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Sunday, 17 December 2017

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

This week is THE week that your festive sparkle dial is supposed to be turned to 'MAX'.
Get your glitter on and your baubles out people!

Many workplaces are decorated and full of festive cheer.
Many homes are packed to the gunnels with fairy lights and tinsel.
Diaries are full to bursting with social events.
Family and friends to visit.
Events and parties to attend.
It's a magical time of the year!


What if 'festive' is the last thing you feel?
What if you're under the weather?
Or, Christmas is a difficult time for you?

What if you HATE Christmas jumpers, and find them tacky?

What if your festive dial is barely off the 'Frost Guard' setting
What if you really can't be bothered with it AT ALL!?

No one really wants to be a Christmas miser, do they?
A misery guts.
A Scrooge.
Sometimes, even though we don't really want to, there's nothing else to do but to suck it up and get stuck in.

So here's how I fake that festive feel without putting in any effort at all!

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit

1. Wear Red.

Nothing says "Christmas!!" quite like red. 🎅
In fact, a red anything can give your look that instant festive fix!

2. Add some Lurex!

A sparkly anything will look festive.
It's so easy! ✨✨

3. Wear Christmas-themed Jewellery.

A simple pair of snowflake studs, or a snowman brooch, with lift your look from yawn-inducing routine to yuletide.🎄

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

After being really poorly last week and still feeling a bit grotty, today's look ticks all the boxes for me.
I'm layered up to the MAX under that sparkly jumper... love my thermals!
No digging in, pinching or squeezing.
Okay, it's all a big cheat but who cares? 
The effect is the same.

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

I'm using all elements at my disposal.
Wearing red.
Wearing sparkle.
A touch of festive jewellery in the form of little holly earrings and a star pin.

Lacey tights and gorgeous red sparkly boots finish things off nicely.
{Arent these red boots gorgeous? So comfortable too!}

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

An easy festive, but still work appropriate, look.
Sip off the cardigan and you are ready for after-work drinks.
Easy peasy.
Just the way I like it!

Sorry to bore you to death BUT if you could spare a moment to VOTE for FAKE FABULOUS at the UK Blog Awards HERE, I would be chuffed as (ches)nuts!

RED CARDIGAN: As old as the hills!
LACE TIGHTS: c/o My Stockings
RED BOOTS: c/o Lotus
SNOW LEOPARD BAG: Charity shopped!

Last week the beautiful Amy turned my head in her fabulous tartan outfit!
I LOVE everything about it.
Festive, fun, cheeky and super-stylish!
Check out the original post HERE.



  1. I agree, nothing says Christmas more than (anything) red! Which is why this year's "Christmas outfit" on my blog is a total red one ;) I do love your outfit though, it's so easy to look festive with those touches you've included. By the way, I just voted for you xx

    1. Thank you so much for your vote Eleana.
      I love your Epic red-fest!

  2. Perfect timing and title Samantha! I'm taking part in our 5over5o challenge tomorrow and the challenge is xmas jumpers. But how do you get festive without buying one? I like the dainty christmas details you have added here xx

    1. I'm not a fan of the festive knit Laurie but I love what you did with your embellishments... very clever!

  3. Tick, tick, tick all the boxes for my festive outfit. As Laurie said it's our 5Over50 Challenge tomorrow and I'll be featuring some of your choices. Hope you can stop by too. xx
    Love the outfit too Samantha. Happy Christmas!

  4. Great look! I don't think I will be wearing anything red with Christmas. Nor a Christmas sweater!

  5. Such great ways to keep the fun in the holidays, Samantha!!

  6. that first picture is so freaking cute!!!! Secondly I love your outfit! Those booties are so cute!

  7. Red does it for me at Christmas too. You're so right that that's an easy way to look festive.

  8. Your skirt is stunning. Thanks for hosting the party.

    1. Thank you Nicole.... it was a wee bargain I picked up for a few pounds and had altered to fit. XXX

  9. Sam, this outfit is brilliant! Every little detail is perfect. And you are very festive but still neutral that this ensemble is appropriate all winter long. Those boots are everything! I must find myself a pair, I think! I keep reaching for my red plaids...I feel like nothing screams festive like a bright cheerful red plaid anything! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed New Year!


    1. You're always so kind Shelbee, thank you!
      You're right about red tartan... it's a festive winner.

  10. Super outfit - the boots are real show stoppers! I am all in favour of fast and easy routes to festive nirvana.

  11. Aww, thanks so much for featuring me this week! I so appreciate it! I love this post. Sometimes it can be hard to get into the spirit of Christmas, especially when your the mom of the family and all the responsibilities tend to fall on us!

  12. Omygosh...I LOVE this red and black combo, dearest Samantha!! It's all kinds of festive without being too "obvious" about it; and the pattern mix of striped skirt, butterfly tights (they're gorgeous!) and spotted bag is genius!! Hope you're feeling your best again in time for Christmas - one week today, woohoo! - because you're certainly looking the part!! XOXO

  13. i am a fan of this color combo and love the midi length skirt on you Sam. I have always been a fan of red, so there will be some red in a holiday outfit. Those are some pretty fancy boots, love em especially with the printed stockings!
    Happy holiday!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess.... I had a feeling this boot-tights combination would appeal to you!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that it's taking you some time to get back to feeling healthy again and I'm sending lots of healing and festive karma your way.
    I remember you styling this very cool skirt on another occasion and I think it's really unique. I especially love the pockets!! You've styled it in a very fun way Samantha and created a "nod" to the season instead of the full on crazy jumper look.

    1. Awww.... thank you Judy!
      I really need your positive vibes :o)
      I'm so glad you like this look.


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