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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Would you Buy a "Blogger Favourite"?

H&M embroidered jumper & knitted midi-skirt | Fake Fabulous

Are you ever seduced by reading the phrase 'Blogger Favourite' when buying clothes?
Does something being a "Blogger Favourite" make you think the item is somehow edgier, funkier and cooler than other things you might be looking at?

Hmm... I must admit that I'm not convinced by this endorsement.

What does the term "Blogger Favourite" even mean?

So, a 'blogger' wore it...
Well, big wowzers!

Some bloggers are super-cool and I could quite happily wear everything they put together, but others not so much... and anyway, it's all a question of personal taste, isn't it? 

Bloggers often wear utterly ridiculous items I wouldn't dream of wearing (unless it was for a laugh).
Enormous sleeping-bag style coat/capes spring to mind!
Erm... no thanks.

So, just because someone who happens to write a blog wore something (probably in an editorial-style shoot) doesn't make me want to buy it.
I know that I'm NEVER going to look like that blogger, even if I wanted to.
All I know is what I like and what I want to wear.

H&M embroidered jumper & knitted midi-skirt | Fake Fabulous

All of this said, it turns out that my green and blue embroidered jumper is a genuine "blogger favourite".
Well well... who knew?!

Indeed, genuine uber-cool bloggers love this jumper.

I can't blame them, it's one of my favourites.
Hang on....I'm a blogger, I wear clothes and this jumper is one of my favourites!
I'm living a cliché.

H&M embroidered jumper & knitted midi-skirt | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing this blogger-favourite green and blue embroidered jumper with a midi-length knitted skirt.

This turquoise midi-length skirt is vintage and I've worn it in the Summer as well as Winter... it's so versatile!

As for my 'Blogger favourite' jumper... it's quite a distinctive piece so I've been trying to rein it in a little on the blog, but it's been worn to death in real life.
Comfy AND cosy.

H&M embroidered jumper & knitted midi-skirt | Fake Fabulous

I've teamed this colourful duo with some khaki tights and my most comfortable boots... plus a long-line down jacket which I took off for the photographs (and almost froze!!)

Cosy, colourful and comfortable... Blogger approved!

SKIRT: Vintage (similar)
BOOTS: Clarks (old)....try these!
SCARF (in hand): A gift.




  1. This is such a cute look Samantha - besides which pleated skirts really are here to stay on the trend list ;-)

    xxx Yvonne

    1. I agree Yvonne... although the fashion houses claim that pencil skirts are the next thing and we need to ditch the pleats!
      I'm going to be ignoring that advice!! :O)

  2. This is such a lovely combination. The pleated skirt and sweater look says classic to me and this special jumper just kicks this whole outfit up a notch.
    "Blogger favorite" might also indicate that it receives universally positive reactions from readers as well...

  3. so fabulous combo, I love how your vintage skirt matches perfectly this cool jumper, and you look absolutely adorable, warm and comfy!, and gorgeous!
    Obviously, a 'blogger favorite' could be appealing if you really love that blogger, her style, and it fits your own style and personality!. Too many things!. besos

    1. I agree with that Monica!
      I suppose sometimes we see things on bloggers and think "I would love that!"
      With you it's usually something you've made or thrifted (curses!!) :oP

  4. You always bring up such great thoughts to ponder, Samantha!! And just because we see it on others, doesn't necessarily make it perfect for us. On the other hand, it's fun to get inspiration from everyone!!

  5. Oh my god Sam! I have an enormous duvet style coat and it is THE BEST THING EVER! I don't know if it's a blogger favourite but it I did see it in the paper and noted that the journalist who wore it said it had to be torn out of her hands afterwards! I made an immediate purchase :)

    1. You MUST tell me where you got it Sam!
      Is it a down coat or an actual sleeping bag style cape thingy? What colour is it?... so many questions!!!

  6. I knew that skirt was vintage! Hooray again for fantastic vintage pieces.

    The colours and textures are wonderful. It looks so cozy!

    I think it doesn't get cold enough there to understand the importance of wearing a sleeping bag! Ha ha! Although you are a bit like a bug on its back should you fall down, no getting up. Might as well just lie there and go to sleep!


    1. Hahahaha... Now that's a great idea Suzanne! :oP
      I LOVE my long down filled coat BUT the sleeping bag cape thingys leave me puzzled.
      As for my vintage skirt.... I knew you would spot it's credentials a mile off!

  7. Sam, that was a super fun post to read! It gave me a good chuckle. It's funny, that term "blogger favorite". When I saw all the white booties styled on every fabulous blogger my reaction was actually this: "Oh I am quite loving the white booties trend, but now I am seeing them on everyone everywhere I look. Do I really want a pair now so I can look just like everyone else?" But then I realized, I really wanted a pair simply because I adored them, realized they would be quite functional and versatile in my wardrobe, and I didn't care if I ended up looking like someone else as long as I still looked just like me wearing styles that appeal to me. So to answer your question, blogger approved or not, I wear what I love! And I love your fuzzy embroidered jumper and this entire outfit head to toe! Brilliant, my friend.

    Thanks for linking up with me.



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