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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Hot Pink Cropped Peg Leg Trousers & Platform Hiking Boots

Bright Pink Peg Leg Trousers & Toffee Coloured Hiking Boots | Fake Fabulous

Bright pink, baggy, cropped, peg-leg trousers have to be one of THE most unflattering items to style!
They are bold in colour which draws attention to the fact they add bulk to the tummy and hip area (not a common place us women like to add extra visual pounds!).
The cropped length shortens the leg.
The front gathers add punch to the paunch..... I'm not selling them here, am I??!! 😜

{BTW... The light on days like today is so odd and beautiful that every photo is different. It's annoying if you're looking for the perfect shot but I love the warm (or cool, depending on the angle) glow and the shadows. I know shadows are supposed to be 'bad' for blog pictures but I can't help love them!}

Bright Pink Peg Leg Trousers & Toffee Coloured Hiking Boots | Fake Fabulous

However, despite their list of 'flaws' I love these trousers anyway!

Maybe it's because they have all of these challenges to overcome that I feel that they suit my personality.... at little bit of a round peg(leg) in a square hole!

I've worn these pink trousers a few times (on the blog) and oodles of times IRL.

See them HERE:
Bright Pink Peg Leg Trousers & Toffee Coloured Hiking Boots | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm teaming them with one of my favourite pairs of shoes!
{Do I always say that?? Hahahaha}
These sky-high boots are hideously impractical in bad weather (unless you fancy a broken ankle).
Ridiculously high.
Surprisingly comfortable!

I love the rugged look of them and they more than make up for the loss of inches that my pink trousers take away from my legs.

I popped on a simple paisley top (with a thermal base layer underneath) and a cosy cardigan.
I love the contrast between the warm muted shades and the punch of the cooler/bolder pink.
For me, this contrast of styles and clashes of colours work beautifully.

Bright Pink Peg Leg Trousers & Toffee Coloured Hiking Boots | Fake Fabulous

A chunky necklace and some cheeky lurex socks finished things off nicely!

Do you like to contrast colours, styles and textures?
What combinations float your boat?
Any unexpected ones?
Please share in the comments!

TOP: Unlabelled (charity shop)
NECKLACE: Charity shopped
BAG: Lango
GLOVES: John Lewis

Bright Pink Peg Leg Trousers & Toffee Coloured Hiking Boots | Fake Fabulous




  1. It's such a fun outfit, I love it! Being a petite 5'2", I often purchase cropped trousers because, ahem, they end up looking regular length on me! :D Haven't dared a gathered waist yet, but it looks so good on you, I think I'll give it a shot!

    1. Oh...go for it Eleanna!
      I bet they would look amazing on you.
      My eldest daughter is only 4 feet 11 and regularly wears cropped trousers and culottes, with flat shoes too!
      She always looks chic.

  2. How rich, happy and beautiful are the colors and layers of this look. I love your pants, turtleneck and fun high-heel boots, Samantha. =)

    Welcome by on Thursday this week and every week to join my style linkup and share your gorgeous style with me and my readers. Thanks, Ada. =)

    1. I will Ada thank you for the invite... and your kind words! :o)

  3. Those are one hot pink pair of trousers! Love this look xx

  4. Gosh, 2 days before you wrote this post I was thinking about emailing you to ask what your thoughts are on wearing hot pink trousers in winter! And then I thought I do actually know what your reply will be :) Love your bold style. Lise

    1. Hahahahaha...brilliant Lise!
      You read my mind :oP
      Go for it with you pink trousers, they will be a breath of fresh air.

  5. I am loving this color scheme! Those are some awesome pants. similar to paper bag pants, i am tempted to buy a pair..but havent yet! The darker colors with the pink sweater is a lovely combo. An woah.. cool shoe/boots! I couldnt walk in them, but cool!
    thanks for linking
    jess xx

    1. Hahahahaha.... they're certainly not walking boots made for walking Jess! :oP
      I love wearing them but it's a car, train, totter, taxi kind of day :o)

  6. I really dislike peg leg trousers... on me anyway! On you, they look fabulous! And I love the colour. Talk about gorgeous, Samantha! Oooh and those boots! LOVE them so much!
    Suzy xx

  7. Great look Samantha - colourful in winter, and a stylish way to wear cropped trousers in winter!

  8. I love the combination of the paisley shirt and bright pink trousers! I have 5 pairs of peg leg trousers in different colours, including purple, so it's safe to say I'm a fan! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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