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Sunday, 18 March 2018

4 Great Reasons to be Lazy! #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

I'm happy to hold my hand up and admit that I'm a lazy person!
Being lazy is not something shameful, or even negative.
In fact, being lazy means you hold some great life skills.
Being lazy can be a good thing.

People have been miss-labelled as lazy for years.
Laziness is NOT a bad thing.
Lazy people are not stupid or slow.
The opposite is often true.
Laziness is not something to shy away from.
Being a lazy person has some amazing benefits.

4 Great Traits of a Typical Lazy Person

1. Increased Productivity

Lazy people are often the most productive.

Hang on a minute!
Lazy = Productive
Hmmm.... is that not a total contradiction?

Actually, No!

I'll explain...

Take a typical blog post as a good example.
A non-lazy person would probably spend plenty of time planning, drafting, writing and editing their work.
Maybe over the course of a day, possibly a few and maybe even longer.

A lazy person (like me!) would spend all day reading an unrelated book, sit for ten minutes waiting for inspiration to strike then work flat out to produce the work needed just before the deadline.

Minimising the time spent on the task while still producing the same end result.
Lazy people are skilled time-managers.

2. Ingenuity and Inventiveness

Lazy people can't be bothered with tedious chores/jobs/tasks that take too long.
Big jobs are a major no-no for lazy people.

So, in order to avoid big, boring and time-consuming tasks lazy people tend to find the easiest way to get a task done.
Tackling smaller jobs before they become too large.
Lazy people are great at figuring out what needs to be done and the most time-efficient way to do it.
A lazy person will always find the path of least resistance.

This philosophy applies to both professional and home life.
Spending as little time as possible on boring tasks and as long as possible doing the things you love to do.

The best example of my personal ultimate lazy behaviour was the feeding my children.
I was determined to breastfeed all of my babies for as long as they wanted it.
And not for the reasons you might think!

The motivation for my earth-mother attitude was purely practical and maybe even selfish.
I wanted the easiest life possible.

3am feeds could involve lifting a gurgling baby, standing in a freezing cold kitchen trying to comfort said baby (that now starts to scream) all while cleaning bottles, warming milk, checking the temperature, feeding, burping, cleaning up and changing nappies.
OR, 3 am feeds could involve lifting a gurgling baby and giving them breast milk whilst sitting up in a cosy bed.
No worrying about temperatures or tummy bugs.
An easy life.

As a lazy person, that decision was a no-brainer.

Weaning was the same.
I've no time (or inclination) to make different dinners for the different people in my family.
The baby and the children just got the same dinner as mum and dad (minus the seasoning, of course) mashed it up and served.

Then, as now, there are always two choices for dinner at my house.
Take it or leave it.

3. Hard Working

A lazy person doesn't want to spend ages on any tedious task so they will put in maximum effort for the shortest period of time to get the best results.

For me working out at the gym is a great example.
I want maximum results for minimum time-cost.
So today I hit the gym HARD (at half 9) for 90 minutes.
Just enough time to take things from moderate to serious, then I spent the rest of my Sunday loafing around, watching a film, catching up on a few blogs and eating!

4. Less Stressed

Lazy people don't like stress.
In order to minimise the stresses of life, lazy people tend not to be procrastinators.
Lazy people like to get a job done and out of the way, not have it hanging over them.
Why waste time bleating on about something when you can just get it sorted?

Whether this involves completing the task as a priority, then relaxing.
Or, putting the task on a back burner until just before it's deadline.

Either way, lazy people tend not to stress too much about things.

I, for example, only ever feel stress when things are outwith my control.
Especially when I'm relying on someone else to do something for me.
It's particularly hard if they like to procrastinate.
Grrrrr... Just get on with it!😜

Are you Lazy?
A Procrastinator?
Always on the go?
This post may be just a bit of fun, but I'd still love to know what makes you tick!

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(I actually squeaked!)



  1. Aww great post. I am very lazy, Shhh. I spend all day planning what I am going to do then rushing around at last minute trying to do my to do list :) Thanks for hosting.

  2. I wouldn't describe it as lazy - it sounds like you're extremely savvy, reducing time spent on chores. My gym routine is a 25 min class on a Power Plate- equivalent to one and half hours in a normal gym. It's a wonderful time saver.

    1. That sounds fun Gail... and full on!
      My kind of exercise... an efficient use of time :oP

  3. I'm not lazy, but I am very lat minute! Have a great week Samantha
    Laurie xx

    1. There's nothing quite like a looming deadline to focus the mind! :oP

  4. This is opposite to me but describes my husband perfectly. You've opened my eyes Samantha and given me a new appreciation of being lazy. xx

    1. Opposites must attract!
      My husband is the opposite too, he's always doing something and always busy (usually in a bizzare, not very time-economical way). I just let him get on with doing his things his way.
      We make a good team.

  5. Yes I'm probably Lazy!! Well some of the time I am, the other I'm not at all! Great post, had me chuckling. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. I'm most productive when I do things last minute...good thing since I tend to procrastinate!

    1. Hahahaha... there's nothing quite like the threat of a deadline to get the creative juices flowing and jolt us into action!

  7. Oh my goodness, Samantha! I love this post so much! I am raising my hand and saying I, too, am a lazy person! And very productive, I might add. Laundry, for example. As soon as there is a full load of dirty laundry, into the washer it goes. As soon as it is dried, folded and put away. I cannot tolerate allowing it to pile up to 5 loads at a time because I am much too lazy to deal with 5 loads at a time. I procrastinate only when I am waiting for inspiration to hit, but once it hits, I am on it! There are so many truths in this post that I can relate to. Cheers to lazy people everywhere!


    1. Yay for us lazy-bones!!
      We get things done because we can't stand to make tasks more difficult than they need to be.
      Lazy-bones rule !!:oP

  8. I don't know if I would call myself lazy, although I can be at times, but I know I am definitely a procrastinator. Sometimes my best inspiration comes in hurried, make it work moments!

    1. My husband likes to procrastinate too Jennie!
      It drives me a bit bonkers but I just let him get on with it because I know it's his way of getting things done.
      We all have our little foibles!! :o)

  9. I think our definition of lazy could be different than it used to. I find that if I'm busy all the time, I don't have time to come up with great ideas or just relax!!!

    1. That's a great point Jodie.
      Being too busy leaves no time for fun!

  10. Samantha, this post sounded like I wrote it lol!! Absolutely freakin' brilliant.
    Another thing I do is when I have to carry numerous things to the car, for example. I will pile my arms dangerously high – and risk dropping it all – just so that I only have to do one trip lol!!!
    Suzy xx

    1. Oh My... that is ME too Suzy!
      We must have been separated at birth :oP
      Why make two trips when you can make one?

  11. When I was still teaching I was often lazy on weekends simply to recoup my energy for the next week. By Sunday afternoon I was evaluating student work to prepare for Monday.
    Now, in retirement, I savor my laziness as a right of passage. I do work pretty efficiently in order to meet deadlines though. Stressors related to feeling rushed and never having enough time definitely subside in retirement.

    1. I bet they do Judy!
      Another great positive side of getting older :o)

  12. I'm both lazy and a procrastinator! There's nothing like a deadline for focusing the mind!

    Emma xxx

  13. Yeah, I'm pretty lazy. REALLY lazy, not "efficient." Just lazy. I live alone so it's very easy to let things go, when *I* can't stand the current situation, I take care of it. At work I'm a procrastinator. Not as much fun at work as other people can be breathing down your neck to get things done.

    But nice of you to spin it so we all look good!


  14. Thank you SO much for the feature, Sam!!! It's been a while since I've posted regularly so this highlight couldn't have come at a better time, to boost my ego :P xoxo


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