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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Colourful Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

37 Item Colourful Autumn Capsule Wardrobe, for Work

{That's a bit of a mouthful isn't it?}

I'm usually turned off by capsule wardrobes because they can seem desperately dull.
Loads of Black.
Maybe a little Navy.
If it's "Out-there" some Grey?
Mixed with White or Beige.
We're told to Keep it Classic.

Fallen asleep yet? 
{I'd be running to the shops on day one!}

In this Autumn Capsule Wardrobe each piece can be mixed and matched with the others for a total of (*attempts to calculate a number, and fails) ... let's just say PLENTY of potential outfits.

Please note that this Capsule does NOT include:
  • Underwear, including thermals.
  • Hosiery and socks.... this opens up a whole world of colour SEE HERE.
  • Jewellery.
  • Belts.
  • Gloves & Hats.
  • Waterproof coats, wellies or umbrellas (this is Scotland after all!)

Let's start with my favourites....

Shoes & Boots

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous
Shoes are certainly a 'thing' of mine.
An accessory I love.
Shoes can make or break an outfit.
Show me a beautiful shoe and I just can't resist trying it on.

The fact that I managed to trim my footwear choices down to 5 pairs of shoes (and boots) was bordering on miraculous.
It did involve a lot of head scratching though... and A LOT of empty shoe boxes strewn around the house!

Culling shoes was the hardest part of this capsule process.
Only 5?!
I was seriously struggling.
How can anyone style multiple looks with only 5 choices of footwear?

After a little research I realised that many capsule wardrobes have as few at 3 pairs of shoes.
That would be torture for me.

Luckily, each pair I have chosen can be worn with (almost) all of the skirts, trousers and dresses so there is plenty (read:not enough in my book!) choice.

2 Pairs of Boots

2 pairs of ankle boots in Red & Leopard print.
Red and leopard are SO versatile and can be worn with everything in this capsule!

3 Pairs of Shoes

The navy booties are slightly more serious, and elegant, for days when it's needed.
The plum/burgundy t-bars are feminine, grown-up and very comfortable.
Tan brogues are a classic style that had to be included!

All of the shoes have a small to mid heel, and are comfortable all-day shoes.
Sore feet are not stylish!


37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

3 Bottoms 

Including 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of culottes.
None of which are dull, plain or 'classic'.
Yellow tapered trousers... yellow is surprisingly versatile and goes with ALL of the other items!
Navy patterned trousers are surprisingly versatile too, working with everything.
Black and White culottes practically make an outfit themselves and work with all tops (bar the leopard shirt... maybe?) and all shoes.

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

2 Dresses

1 red below-knee length dress.
This red dress is very versatile, and can be layered up with the tops and cardigans.
1 Charcoal grey (looks black here) mini-length dress, which can be worn over the trousers as a tunic (it's loose enough) or belted and worn with coloured tights.
In fact, both of the dresses can be worn alone or layered with under-tops (polo-necks and shirts) cardigans and/or coloured hosiery.
The world is your oyster!

2 Skirts

1 black, red and white striped pencil skirt. 
Stripes are a great pattern for mixing with other patterns and muted (or colourful) plain items. 
1 full-skirted red and navy striped skirt.
Again, great for mixing!
Both skirts look great with all of the tops and jumpers, layered together or on their own (the tops and jumpers, not the skirts!).


37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

4 knitted tops

2 cashmere jumpers.
1 classic v-necked camel jumper, in a fine knit.
This piece is great on it's own, or layered.
1 rust crew-neck jumper.
Perfect on it's own or layered over a shirt, or polo-neck.

2 fine knitted tops in grey and cream marl.

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

2 shirts

1 leopard print in black and camel... a classic in my book.
1 shirt in pale blue, another classic that looks great with everything!
3 polo neck tops that look chic worn alone (but are also great for layering) in red, grey and cream/navy striped.

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous

4 cardigans

1 wrap-over cardigan in black, which can also be worn alone as a wrap top.
2 classic crew-neck cardigans in jade green and cream... perfect over everything!
1 tobacco coloured sleeveless long cardigan, which is handy for changing the silhouette as well as adding extra warmth.

Jackets & Coats

37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous
1 short leather jacket in nude/blush, which is great for warmer days.
Or, when you just fancy wearing a short coat!
2 long coats... one in red wool, one slightly heavier in light taupe.
1 classic trench, in navy.

{A capsule wardrobe wouldn't be a capsule wardrobe without a trench or Mac, would it?}

All of the coats look great with everything else.
Even the red coat over the red dress!

{Full-on red is going to be big news this AW17-18.}


37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous
Narrowing my bags down to 5 was hard.
{Not as hard as the shoe situation, but pretty close!}

1 large red bag with tan trim.
1 large snow leopard bag with patent trims.
1 medium bag in black patent with a grey hounds tooth design.
1 small quilted bag with chain strap.
1 navy grab bag.
Each of the bags can be mixed and match to work with numerous looks.


37 piece Autumn Colourful Capsule Work Wardrobe | Fake Fabulous
2 lighter weight (but still warm) cotton scarves. 1 yellow, 1 multiple warm shades.
2 warmer wool scarves. 
1 bold tartan in cream, red and blue.
1 larger and warmer wrap scarf in plain plum/burgundy.... which looks great with all of the coats and jackets, even the red!

Every item can be worn mixed and match with each other.
All you need is to pull colours together and add a few carefully selected pieces of jewellery, belts and hosiery.

Examples of Accessories 


Red narrow patent belt.
Black wide patent belt.
Navy narrow belt.
Tan studded medium-width belt.


Navy tights.
Plum tights.
Black tights.
Grey socks.
Lurex socks.
Fishnet or lace socks.

Any bold jewellery would work well with this bolder, and more colourful capsule.
Think big brooches, statement necklaces and asymmetric earrings... not all together of course!
{Or maybe?!... It's your capsule after all!}

What do you think of creating a Capsule Wardrobe?
Have you tried it?
Did it work?

Do you use a capsule for your work wardrobe?
What about when you're travelling?

Please let me know in the comments.
I would love to hear your opinion on this!



  1. Your sense for mixing and matching are very inspirational to me. I've been following your blog since your interview by fourtyplusstyle. Last week I was on a small holiday and tried my first matching travel capsule (normally just some bits thrown in the trolley). It consisted of dark purple trousers, fitted denim dungarees, pink t-shirt, cream long-sleeved top, beige blouse with small dark red flowers and a cream lacey knit cardigan. For shoes light tan flats with purple flower embroidery and black trainers with rose print. For outerwear a red waterproof coat and a white scarf with dark pink flowers (on a Dutch island it can be rainy and windy). I must admit everything went well together and it was fun to have these colours and prints with me. And still these were only a few items and I was able wear nice things when it was warm (ish) and later in de evening (wet and a bit cold).

    1. That sounds PERFECT Joze!
      Purple trousers and dungarees...what more does a person need?
      I've been doing something similar my whole adult life (for trips away).
      I'm a very light packer and once went to spain for a fortnight with everything I needed packed into a pretty small backpack! That was pre-children of course :oP
      Thank you for this interesting comment and your (very kind) words !

  2. So nice to see a colourful and interesting capsule wardrobe, Samantha! I have always thought the idea of a capsule wardrobe was so dull and boring, but you've done a great and vibrant edit! XXX

    1. Thank you Sasha!
      I would LOVE to hear what accessories you would choose. :o)

  3. Hi Samantha - great post (and blog!). So great seeing a capsule wardrobe in these lovely Autumn tones. So many women just look better in warm colors. And when we hit 40 or 50, black tends to wash us out and becomes trickier and trickier to wear.


    1. Thank you Deborah.
      I agree!
      Colour is much more flattering than blacks and greys as we get older..... and much more fun too!!

  4. Wow. I am in awe at your ability to cull your choices down to such an interesting & vibrant capsule. I too hear about capsule wardrobes & am in fear of the drabness that a black, white & grey uniform brings - especially when I am firmly in the wardrobe maximalist camp. I LOVE colour & patterns (having evolved out of my 80s Goth black!!) thank you for giving us an insight into your capsule wardrobe process.......I am inspired!

    1. Thank you SO much for your kind words!
      I was a bit of a 90's black micromesh tops and chunky boots fan.... much like the 80's goth!.
      I think we looked great back then, all in black with dark makeup (and big hair!).
      I miss my micromesh days :oP


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