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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Modern Modesty | Covering up is the New Sexy!

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

This time of year it's great to have a look through some of the big glossy magazines, as they often have their new season round-up features.
These articles are always a fun read* {*look at the pretty pictures} for anyone interested in fashion.
I always enjoy looking (and sometimes laughing) at the clothes that we are supposed to be buying each new season.

This week I was thumbing through a few of the glossies...Marie Claire, Look and Vogue (UK versions) to name a few... and a particular article called "The new season's key pieces" caught my eye.

These new trend-type articles are always interesting for me as I enjoy seeing what I can recycle (and restyle) from my current wardrobe, and keep an eye out for new pieces.

Sometimes, just a couple of accessories are all that it need to bring your existing wardrobe bang up to date.

New trends for AW 17/18

{I use the term 'New' loosely, as we've seen them all before haven't we?}
  • Red. Yes! I've got this one covered... see mostly red outfit posts HERE & HERE.
  • Checks, tweed (aka Heritage chic). Yep, that one's sorted too, I can re-work THIS or THIS.
  • Ruched boots. Hmmmm, time to dig out a pair of oldies! (See them HERE).
  • Modern Modesty. This was a new one for me!
Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

What is Modern Modesty?

Modern Modesty is a term used to describe maximum body coverage.
Wearing clothes that cover and skim the body.
This modern way to cover-up is (according to the fashion people) destined to be the latest way to look elegant, and subtly sexy.

Hemlines slashed to the thigh, and necklines plunging to the navel, are officially out of fashion.

I'm not against flashing the flesh, if that's your thing.
Flash what you want if you like that look!
But... it's just not really my style.
Having it all hanging out (with strategic tit-tape) doesn't make me feel sexy, just awkward, uncomfortable and often bloody freezing.

{Bare flesh and Scottish weather are not the best partners.}

'Modern modesty' is perfect for the Scottish climate, and it's easy to style too.
The best bit?
Secret layers can be hidden away.
I like that VERY much!

If you have any of the following in your wardrobe you already have the modern modesty trend nailed.

  • High necked blouses/jumpers/tops.
  • Anything with full sleeves, especially if they are a statement and coupled with a high neck.
  • Collared shirts.... under jumpers is particularly good.
  • Long boots.
  • Midi skirts/dresses.
  • Anything floaty and long.

Easy peasy, right?

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

My outfit today is perfect for a late summer take on the modern modesty trend.
A midi skirt (last seen HERE) and a loose fitting jumper.

In reality the modern-modesty part of the outfit was a total fluke!
I only wore this outfit to cover up my bloated tummy, and keep me warm and comfortable.
{Such a cheater! 😝}

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

A couple of interesting accessories (a geometric necklace, and strappy shoes in my case) draws the eye up and down away from any tummy issues.
It's all about faking it!

Maybe that's what modern modesty is best at?

What do you think of the new season's trends?
Old hat?
Or, still fun to follow?

Will you be giving any of them a go?
Please let me know in the comments.
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Pleated midi skirt | Turquoise & Grey | Modern Modesty | Fake Fabulous

TOP: Zara... similar.
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas
SHOES: All saints... these are fab!




  1. I really, really like your skirt, and you've perfectly styled it with the simple top, that lovely necklace and the great shoes! Kx

    1. Thank you!
      This skirt belonged to my mother-in-law and I love wearing it.
      However, it confuses me as she is only 4 feet 9 inches tall, so it must have swept the floor!!??

  2. I just LOVE this pretty grey and pale teal color combination Sam. Your necklace is also a beautiful and unique finishing touch. A little pair of grey booties would be great when the weather becomes even cooler. You look SO classically elegant and pretty here Samantha!!

    1. Thank you Jude. I think the grey just make things seem more classy, don't you? Grey is such a great neutral that makes everything look a little more 'expensive'.
      I've got plans for this skirt and boots.... but not grey ones! :oP

  3. "Modern Modesty", wow! I find it incredibly interesting and intriguing that fashion magazines are touting that as a current trend. But I guess I shouldn't be so surprised! Fashion HAS been going down in a more modest path in recent years. The fact that so many jeans are taking on new shapes and cuts and patterns and prints, and people loving long kimonos and cardis, etc..

    Fashionistas seem to concentrate more on details like ruffles and embroidery rather than how much more skin to show. It's also about balance, I think. For example, I see bloggers like Aimee Song and Julie Sarinana wearing cutoff denim shorts or mini denim skirts and balancing them out with a boxier tees or ruffled long-sleeved tops, and they always finish with sneakers or boxy shorter heels. Nothing too sexy, but always stylish and relatively modest.

    And below-the-knees pleated skirts are so in style right now, JUST like this adorable bright blue one you have on!

    That probably explains why as a hijabi, I don't have a hard time finding what to wear when I go shopping in regular stores, because everything can be mixed and match to suit my modest dressing needs!

    1. You're right Liyana.... It's pretty funny that this is being marketed as a "trend".
      But, it's about time!
      I get a bit put off my too much flesh hanging out.
      Plunging to the navel or slashed to the groin, just looks awkward.
      Clothes shouldn't need taped or pinned into place.
      I suppose that's why the whole "off the shoulder" trend was too fiddly for me.
      All that yanking into place is not what dressing should be about.
      Easy clothes are much better don't you think?
      I also need to hide a cheeky layer underneath! :oP

  4. I love this color combo, and love how your accessories tie up all those colors in harmony, grey, pale turquoise, blue and a touch of yellow! Elegant and gorgeous!
    And I like to have a look at those new trends too, even if they're not new at all!. I'm not a huge fan of 'modesty' as a concept itself, but I like that autumn/winter clothes are becoming more comfortable due to this trend!

  5. Of course I agree! I beleive one can still be sexy but not show everything... leave something to the imagination. Love the geometric necklace and the color of your skirt.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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