never thinks of me as "44", needing a 44 year olds cut.
      She cuts in an ageless way. No granny hair thanks!
      If I want an undercut or clippers she doesn't even bat an eyelid.
      Have fun with your short do!
      The best thing about them is they grow and you can change them up and experiment without fear of damaging long lengths.
      I hope you comment again soon.... and leave your name! ;o)

  10. I'm 66 and I've enjoyed at least 4 "overall comebacks". I very recently bought 2 pairs from H&M im white and black. I agree with you on all points! I think they sexy and flirty with a touch of fun! Your little fishnet stockings add extra sexy attitude and I love that!! I've pinned a couple of your trouser looks just now for inspiration!

    1. Dungarees are the comeback queen of fashion... them and clogs!
      Your H&M pairs sound fab .... I'm off for a look now (you are leading me astray Judy!!)

  11. I thought that kind of pants are very masculine

  12. The shortest my hair has ever been was when I was in my teens, I had a 'purdy' I quite liked it, but it needed cutting often to stay sharp. I'm very lazy and if my hair looks greasy I put it up and just wash the fringe, lol Great look in your dungarees. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  13. I've never owned overalls (what you call dungarees), they just don't suit my body type, plus there's whole "oh crap, i have to pee" issue with needing to take them all the way down from the top, etc. Too much effort for me :-)

    But the HAIR. I've always loved your short hair...and now mine is almost the same! I never would have had the courage to make this choice on my own, but foisted on me as it was (ha ha), I'm actually really enjoying a lot about it...and am going to stay short for awhile. And people saying short hair is unfeminine?? Uhm, Audrey Hepburn much?? Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music?? Can you GET more feminine than that??


  14. I had a pair of overalls in high school, and i do love that they make them now with a skinny leg instead of a wider style. i think the fit is what I wasnt crazy about at the time. I do like your style quite a bit, especially with the sneakers and fishnets! I love your hair short, it looks amazing. The last time I had short hair was kindergarten, but I do love the style on others.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  15. I absolutely love your short is super stylish, edgy and cool! Alas with my jawline it absolutely won't work but back in my 20's I loved having short hair.
    I also love the dungaree look but again, not sure I can quite 'pull it off'
    Living in Kenya...not much style inspiration around here so enjoying an evening reading all your blog posts!

  16. I feel short hair always conveys confidence. Your hair looks great with your casual and comfortable style. Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!


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