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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker & Blue Heels.

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

Old Favourites

Don't you just love those old favourites that never let you down?
The pieces in your wardrobe that you reach for time and time again.
Those go-to items that you can rely on to make you feel great!

This outfit is full of familiar favourites that I can grab at a moment's notice, and leave the house feeling dressed (and ready for fun).
No thought needed.

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

After a last minute invitation, an instant 'going-out' outfit was needed with zero time to make plans!
Luckily this old dress was to hand.

This bold comic-book-inspired dress is a real classic, in my book anyway!
Such a simple shape, but so quirky in design.
It never fails to make me feel special, despite being as cheap as chips.

{It was one of those 70% off rejects that no one else wanted.}

See it styled HERE and HERE.

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

Pairing it with my neutral leather jacket requires no thought.... just grab and go!

See this jacket styled 8 different ways HERE.

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

Adding this fun bag and simple earrings finished things off nicely.

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

What are your favourite pieces that make an outfit you can rely on? 
Please share in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

Comic Graphic Dress, Nude Leather Biker Jacket, Cobalt Blue Heels | Easy Dressing.

DRESS: New Look...very old. This one is cool!
SHOES: Nine West...similar.
BAG: TKmax...splurge... save.
JACKET: Superdry...similar




  1. Damn, girl!! This is one hot mama outfit!! No wonder it's a fave!

  2. An amazing dress. You must get people staring simply because there is so much to catch the eye. In several of the photos, the little cassette tape drew my attention. It could be a novelty but it also suits you so well - and it's great with the shoes! Kx

    1. I love that little cassette too. It reminds me of making mix tapes and recording songs from the radio.... fingers poised over the play and record button waiting for the DJ to shut up! :oP XXX

    2. Oh yes - I remember that like it was yesterday! Kx

  3. Holy S**T!! I LOVE this look Samantha! I can't believe no-one wanted that dress... I would've snapped it up in a second. It's GORGEOUS!! The jacket, handbag and shoes are just divine too! You look like a proper rock chick! LOVE <3
    Suzy xx

  4. Super elegant bodycon dress is just so perfect for you

  5. No surprise here, but I'd wear this whole look top to bottom! I adore the dress and that bag is perfect. It suits you beautifully and looks individual and fun. GORGEOUS, SAM! xx

  6. I love the dress! It reminds me so much of some of the fashion in Tokyo that is inspired by "manga" and "anime"! It sure is a great going out outfit. I really need to come up with an outfit I can rely on so that I can stop wasting time standing in front of my wardrobe and always running late!!

    XXX Sasha

    1. Thank you Sasha!
      I love the Anime-inspired looks and the fabulous street style too.
      Last minute dressing is how I end up everytime we go anywhere "special". There never seems to be enough hours in the day, does there?

  7. Gosh this look is so on Point!
    This is definetly my favorite summer look of all the summer Looks I saw in the past time. This series reminds me of a Fashion Editorial.
    Totally love the Dress and bright Colors.

    with love your AMELY ROSE


    I love everything and all things quirky so I am IN LOVE with this dress. It is super cool, just too cool. How are you able to pull it off so effortlessly?? I'm experiencing different levels of enviousness. I'm sure you turned plenty of heads, going out in this dress (and I'm not even talking about just males' heads, nope; the rest of us are just lusting after a dress that we don't have the privilege of owning!).

    Quirky cluthes are also right up my alley, like the one you're carrying here. By the way, electric blue has always been one of my favourite shades, so I love how you're enhancing the blue in the dress with those pumps. A+!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

  9. such a lovely outfit, I like particularly your dress!, no surprise it's one of your old favourites!. I've also found some fav pieces at 'those 70% off rejects that no one else wanted', probably because many people is afraid of print and color!.
    You're gorgeous!

  10. I saved this to come back and read after seeing and I think liking it on instagram. I thought it was only last week but seems it wasn't. Just where do those weeks go?
    Anyway -- enough of that --- You look fabulous, Samantha. I love YOUR love of colour and I seem to be naturally drawn to everything you post :) This is so quirky and right up my street. I've shrouded myself in black through what I hope are the worst of my menopause years and it's only now that I feel I can embrace colour again. It sounds probably crazy I know but I I'm going to write a post up on it. I really do look forward to seeing your marvellous technicolour photos. Love Sharon xoxo


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