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Monday, 31 July 2017

7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photographs

7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photographs | Fake Fabulous

How many times have you heard someone say...

"I hate getting my photograph taken!"
"I take a really BAD photograph, leave me out."

How many family (or group) photos do you have minus a certain person?

Are you guilty of being that camera dodger?

Most people don't like the way they look in photographs because we don't actually look the same as we feel inside.

Inside our heads we imagine we look a certain way, and sometimes real life can come as a bit of a shock!

{In my head I'm still 21 and the lines (and shadows) on my face don't actually belong to me!}


What you see on camera is how you look to the rest of the world.
Whether you like it or not, it doesn't matter.
You can't change it.

Luckily, your friends and family think you are beautiful!
And, that's because you ARE.

ALL of us are imperfect.
Even the beautiful models aren't really as perfect as they seem.

It's all about making the most of what you have, and accepting who YOU are.

So, here I am in my gym gear (with nowhere to hide!) to show how the same (imperfect) body can look positioned (or posed) in different ways.

7 Simple Ways to Look Better in Photographs

1. Don't be photographed from Above, or Below

  • Photos from Above = Bobble head, larger shoulders/arms/shelf-like bust and a shortened body/legs.
  • Photos from Below = Odd shaped legs which can look thicker, attention on the belly, small head and disproportionate body.

2. Take a look behind you!

No one wants to be the person with the comedic sign post coming out of the top of their head, do they?!

3. Don't Lean

If you are sitting (or standing) for a group shot avoid leaning in (and back) at the edge of the group.
Get up and stand (or sit) between other people.
Relax your shoulders and smile.

(Check out this sour puss below!)

7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photographs | Fake Fabulous


Everyone looks better smiling.
Looking fed-up, bored or glum isn't pretty!
Pouting and looking 'moody' doesn't work (over the age of 20) either.
Get over the fact your face isn't what it used to be and smile regardless.

If you don't like your teeth just smile with your lips, and eyes.
Think of something (or someone) that makes you happy and forget about saying "cheese".

Smiling is always my default setting.
"Resting bitch face" doesn't do me any favours.

{I am exaggerating my grumpiness in the shot above, but you get the idea... awful!}

5. Experiment with angles

If like me (and most people) your face is a bit lopsided....or asymmetric if you want to be a polite about it... experiment to find your 'best' angle.
Try turning your face slightly, and see which side flatters.

6. Pose.... but relax!

Don't slouch or "huff" because you are being photographed (and don't enjoy it).
Make the best of yourself by relaxing.
Relax your shoulders, neck and jaw (give a little shake if you have to) but still pull up through your spine and show off your posture at it's best.

Having said that try not to pull-up too much or you could end up looking strained and a bit weird.... see some of the images below.
Some are too stiff, too slouchy or just awkward.

7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photographs | Fake Fabulous

7. Forget about complicated poses

Don't worry about all of the posing 'Rules'.
Forget about...
  • Crossing ankles.
  • Hips up/down. 
  • Weight in back/front leg.
  • Arms here, there and everywhere!

Trying to think of the 'right' pose will cause tension which shows up in your face.
Plus, these contrived poses can easily end up looking a bit silly.

The MOST important thing is to accept yourself for who you are.
Hating the way you look doesn't make you look any better!
Hiding from the camera just stops you having fun, and deprives your loved ones of photos including you.

Remember that people love you wobbly bits, warts (or age spots) and all!
Just as you love them, and their imperfections.

Be kinder to YOU.

If all else fails.... try laughing!
Looking a bit goofy (and happy) is SO much better than hiding out of shot.

7 Easy Ways to Look Better in Photographs | Fake Fabulous

Do you avoid the camera?
If so, Why?
Please share any thoughts you have on this subject in the comments... or contact me.
I would love to hear from you!



  1. What a fabulous post, Samantha! I've never minded having my photo taken - some people would probably call me a bit of a poser lol but that's ok ;) I just LOVE that last photo of you, it's wonderful!
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner

    1. Hahaha...and why not Suzy?! :oP
      I used to be very shy of the camera, and not confident at all.
      Accepting how I look (and making the best of it) has helped enormously!
      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Hi Samantha,
    How do you keep your eyes open? I seem to have closed eyes or half shut eyes even if the rest of the phot and everyone else looks great. What are your tips?

    1. Most of mine are like that too Alison!
      Or one eye squinty...Or stupid expressions.
      Just take loads of photos and try to smile through your eyes.
      If you squint (like me) keep them shut until the shutter is pressed then open them wide and smile.
      It's a bit bonkers, but you (and your photographer) will get plenty of laughs!

  3. Oh I definitely need some improvement on my shots otherwise they all look the same and I still don't know what to do with my hands. Walking is best for me. Smiling is something I always do as yes ndeed, I look horrible when I don't smile (it is not too bad in real life 😊). So thank you for your tips and may I say you have a gorgeous body?

    1. Yes Greetje, smiling is essential for me!
      I need to try walking as it looks so good when I see it in other people's photos.
      Thank you so much for your coment and your VERY kind words.

    2. Meant every word. And yes Walking Photos are good.

  4. Such a useful post Samantha. I'm with you on that always smiling - something to do with our faces after the age of 30/40/50 that we need the scaffolding of a smile to hold everything in place better. My advice to others is to "Love the camera and it'll love you right back!"

    Anna x

    1. That's true Anna!
      My smile holds my face up ;oP
      Being uptight in front of the camera translates into the image... you are right! Love the camera and it will love you back (or at least not hate you anymore!).

  5. I'm always so impressed with your informative posts. They are always very well thought out, beautifully written and illustrated directly and honestly. Lots of bloggers wouldn't wear revealing workout clothing even to show their viewers examples of their important points. You are in great shape Samantha. I will take heed of your photographic tips in future photo ops Sam!

    1. Thank you so much Judy, you are always very kind!
      To be honest with you I'm not too bothered if people see my flaws, they are there and I happily accept them.
      Things could always be worse.
      It's a total cliché but I think my body is doing okay to have made human beings, and survive all it has been through in between.
      We are all pretty amazing, aren't we?
      And (another cliché) I think EVERYONE is beautiful when they genuinely smile.

  6. I love this post! As a new blogger I am learning as I go and this is definitely going in my files. I love pictures in which people are laughing. They can't help but make me smile as well. Thank you for these tips!

    1. Thank you so much Cathy!
      I am by no means an expert on posing but I know what works for me and what I like to see in other people's images.
      Over-thinking never really works very well, whether it's posing in a photo or creating an outfit.
      Relaxing, having fun and laughing is always a better idea!
      I love pictures of people laughing too!
      They make me smile.
      Thank you for leaving this lovely comment.

  7. What a brilliant post! I love that you've given some GREAT advice, but also put so much emphasis on just being yourself and being happy in your own skin. Love it! #brillblogposts

  8. This is a wonderful post and a topic that I've wanted to tackle for a while as well. You've made a lot of great suggestions and I especially agree with #4, smile. As a blogger I know I look better (as in younger) when I smile and as a reader, I get put off by the "resting b face" and "looking off camera" photos. Your photos are always fabulous.


    1. I'm so glad you agree Rena, and thank you for your kind words!

  9. Absolutely brilliant advice Samantha - thanks for sharing xoxo

  10. So you don’t think the camera adds weight? Is that really how others see me? I am really shocked when I see photos of myself because I don’t think that’s what I look like at all! Also iPhone photos don’t do the body justice!


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