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Friday, 18 August 2017

What Happens When your Child Dresses You... for Real!

Artisan necklace | Coral, Silver and Turquoise | Fake Fabulous

What on earth is this post all about then?
Is it one of those silly "My 5 year old does my makeup" posts that are all over the internet?
Posts that are good for a laugh, and not much else.

I must admit that a title like...

" What happens when your child dresses you... for Real!"

Conjures up images of clown-like attire, and probably involves a tutu and a pair of wellies...

What is it about wee ones and tutu/shorts + welly outfits?
Are/were anyone else's kiddies into that look, or was that just my children?

Anyway, I digress...
This post sounds like a bit of fun BUT, I must tell you that I really did wear this outfit to a night out with a bunch of girlfriends.

This was a genuine outfit, and not pre-planned for a laugh at all.

Navy, orange, green and red | Artisan Evening Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The truth behind this outfit...

I had to go out after work (on a Friday night) and be ready within half an hour.
Going out straight from work can be challenging at the best of times (see HERE) but this day was particularly hard going as I had to go home first.
This shaved a precious 30 minutes off my 'getting ready' time.
My head was pounding, I desperately needed a shower (I work in a hospital so that 'medical' smell can sometimes cling.)
I had 30 minutes to do EVERYTHING...without a slither in inspiration, or energy.

My husband suggested looking at my previous blog posts, and getting inspiration from there.
Clever, but far too time consuming.

{You can check them out HERE if you fancy a nosey}

Then my middle girl pipes up...

"I'll pick something for you Mum!"

To be honest, I didn't have the energy to argue so said "okay" and hopped in the shower.

To my genuine surprise (and delight) this outfit was laid out on my bed (including undies and accessories) and I LOVED it!

What a clever girl!

She even talked me through her ideas....

"Right Mum....This outfit is loose and comfortable for your night out.
Crinkly culottes are cool, and baggy, and this pretty top is good for sitting at dinner...and eating too much!
Navy and orange go nicely together, and orange is your favourite colour.
Or, one of them.
The wee shrug is in case the restaurant is a bit chilly... I know you hate being cold, and it goes well with the necklace dad bought you.
I thought you'd want to wear your favourite shoes, and best scarf.
Oh... and granny would love it if you were using her clutch bag!"

{We then talked about what kind of parties granny's clutch bag had been to and decided it could probably tell a great story, or two!}

Orange and Navy | Vintage Satin Clutch | Fake Fabulous

All-in-all a perfect outfit.
I was well impressed.

Navy, orange, green and red | Artisan Evening Outfit | Fake Fabulous

As the original night was such a rush, I have recreated the look for you to see here (The only difference is my toenails were blue, not yellow)

What do you think of her styling efforts?
Did she do a good job?
Would you change anything?
Please let me know in the comments, and I'll pass on your feedback.

Getting your kids to dress you might not be such a joke after all!

Red Embroidered Mules | Fake Fabulous

TOP: Asda... I like the pom poms on this one.
CULOTTES: Matalan... these are cool.
SHRUG: Warehouse
BAG: Vintage... similar.
NECKLACE: A gift (handmade)... this is beautiful.
SCARF: Vintage... similar




  1. Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


    1. Hahaha... thank you Suzanne!
      Although she could be horrified by that :oP

  2. This looks like "classic Samantha". In other words, perfection. Your middle daughter has quite the eye - and under pressure too! Beautifully done.

    1. Thank you Kathleen!
      I'll be sure to pass on your kind words.

  3. I think your daughter has quite the career in fashion ahead of her.

    And I adore those shoes. I'll have to check if M&S ships to Canada...

    1. Thank you Laurie.
      I think they do... most big brands ship worldwide... or should hang their heads in shame if they don't!

  4. Wow. Your daughter has an eye for sophisticated and chic fashion and a beautiful heart. I love how thoughtful she was with each piece, thinking about you, your husband and granny. What a sweet girl! If Scotland wasn't so far from Virginia, I would certainly ask her for some fashion tips for me! Great job!


    1. Hahaha...thank you so much Cathy.
      You are very kind!
      I will pass on your words of encouragement.... she will be chuffed to bits!

  5. Children are so unpredictable but their spontaneity and unbridled creativity can be exactly the kind of thinking needed to make a great look happen. Her love for you is another factor and she's obviously studying your style more than you realized.

    1. Thank you Jude.
      She is certainly observant, and although I embarrass her ENORMOUSLY she must still understand who I am... and respect that we are all different.
      Children are inspiring, aren't they?

  6. Well, she knows your style perfectly, and what a great job she did! Kx

  7. well, your daughter is a talented young lady!, she knows you very well and created something very You!, lovely color combo, interesting textures and fab accessorizing! what else?!

  8. Sorry for the late comment on an old(er), Samantha, I'm catching up on my Bloglovin' posts that date three weeks back!

    I just have to say this: your daughter has AMAZING taste, just like her mummy! I love love love the top + culottes + mules combo. Pretty sure I already expressed my admiration for those red mules but really OHEMGEE they are phenomenal! So smart of her to make use of her grandmama's clutch as it perfectly ties the outfit all together <3

  9. You have a brilliant kiddo!


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