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Monday, 9 October 2017

You're Busy Faking it... so Take a Break | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

It's a pretty harsh word isn't it?
Fake news.
Fake claims.
Fake designer gear.
Fake food.
None of it sounds complimentary.

However, as negative as it might sound most of us are guilty of faking it in one way or another.

At this point you might be thinking...

"Cheeky mare!"
"That's certainly not me!"
"I'm no faker!!"

Unless you are completely 'au natural' and NEVER reach for a lipstick, shave your legs, dye your hair or pop on a padded bra then you're as guilty as the rest of us.
You're a faker!

AND guess what?
There's nothing wrong with it.
Join the club.

I'm a BIG fan of fakery.

I'm not a fan of fake tan, fake nails, cosmetic procedures, insta-brows, heavy makeup or hair extensions.
(Although, if you love all of that then fair play to you.)

However, I love using clothes to fake a decent figure and (more importantly) confidence.
Makeup to make the most of my 43 year old face.
Hair dye to fake the red hair I love that is turning grey! 

Faking it makes us feel better.
More in control.
More feminine and attractive.
More powerful.

However all of this fakery can be exhausting.
Especially if you have to juggle your work life, family life and social responsibilities.
Modern living comes with enormous pressures.
More so as we get older and things seem to go wrong on a more regular basis!

It's so important to take a proper break every now and again.
A real break from as much as you can, from whatever life you lead.
Whether your break is long or short.
Fancy or simple.
Taking a break from the stresses of life is SO important.

We spend too much of our lives 'doing'... whirling around faking this and that.
Going through the daily motions.

This week I'm on a real break.
I have no mobile signal, so no calls or texts... bliss.
My WiFi is wobbly.

We are in a tiny log cabin in the woods.
With a log fire and the luxury of a hot tub.
It's a little piece of heaven.

I'm mostly wearing jeans, walking boots and jumpers.
Or, Pj bottoms and a cashmere knit.
No restrictive undies.
No makeup.
Enjoying the simple life.
We all need it from time to time, don't we?

Are YOU in need of a break?
Do you like to leave as many of your daily stresses behind?
Is there anything you can't bear to do without?
{For me, it's my razor... I can't bear hairy bits!}
Please share in the comments.

Now it's over to you.....

Last month this fabulous image from Anna Shirley caught my eye...
Check out her post HERE.



  1. Hope you're having a lovely holiday Sam. We all deserve a break and this one of yours sounds very appealing indeed. Thanks for the link up party!

    Anna x

  2. What a nice break, Samantha!!
    I can't be without my toothbrush (and the heated toilet seat is a close second..ha ha)

  3. Very true, but I have to admit to being a 'faker' at times. x Thanks for sharing. Jacqui

  4. This is such a fabulous post! I, too, am a faker. And you are so right, there is nothing wrong with it. If it weren't for my faking, I would be a gray haired, uninspired, boobs-dragging-on-the-ground, hairy neanderthal of sorts! And nobody needs to see the likes of that! Enjoy your break!


  5. Yes! A break will soon be had! I am attending my nephew's wedding and staying in a mountain home with my family a week prior, we rented. i am not using technology with the exception of an ig post or story here and there. i need a break and want to just decompress and relax. So true, we all need it!
    enjoy yours Sam!
    jess xx

  6. I hope that you have a wonderful time. We all need a break now and again.


  7. Yahoo! Lettin my fake flag fly!!!
    I hope your get away was glorious Sam.
    Your philosophy is spot on. I think it's called coping with the reality of our lives. As you've said before..."fake it til you make it!"


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