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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Denim A-line Skirt & Stripes | Classic Style

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

Denim and stripes are two 'trends' that aren't really trends at all!
They reappear season after season, year after year.

Yes, there are often slight tweaks to make them seem fresh and new each year.
But, we all know that it's the same basics that come back again and again.
You can't really go far wrong with a classic denim/striped top combination.

Whether you choose jeans or a skirt, denim and stripes go hand in hand!

Today's classic look is simple, pared back and almost minimalistic.
{Well, as minimalistic as I can manage!}
A classic a-line denim skirt... see it styled HERE, when I was trying to decide if it was frumpy or not.
Paired with an old (and I mean at least 20 years!!) slim striped top.
This top has been worn countless times and I pull it out year after year.
I just love feel and the cut.

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

A quirky necklace adds my personal touch, but any jewellery you love would work perfectly.
Flat embroidered pumps finished my outfit off with a nod to the current trends.
Simple really.
Classics are seldom complicated.

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

SKIRT: Boden... similar.
TOP: New Look... similar.
SHOES: Topshop
NECKLACE: Online... this one is FAB!

Denim A-line Skirt, embroidered shoes & Breton Stripes | Fake Fabulous

Are wide or narrow stripes your favourite?
Stripes and denim...classic or boring?
Please let me know your thoughts!




  1. Looking super cute in this outfit. I agree that stripes and denim are a couple you can't go wrong with!!!! Think my favourite is a slightly thicker stripe but I truly love your outfit on you.

    xx Yvonne

    1. I like thicker stripes too Yvonne but this top just keeps calling my name!!
      I'll only give it up when it finally falls to bits. :oP

  2. Love that skirt. And... I love your new shorter hair. Looks fabulous.

  3. I also really like denim and stripes together, and you really pull off this combination fabulously! Kx

    1. Thank you so much.... it's an easy combination to throw on, isn't it? XXX

  4. I don't quite know why but this outfit, especially the skirt REALLY reminds me of the 70's. You look so cute and what a fun necklace too! Lovin your even shorter hair (?) Samantha!

    1. Thank you Judy! Yes, it's very 70's isn't it? .... even more than the maxi and heels. I'm trying to enjoy styling it more since I recently had it altered to fit! XXX


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