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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

It's Not a One Trick Pony | Occasionwear for Everyday!

Alie Street Pippa dress | Fake Fabulous

Some items we have in our wardrobes are very occasion-specific, aren't they?
Which is great (at the time) but then afterwards you wish you could enjoy wearing them a little more often.

{How many times have you considered dying or re-hemming a special dress?}

There is little point in having beautiful clothes hanging in a wardrobe gathering dust.

I certainly don't believe in saving 'good' things for special occasions.
Everyday deserves to be a celebration, however small.

So, when my husband commented...

"Wow, that's a beautiful dress, but it's a bit of a one trick pony, is it not?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's a dress you could only wear to a wedding or a fancy occasion, isn't it?"

I could see what he meant, this dress would look great styled up for an occasion, but I wanted to show him how it could be worn in a much more 'everyday' way!

Alie Street Pippa dress | Fake Fabulous

The dress itself is such a comfortable item, on the body, that it would be a waste to save it for dressier occasions.
It's an all-day-everyday dress, in my book!

The dress comes in 6 different designs, and this particular pattern was calling out for something denim.
I wanted to wear the waistcoat from this post and a pair of gutties... like the ones in this post (that are still agony to wear!) but, I decided to style it somewhere in the middle.
An outfit between a wedding and popping to the corner shop!

Alie Street Pippa dress | Fake Fabulous

A pair of well loved, neutral buckle sandals were just the ticket.
Casual but still 'done'.

Adding a slightly smarter version of a denim jacket elevated the look even more.
This one is denim coloured linen, and collarless.
Still easygoing, but more feminine and grown-up than the traditional denim style in this post.

A BIG bag was essential for my busy day... packed full of "stuff" I needed.
A slightly boho-feeling necklace finished things off nicely.

Alie Street Pippa dress | Fake Fabulous

The lovely team at Alie street sent me this dress (along with another style which you will see soon) and I was thrilled when it arrived.
The quality is beautiful (much better than the jersey dresses I am used to) and they are also made in the UK.
A HUGE plus for me.
No sweatshop exploitation ... phew!
Read about their ethics HERE.

The best part?
I felt great!

Alie Street Pippa dress | Fake Fabulous

{BTW... I was NOT paid to write this post, I just genuinely love this brand!}

'PIPPA' DRESS: c/o Alie Street.
SHOES: Clarks... similar.
JACKET: White Stuff... similar.
BAG: Bogner
NECKLACE: Charity shop

Do you like to wear your 'good' clothes on a regular basis?
Or, are they hanging in a wardrobe waiting for the next occasion?
Please share in the comments... or contact me.
I love hearing from you.



  1. That dress looks great Samantha. I recently tried to restyle my black Lida Baday "party" no avail. I bought it for a special event, and that's exactly what it looks like when I try to dress it down. Still I wore it recently to a fun outdoor wedding where we were warned to wear flats. It's been so rainy here this summer we were told that heels would not be a good idea on the lawn. So glad I wore my new black flats with the ankle ties... they looked great and I was ready to dance all night.

    1. Hahahaha.... that sinking feeling isn't great is it Susan?!
      I'm glad you got your dress out again and enjoyed your night.
      I was watching heels sinking at a recent event, luckily I was wearing a block heel so my shoes were damp but not dirty.
      I think there are heel tips you can buy to help but they look a bit silly (IMO). Best to wear flats, as you did, and enjoy a good dance!

  2. This dress is really cute and you're a knockout in it because of the way that comfy jersey skims your curves. This is a great print. I really like prints that are bright but because the flowers are small and placed far apart there's something special about it to my eye!
    Can we assume that you're seeing some warmer days now? This outfit certainly feels summery!

    1. Hahaha...yes Judy!
      Well, warmish anyway.
      No thermals in sight :oP

  3. Bodycon is so nice to you, wow, and so nice curvea

  4. Very cute! I personally don' t believe in saving special occasion wear for special occasions. I wear fancy dresses all the time - to wine tastings, to dinner with my husband, to BBQs, get-togethers, etc. I mean, fancy things are my favorite, so why wait for a wedding or something? That's no fun. I don't care if I'm the most dressed up person - I actually enjoy it.

    xoKaelen |

    1. And why not Kaelen!?
      That's a great philosophy to have!
      Enjoy life.
      Enjoy making each day special. XXX

  5. The dress is so lovely on you; it looks like it was made for you. I think your husband will understand how versatile it is now! You're styling is super xxx

    1. He was quite surprised Lisa..and I've worn it a couple of times now, each very casual.

  6. such a lovely dress, and it fits you like a dream!, gorgeous!
    I love that you're wearing an 'occasion dress' in an 'everyday' way!.
    This dress would look fabulous with your denim vest and gutties (sorry that they still hurt you, evil gutties!!!). But I like that you look elegant and cool, perfect to go to work, run errands or go window shopping. You nailed it!.
    So wise to pick a pair of comfy sandals and your red bag to create a different vibe!. Very inspiring!
    (I'm a huge fan of prom dresses and fancy dresses, and don't like to save them for any special day! today is special enough!)

    1. Today IS special Monica!
      We are happy and healthy and ALIVE :o)

  7. gorgeous dress. Don't forget to come link up on A Labour of Fashion. Would love to have you join us

  8. Stunning dress and like you, I don't save anything for a special occasion x


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