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Monday, 2 October 2017

Halloween Costume Planning | Fake it Until You Make it LINK UP

Halloween Costume Planning | Fake Fabulous | LINK UP

It's that time of year again!
The leaves are falling.
The nights are drawing in.
I'm getting excited....
Because it's time to start planning this year's Halloween costumes!

YES... I love this time of year.

Last Year we all attended a fabulous party, and I went as an Ice queen.
It was almost as much fun making the costume (and getting ready) as it was at the party!
I love creating, making and pulling together a fun look.

Halloween Costume Planning | Ice Queen | Fake Fabulous

I relish the time taken to decide what costume to make.
Lot's of searching online for scary images that push my buttons.
If it makes me shudder then I'm up for giving it a go!

This year is going to be SO much fun.
Even bigger, slightly ridiculous and even scarier.... Hehehehehehehe. 
{Cackling laugh}

My youngest two are also making their own costumes this year, and the youngest's creation could make grown men cry... I kid you not!👹.
Here's hoping she nails it.

Do you attend (or host) a Halloween Party?
Do you go for Cute/Funny or seriously Scary costumes?
Please let me know in the comments... I would love to hear all about it!

After reading last week's fabulous links my head was turned by the vibrant purple of Emma's jacket.
Found in a Charity shop too... a girl after my own heart!
See the original post HERE.



  1. Going out with the grandchildren is enough for me sam. I suppose I could go out with no make up on! xx

    1. Hahahahaha.... I laughed out loud Laurie!
      You should join in with your grandchildren. Once you start it's hard to stop.
      SO much fun and the kids would love it.

  2. Wow! That costume is amazing! Halloween is kinda of frowned upon in my circle and most people do Harvest Festivals or Fall Parties instead, so I don't have the opportunity to dress up in costumes.

    1. Awww Amy, that's too bad.
      I think the celebration originally comes from a need to "ward off evil".... Scotland can be a dark and scary place in the depths of winter.
      I suppose now it's just an excuse to scare each other silly and enjoy the process of dressing up and having fun with friends and family.
      We celebrate harvest festival here too, but no Autumn parties.
      Maybe I should organise one of those as well? Any excuse to get together!
      Have fun at your celebrations.

  3. You always make the wildest costumes!! So totally fun!

  4. First time for ages I'm going to a fancy dress party, so I'll most probably be dressing up - thanks for the ideas. x Jacqui

    1. That's so cool Jacqui!
      Please let me know what you decide to wear.

  5. Fabulous costume! Halloween does make October a fun month and I also love putting together "an alter ego". You've got me thinking on it. Thanks for sharing your creativity and for hosting.


  6. I LOVE that costume from last year Sam! I remember many of my costumes mom made me back in the day and enjoying the creations. i do usually dress the puppies up even though they arent fond of anything on their heads.. my boy was a pumpkin last year. very creative look sam!
    have a great week!
    jess xx

  7. I love Halloween! My husband and I do a '"Haunted Yard" with homemade props every year and we have made grown men jump and scream! It is so much fun! We will start setting it up over the next few days with a little bit going out each day, just enough to pique people's interests. Everyone has a good time and we look forward to it each year. We haven't decided on our costumes yet, but I love your Ice Queen idea!

    Cathy V.

  8. Did you illustrate some of the make-up application for the ice queen look last year??? I don't remember if I ever saw the final look. You are fabulous Sam!!
    Halloween really is a lot of fun. I don't think i ever went all out scary! Haven't been to a costume party in years!!

  9. Thank you so much for the feature! :-) I don't dress up for Halloween but my daughter likes to put her special dress on. We'll probably carve a pumpkin too!

    Emma xxx

  10. I can see you're in your element with this particular type of dressing up - that ice queen outfit and make-up is outstanding!
    Thanks for the link up party.
    Anna x

  11. Kids are grown up so the only enjoyment of Halloween is watching the Strictly Come Dancing special! Bonfire Night is more special to me and enjoy watching the fireworks.

  12. Such an amazing costume! Thank you for sharing it with My Red Carpet.



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