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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to get your Legs Out when it's too Cold!

Layered Rust, Grey & Brown Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

So, it's supposed to be spring isn't it?

Are you like me and sick-to-the-back-teeth of your winter woolies?
Is your cold weather wardrobe boring you to tears?

Are you fed up of the bad weather and desperate to move towards spring.
Are you ready to shed the layers and bare some skin?

Hang on a minute...
There is a small problem.
Mother nature has other ideas.
It's still blooming freezing, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

Fortunately, where there's a will there's a way!

{See this post where I'm wearing a summer jumpsuit in autumn, I've included some simple layering tips too!
Or, check out this post where I've sneaked on loads of secret layers after getting fed-up of wearing my heavy waterproof coat.}

Layered Rust, Grey & Brown Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Of course layers are (always) the answer to any cold weather dressing dilemma.
Layering can make inappropriate clothes completely weather appropriate.

Today I'm layered up with thermal base layers (cropped thermal leggings and an under top with a high neck) to trap warm air next to my body.
The culottes are a cashmere blend (see these culottes styled for spring HERE) which is always warm and I'm wearing a cosy longline waistcoat too.

All of these items are very lightweight and not at all bulky.
Bulky layers can look really chic, and very on-trend, but not when you're trying to fake a spring look.
Spring should mean light and fresh.
Lightweight fabrics are not going to be happening anytime soon!
Faking is the only option.

Layered Rust, Grey & Brown Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The biggest cheat in today's outfit are these tights.
Hosiery is an easy way to add some personality (and fun) to an otherwise simple outfit.
Plus, tights are great for adding just enough warmth to get away with a few inches of bare(ish) skin.
Adding my shearling-lined clogs was the perfect cosy finishing touch.
Warm Feet = Happy Face!

Are you desperate to embrace the new season where you are?
I'd love to hear what your hoping to wear this week!

Please leave me a comment or drop me an email and say hello!

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MUSTARD BODYSUIT: Zara... similar.
LEATHER BELT: Topshop... this corset belt is lovely, and on sale.
SHEEPSKIN CLOGS: Timberland (old)... these are fun... these are gorgeous!
BAG: Hidesign, older than time! This one is nice.
TIGHTS: c/o Zohara




  1. Love these colours on you Samantha. The culottes are really cool. Like those.
    Laurie xx

    1. They're SO neutral Laurie... I immediately thought of you! :oP
      I bet you would look smashing in them and would love to see what you'd pair them with. XXX

  2. Love this combo not seen thus mix on you - looks fabulous x tried to figure out the unique way you have fashioned your scarf - please share if you can x K

    1. Sure Karen....
      It's a large (fine) silk square and I folded it in half to make a triangle, wrapped one corner around my neck (l then lifted the other section up and tied the two tiny ends together, tucking them under.... This sounds confusing when I type it, but it's really simple.
      Just experiment and you'll figure it out!
      Let me know how you get on.

    2. Thanks Sam
      I'll have a play at the weekend with a few scarves x

  3. Oh my gosh, those hose are so sheer I thought the stars were like a faux tattoo on your legs! Love all the tones in this outfit - they make me feel autumn-warm!

    Spring WILL be here. Any day now. Annnny day now.

    Bettye (currently in the midst of a blizzard)

    1. Fingers crossed Bettye.... come on sunshine!!!!
      (It's freezing today)

  4. Those tights are fun!


  5. You look absolutely amazing, Samantha! And those tights are gorgeous! Today is finally a beautiful sunny day here in the Algarve. I'm hoping it's going to stay this way. But don't worry, I've asked Mother Nature to send some your way ;)
    Suzy xx

    1. Thank you Suzy!
      I'll keep my eye out for it... although it's freezing today (brrrrr)

  6. You look fabulously springy! love the color combo, the mustard top with the waistcoat, the belt which adds definition, the fabulous culottes! And I totally agree that those tights and clogs make everything looks fresh and cool!, you're so brilliant!.
    Lightweight layering looks like a perfect idea these days!

    1. Thank you Monica.
      These clogs are SO comfy too... I've had them years and they still look great.
      Classic shoes are the best, aren't they? :o)

  7. I just love the colours your wearing, I'd kill for that mustard top!

    1. It's a bodysuit Faye and stays put.
      I got it in Zara in the sale... you might find one??

  8. What a fun outfit! I love the orange. I was wondering, though, if you have any advice regarding waterproof spring jackets? I had a beautiful one I inherited, but it's a bit too... cheesecloth-y to function anymore.

    1. I know what you mean!
      Waterproof jackets can stop being fit for purpose quickly.
      You can buy wash-in or spray on waterproofers.
      Have a look online for them.
      As far as new jackets are concerned, lots of them can be very mumsy and frumpy looking. It's hard isn't it?
      Have a look at Topshop, Seasalt, Urban outfitters, Redoute and Asos.
      Some ae really quirky and cool!
      Let me know how you get on.

  9. This outfit is banging - love all the elements, I don't know what to look at first! Veryh inspiring Samantha, Jacqui Mummabstylish..

  10. This look says "cozy" to me Samantha! Yes, it does seem high time that we began shedding layers instead of adding them. You've created such an inspiring, breath of Spring, bright palette here Samantha. Guess there's no reason we can't get our head in the game now and bodies later?

  11. Goodness, that was me Sam!

  12. Those culottes are the bizz Sam! I think we're all desperate to dress for springtime and this is a great bit of styling. Fab x



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