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Friday, 9 June 2017

Wearing Yellow & Bold Florals | Unexpected Bargains.

Yellow off-the-shoulder top & Bold Floral Maxi skirt | Fake Fabulous

This is a bright and cheerful outfit isn't it?
Yellow is a smile-making colour, and the bold patterned skirt is certainly not blending into the background.
An outfit as bright and bold (in colour) as this one always gives me a spring in my step!

However, this outfit is NOT what I am actually wearing while I write this post.
It's far too cold and wet for that!

Yellow off-the-shoulder top & Bold Floral Maxi skirt | Fake Fabulous

{I'm wearing the yellow trousers in this post and the jumper from this post... plus a thermal layer or two!}

I wore this colourful look last week as we were enjoying lovely temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It seems like a distant memory at the moment.

You'll never guess where I got this skirt...

I picked this skirt up in Lidl!
Yes, the bargain supermarket.
While we were in getting our usual provisions I spotted this flowery maxi in the bargain bucket for an cheap-as-chips £3.50.
I have been looking for a bold maxi skirt so I considered it fate (that's my story and I'm sticking to it 😇).

The skirt is just as good quality as the striped one I have from a big high street shop... and that was a lot more than £3.50.

I am always on the look out for bargains, and finding unusual pieces from unusual places is a great buzz.
Keeping an open mind when shopping is always a good idea.

Yellow off-the-shoulder top & Bold Floral Maxi skirt | Fake Fabulous

The bold pattern on this skirt was just what I was looking for, and it goes perfectly with this bright yellow bardot top.
I've got such a 'thing' for yellow at the moment, it's a cheerful colour, and perfect for both dreary and sunny days.

Yellow off-the-shoulder top & Bold Floral Maxi skirt | Fake Fabulous

A jersey maxi skirt, like this one, is just like wearing a pair of joggy bottoms... with only one leg.
So easy and so comfortable.
It's like cheating getting dressed!

This bright yellow off the shoulder top is comfortable and easy-going too.
The off the shoulder style does have a tendency to 'pop off' the shoulders.
The instagramers make it look so chic and easy!

I must admit to giving up on pulling it back into position, and taking my arms out, wearing it as a tube top for most of the day.
It worked really well as the elastic band was tight enough.

A bold duo like this is easy to accessorise with neutral sandals and a mini bag.

{My brooch was a last minute addition because it makes me smile, but the outfit really doesn't need any additional colour does it?}

Do you have an off the shoulder top that keeps pops out of position?
What do you do to stop it, or fix it?
Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your tips and tricks.

SKIRT: Lidl...similar.
TOP: Primark... similar.
SANDALS: Clarks...similar.
BAG: Savoy.... this one is nice.... this vintage one is a beauty.
EARRINGS: A gift...see them styled HERE.
BROOCH: Charity shop.


Yellow off-the-shoulder top & Bold Floral Maxi skirt | Fake Fabulous



  1. I absolutely love this outfit! I especially love the brooch with this combo. It really adds to the summery vibe. I had never really thought of wearing yellow, but seeing you in yellow has brought out my "inner yellow vibe"!! I bought a really pretty chunky yellow flower necklace today actually!:)

    XX Sasha

    1. Yes Sasha! I'm so glad you have caught the yellow bug :oP XXX

  2. I love the pins on the elastic of this shirt--what a great idea!!
    Most of my OTS tops change position all through the day too....but as long as you look good for the photos...ha ha!!

    1. Indeed Jodie! Hahahaha. I was fine when I didn't need to move my arms very far but hanging out washing was impossible! :OP XXX

  3. You bought it from Lidl!?!!?? OMG it's GORGEOUS!!! I love it <3
    And it goes so beautifully with the off the shoulder top - and it goes without saying that I LOVE the colours. Stunning, Samantha. Absolutely stunning!
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahaha....I know Suzy, bonkers right?
      In amongst gardening gloves and spiced crackers.
      I love an unexpected "gift". XXX

  4. such a stunning piece you found!, at Lidl!!!, I'm going to keep my mind open even when shopping groceries! that's amazing!
    Love your outfit, the colors, the fab print, the comfy&cool vibe, the little bag!

    1. Thank you Monica! It's always worth keeping half an eye out for unusual things :oP XXX

  5. Such a brilliant outfit Samantha. The skirt looks like Marimekko!! Love the admission to wearing your top as a tube. I normally give up and just wear off the shoulder as a round top until....I am in public - hahahaha! I'm wearing a super long off the shoulder dress in todays post...wonder if you would like that too?

    xoxo Yvonne

    1. I had to look up Marimekko Yvonne....and WOW! Love those designs so bold and 70's in feeling.
      As for the off-the-shoulder...hahahaha, yes!!
      I didn't like the feel of it as a round neck, A tube top was much more free, and summery feeling.
      I loved your maxi by the way but those silver mules stole the show for me!! XXX

  6. LOVE this outfit, Samantha! I feel like it has the power to brighten up anyone's day - add your smile on top of that and the power is definitely stronger!

    I, too, am having a moment with yellow, so that's probably why I am totally feeling this garb, head-to-toe. I can't believe that skirt cost you that little, I wish there are great markets like that in Malaysia.

    By the way, kindly sent that little bag over once you're bored of it, because I'm getting all heart-eyed-emoji just looking at it. Everything here screams "fun summer"!

    PS: I actually really like the brooch addition. Honestly you have great eyes for such details.

    XO Liyana | Affordorable

    1. is a cutie isn't it?
      Although totally useless for carrying anything!
      It fits my purse (which is only a small coin purse, as I am not a big-purse person) and phone (with a squeeze) plus a lip balm.
      That's it!
      I always need a cloth shopper too for my brolly etc (not as blog-able though!) XXX

  7. Wow, what a great find, Sam! So cheery and summer-y, and you look fab. Thanks for linking up. xo



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