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Sunday, 8 April 2018

How to Spot a Liar | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK Up

How to spot a liar | Fake Fabulous

I'm no good at lying.
Of course, I give it a go now and again but anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a face like an open book.
I'm pathetic at poker, liar dice and anything that requires a 'bluffing' face.

If you ask me a question I'll blurt out the truth before my brain switches on.
Friends only ask my opinion when they really want it.

Yesterday, for example, the instructor at the gym looked at me and asked:
 "Have I got a sweaty bum?" 
(A strange question but she was squatting with her back to me at the time!)
I automatically said "Yes"... because she did!
BUT, a girl turned to look at me in horror and said:
" No, of course you havent!!" shaking her head in my direction.
Someone was not impressed with my answer!

Sometimes when I'm asked a question by someone who doesn't know me I try (really hard) to stay silent but, unfortunately, the answer is always written all over my face.
I just can't hide the truth.

I'm not saying I'm an angel, I've told some major lies in my time (and even got away with some of them) but as I've gotten older I don't even bother.
The truth is always easier and I'm always happy to face the consequences of my actions!

I think that it's pretty easy to spot a liar.
{And, that's not because there'll be smoke coming out of their pants! 🔥}

I've been on the receiving end of plenty of lies over the years.
Some more serious than others, but they've all been a lesson in one way or another.
Experience is a wonderful asset when it comes to spotting a potential deceiver.

I must say, at this point, that sometimes we WANT to believe the lies we are told.
Sometimes we choose to ignore the signs of a lie and pretend the falsehood is real.
If we ignore the lie the truth feels like it isn't happening.
If you've got your head buried in the sand these tricks are worth a jot!

BUT... if you're serious about wanting to get to the truth here's how to spot a liar...

How to spot a liar | Fake Fabulous


Even the most well-practised liars, fibbers and falsifiers have 'tells' (or personal quirks) that give the game away.

They're easy enough to pick up, and simple to catch out.
To root out a deception, just follow these steps...

Ask your question.
Read the response... check for the tell-tale signs of a liar (below).
Stay calm.
Ask again... and again, if necessary.
The truth will out!

The 3 Behavioural 'Tells' of a Liar

1. Pausing too Long

Unless your speaking to someone who has problems with social interactions, or you're asking about a situation from the past, pausing is an obvious sign of a liar forming a lie.
Anyone with nothing to hide will immediately answer.
An honest reaction requires no thought.

2. Giving Vague/Waffling Answers 

Long-winded waffling answers are a sure sign of a lie.
As is trying to laugh the situation off, or being overly "sympathetic".
In fact, any over-acting should be seen as suspicious.

Over-egging the pudding is never necessary.
The truth is always so much more simple to share, and requires no waffle!

3. Answering your Question with Another Question.

This can seem sympathetic and sweet, or defensive and hostile, depending on how it's done.
BUT... don't fall for it!

Whatever you do don't start answering the (alleged) liar's questions, bring it back to your question by saying:
"I'll be happy to answer that when you answer my question"

If these behaviours need back up, try looking for the following physical signs...

6 Physical Symptoms of a Liar

Even the most ruthless and seasoned tricksters show some of these physical signs.
Well practised liars may think they can pull the wool over our eyes BUT, with practice, you'll be able to sniff them out with ease.

1. Sweating

Beads of sweat on the top lip or forehead are a dead giveaway!
Any liar worth his salt can keep his cool so this might not happen, but don't worry, there are plenty more signs to look out for...

2. Coughing/Fake Coughing

Unless the person normally has a cough or course!

3. Eyes Flicking Side to Side, Excessive Blinking or Looking at the Floor

Why can't they look you in the eye?
Hmmm.. I wonder!

4. Excessive Gaze-Holding

A more cock-sure liar will know that a lack of eye-contact is a dead giveaway so they'll overcompensate by looking you straight in the eye and holding your gaze.
They think they have you fooled!

If this eye contact seems slightly uncomfortable, awkward or just different to normal.. smell a rat!

5. Covering the Mouth with a Hand/Fingers in the Mouth/Face Scratching or Touching the Ears

Any pulling, poking and rubbing of the face is a sure sign something fishy is going on.
Unless the person has just been attacked by a swarm of bees of course!

6. Pulling a Wierd Asymmetric Expression

This is the "tell" all of my family have!
The asymmetric face-pull.
I find it hilarious.

You'll know it when you see it in other people.
The mouth goes weird.
The face looks odd.
Half grimace... or is it wind??

Liar liar pants on fire!!
This one only really works with children... or idiots!

Why not have fun with a friend and try deliberately lying to each other?
You can see if you can spot any of these "tells"?
I'd love to hear about it!

Of course, this "Guide to Spotting a Liar" is just a bit of fun BUT if you have any tips and tricks to spot an un-truth (or a porky-pie) please share it in the comments!

Last Week Nancy caught my eye with her leopard skirt and patent boots... no word of a lie there!

It's a simple look, but full of attitude and feminine S-A-S-S!
See her full post HERE.



  1. Oh wow! Thank you very much for the feature! I feel so honored!
    I was brought up with a saying in the Netherlands that honesty last the longest. My father really could get very angry when I told a lie as a child. Although I don't believe in honesty last the longest, because I've seen the opposite in my working life often enough, I never tell a lie. Never. And that isn't always appreciated. I don't care, I want to be honest!

  2. I'm like's too hard to lie. Besides, how would I remember my's hard enough to remember what really happened?? Ha ha!!

  3. Haha, how funny and how true! Also fabulous to see Nancy featured - I love her style. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  4. LOL what a brilliant post, Sam!! I love this.... it really made me giggle :)
    I'm actually re-watching a series called Lie To Me at the moment with Tim Roth. It's quite apt reading this!!!
    Suzy xx

    1. I'm going to look for that Suzy!
      I've loved everything I've seen with Tim Roth in it... Reservoir Dogs is one of my Top 5 favourite films.

  5. Oh, I'm with you Sam. I'm one of those ruthlessly honest people who will tell you if you have spinach in your teeth or if I like what you have on or not (if asked, otherwise, I keep my style opinions to myself). I had a whole career of working with sharky men, so the best way to handle it was to be blunt af. I don't have much of a filter on my mouth. :-D xx

    1. I'd HATE it if someone didn't tell me I had greenery in my teeth Lisa, or a bogey, or something else equally horrible.
      Imagine walking around all day with your knickers tucked into your tights! Yikes.
      I can imagine your career involved a lot of testosterone and you needed to be tough as to hold your own.
      What doesn't break us makes us stronger.

  6. These are really great tips!
    Xx, Nailil

  7. I'm the same Sam!! I found liars so baffling. We all use white lies to keep the peace. But I'm talking about liars who use it as a tool for themselves. The worst type are the ones who try to believe what they say - they are the best liars and the ones that can do the most damage x

  8. mwhaha, what a brilliant post!, I'm usually a 'believe actions, not words' kind of people!. However I think it's too much work to be suspicious all the time, so I tend to take everything as it comes, and accept that some people is going to lye and try to cheat me. But they're going to do it only once, for sure!
    Anyway, I'm very tolerant with people who like to embellish their anecdotes, I think they're kinda cute!

  9. Another great post, Samantha, with a fun side of humor! I am the worst liar in the world as well, so I opt for truth telling, too. It is just so much easier. Tell the truth or remain silent! It is the only way.


  10. What a uniquely fun topic to tackle on your blog Sam! Liars definitely give off a vibe that is made up of this exact collection of behaviors. Useful information!!

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