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Friday, 14 July 2017

1 Simple Change that Cured my Sensitive, Reactive Skin!

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

For as long as I can remember my skin has been very reactive, overly sensitive and sometimes even painful!
My face has often felt like this....

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

Leaving me feeling about as attractive as this...

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

If you read THIS POST you will see some of the tricks I have tried in the past.

{I daren't think about how much money I've spent on lotions and creams over the years.}

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

However, today I am delighted to tell you that my face is no longer reactive or sensitive.
It feels soft, smooth and supple.

And the best part?
It cost me nothing!

All I had to do was make one change to my routine!

One Change

The ONE change I made was stopping using Clinique dramatically different moisturiser.
Which was very hard because I honestly thought it was the only moisturiser I could use.

It was the only moisturiser that didn't make my skin react, which seemed okay at the time, but it meant I couldn't wear any other brand.
Which also meant sunscreen was impossible.

Sunscreen would make my face turn purple... I kid you not!
I used to think the Clinique was the magic lotion that was kind to my skin.
I thought it was the 'good guy' in a world full of 'baddies'.

Turns out I was wrong!

After accidentally forgetting to re-order my Clinique lotion (I used to get it online) I was forced into buying an alternative.
I thought I would try a simple lotion with no additives, but it still nipped my skin.

However, after a few days, it nipped less.
After a couple of weeks, it didn't nip at all.

I was intrigued because years ago a beautician told me that Clinique sensitised the skin.
She told me that regular use stopped the skin being able to tolerate other brands.

I cynically thought she was just trying to sell me her own products.
Turns out that (for me) she was right.

After a few months of clinique cold-turkey I have been able to use other brands and different products.
Even sunscreen!

1 simple change that cured my sensitivity! | Fake Fabulous

Cleansers, lotions and oils have become a pleasure.
This small change has made a huge difference!

{Disclaimer:  This is my personal experience and it may not work for you... but if you're suffering, it's worth a try!}

Do you have sensitive skin?
What brands do you use?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic!



  1. I have rosacea and crazy sensitive skin. For years I had acne and always over cleansed my skin. About 15 years ago I stopped doing that. I stopped washing with soap. Now I wash with water or a light non soap cleanser from La Roche Posay. I take fewer showers and try not to use either very cold or very hot water.

    I still have issues with my skin, that is one of the reasons I don't drink alcohol or go out in the sun without sunscreen and I always wear a hat but I also found that simply giving my skin a break garnered the best results.


    1. I remember you telling me Suzanne... and it makes sense that you over-cleansed when you were suffering from acne. It is logical, even though it is not the best thing for your skin. I know why people do it.
      Have you tried these cloths that claim to cleanse the face using only water?... they remove makeup with microfibres.
      I've got a mini one I use for mascara.

      Anyway, you are right about skin needing a break.
      I (accidentally) gave mine one and it has been a revelation!
      And I'm grateful to be able to wear sunscreen :o)..... although there is not much call for it here in Scotland! :oP

      Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  2. Isn't it a great feeling when something revolutionises your life.
    I use the products of a company called Green Organics. Mainly a moisturiser with spf15, a cleanser that you wash off with water and their shampoo & conditioner. They are not the cheapest thing out there but I love them and so does my sensitive scalp.
    In the shower I use a bar of nice soap, much more environmentally friendly than bottles of shower gel, lasts longer and is much cheaper.
    Lynn xx

    1. Thank you for sharing your tips Lynn....I'm going to look up Green Organics, they sound intriguing.
      I use plain soap in the shower and my body skin has never been reactive.
      Maybe keeping things simple is the secret?

  3. So lovely to read, and fabulous eyebrows - I have eyebrow envy. x Jacqui

    1. Hahahaha...I think of them as patchy mad-professor eyebrows! :oP
      But, thank you very much for the compliment. XXX

  4. Wow, I can't believe a company would do that with their products; rather, I CAN believe it. Grrr. I'm glad you found a solution. Whew.

    I can't use soap on my face and moisturizers feel suffocating, which is also why I seldom wear foundation. Sunscreen is a mandatory exception. Your skin looks really happy in these photos!

    1. I was very cynical when the beautician told me her story.
      I assumed she was just trying to get me to buy whatever range she was promoting and would have bad-mouthed whatever brand I was currently using.
      Turns out I was wrong....I'm happy to admit that now!
      Thank you for sharing your routine Melanie.
      Although I am now envious of your beautiful skin now that I know it is makeup free :oP

  5. This is kind of thrilling for you isn't it?! My skin has sensitivities but nothing that thwarts my use of most creams and makeups. I feel very lucky to have pretty decent skin at 65. I find exfolliating to really keepin my skin looking more bright and smooth. Ive been using the line from Dr. Adrianne Denese out of NYC for about 8 years and continue to have good results with it.
    By the way Samantha, i think you have really lovely skin!! I never would have guessed that you had such tough sensitivity issues!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Judy....despite my scary close-up!
      And thank you for sharing your story. XXX

  6. That's really crazy, Samantha!! I would never have thought that could be true, but how wonderful you finally figured it out!!
    I'm pretty sure that Clinique is not going to be spreading this post around, though...LOL

    1., I don't suppose they are!
      I didn't believe it either Jodie...until I was forced into trying it.
      My tiny voice on the WWW is unlikely to give Clinique any cause for concern and I didn't feel the need to say this was not a collaborative post :oP!!!

  7. Interesting!long time ago when I was young(that is a long time ago!)I bought a Clinique cream that was ,if I remember correctly ,supposed to remove dead skin cells.Well it brought me out in a rash so I took it back to the counter and was told by the lady there that this was to be expected and "to persevere "until my skin got used to it.I didn't do this as the rash was too bad and put it down to experience.I was a little put out though as the cream was an expensive purchase for me at the time.Any way some time later this particular cream hit the press as a lot of people had had bad reactions.I have never spent a lot of money on creams since and have never reacted to anything else I ve tried.Needless to say I don't use Clinique skincare although I ve never had a problem with their makeup.Your skin looks great now by the way

    1. This is so interesting Kathy! Thank you for sharing your experience. XXX

  8. That is so weird, Samantha, I myself recently made a "discovery" about one single change in my skincare routine that changed the state of my skin. My skin isn't even generally sensitive, so it's amazing how delicate one's skin can be when you really think about it.

    Your skin looks amazing now, I hope it will continue to be this "careefree"!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

  9. Thank you Liyana!
    I hope so too... :o)
    Would you share your change?

    1. Of course! I ran out of my favourite Korean brand face cleanser, one that I got for free from a local K-beauty online site. For some reason that site doesn't stock it anymore, and I couldn't find it on any other online beauty shopping sites I'm used to buying from. The downside of buying stuff that isn't available locally, I suppose! So I switched to a different Korean facial wash that I've used before that I thought was good enough, but my face started breaking out. I had no idea a CLEANSER could make or break your skin! I kind of thought all facial cleansers work more or less the same, and it's what you put on your skin AFTER that determines the state of your skin... Boy, I proved myself wrong.

  10. I am so not surprised... Was a big fan of the 1 2 3 in my young age, but often i had to stop buying as it was too expensive so, i discovered it kind of the same way ! Since then i was obsessed with getting the perfect cream, with the perfect ingredients... So much time and money lost....Since two years now, i stick with basic care : oil to remove make up. Black soap to remove the oil. In the morning, minute cream : pure aloe vera gel that i mix in my palm with an oil of choice (macadamia for the summer). In the evening, i use a clarifying serum i prepare with vegetal oils and essential oils. Et voila. Same effect, less time, less money, less strange components in what i out on my skin, happier me ! And i teach my children we have to take care of ourselves, but using reasonable means :)

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing your story Cec..... and your beauty secrets!
      I have often thought about getting the black soap but have been a little scared.
      I'm going to give it a go now, so thank you for that.
      What a fab comment!

    2. Hope it works for you :)
      In case it doesn't, I recently discovered a great organic line called Madara - too expensive for my budget but the store I buy vitamin and my Lavera hair care always gives samples, and they have two amazing face soaps !
      And to make it a pampering gesture, I use a Coc Peach Facial Clear Brush. My 7 years old daughter is always asking for a "facial" since I have it ;)


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