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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Wearable Boho, over 40.

Wearable Boho, over 40 | Khaki Jeans, Embroidered blouse, Denim Gilet & Platform Sandals

Modern Boho is everywhere, isn't it?
Embroidered details, ruffles, fringing, laid-back layers and natural hues.
Boho style is no longer just for hippies and festival goers.
Boho can be worn by anyone, at any age.

This boho-inspired outfit is perfect for those not-so-summery, summer days.
It gives the impression of carefree summer dressing, but allows you to layer up!

Wearable Boho, over 40 | Khaki Jeans, Embroidered blouse, Denim Gilet & Platform Sandals

These khaki jeans have a biker feel to them, and can be dressed up or down so easily.
Today they are also hiding a pair of footless tights.
{Needs must on a day where the thermometer seems to be stuck in early spring mode}
No one need ever know what's lurking under your outer layers, unless you tell them!

Wearable Boho, over 40 | Khaki Jeans, Embroidered blouse, Denim Gilet & Platform Sandals

An embroidered top adds to the boho summer festival feel, especially when paired with this denim waistcoat and a few ethnic-inspired pieces of jewellery.

Chunky sandals finished things off nicely... although adding a pair of socks would have been a better idea.
I did have to add a cosy cardigan as the day went on but I started optimistically!

Is your Summer Weather Changeable or Reliable?
I would love to hear what it's like where you live.... feel free to leave a comment and share!

Wearable Boho, over 40 | Khaki Jeans, Embroidered blouse, Denim Gilet & Platform Sandals

JEANS: Falmer... these are similar.
TOP: Matalan...similar... this long sleeved version would be even better!
BAG: Barbour
SHOES: Vagabond
GILET: New Look
JEWELRY: Various gifts and Charity shop finds.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of Jake, just after he had jumped into my arms and licked my face! 
Yuck...Maybe he was trying to help me fix my makeup?

Wearable Boho, over 40 | Khaki Jeans, Embroidered blouse, Denim Gilet & Platform Sandals




  1. I now love the touches of boho--although when I first started blogging I couldn't wrap my head around this style!!
    Maybe it stems from my mum (the 70+ model on my blog) because she says it always reminds her of the 1960's?? Of course, since this is when I was born, why would that be a bad thing? Ha ha!!

    1. I know what you mean Jodie.
      My idea of boho was kaftans and long hair with flowers in it....very 60's!
      I much prefer little touches, much more realistic for real life :oP

  2. Boho is so mainstream now isn't it Sam and that's making it really accessible. Your styling shows that just a few features like embroidery and lots of bracelets give the boho look without having to be all Peace and Love man. Poor you that you're still having to layer up when it's June. We had a force 9 gale sweep through here yesterday so it seems to be a UK issue rather than just local to you.

    Anna x

    1. Thank you Anna. It's bloody freezing isn't it? Fingers crossed we get some lovely sun back soon. That gale sounded awful...I always worry about the nesting birds at this time of year. Rain and wind means lost broods. So sad. My chilly toes seem trivial really! XXX

  3. I really love this look! I love embroidered clothing and your top is really pretty. I love wearing colourful bracelets and bangles-they liven up any outfit. I love your chunky shoes too! Summer in Brisbane is always reliable-hot,hot and hotter! Makes it easy to plan outfits! :)

    XX Sasha

    1. Oooooo...that heat sounds lovely to me at the moment Sasha! Although, I can't imagine going to work in searing heat is much fun! XXX

  4. I love everything about this outfit, Samantha! I do love the boho look - especially in the summer. For me, it's getting super hot at the moment. The Algarve does get a little too warm from now until mid September! I know I'm lucky to be here but, to be honest, I do moan about it a lot lol! However, yesterday we had the digger here starting the first steps to constructing a pool! I can't wait. So from mid July, I'll be able to flop into the pool whenever it gets too hot! YAY!!
    Suzy xx

    1. A pool sounds divine! Especially in the lovely to plunge in when the thermometer rises. Bliss. XXX

  5. This is a look I've included at least a "nod" to in my wardrobe since I started college in 1969. Loved it then and will always love some aspect of it. You do it beautifully Samantha!

  6. I love boho style, such a cool ensemble. Love embroidered blouses and your cute denim vest adds such a cool layering!. I like particularly your accessorizing and henna on your hand! Festival time!
    Summer is usually hot here, but last years have been quite unpredictable. Some weeks we could have 35ºC, which is pretty uncomfortable. But most of the time it's cooler and nicer!
    love that last pic and Jake looks adorable (stealing the show!!)

  7. I have cashmere jumper and wool socks for n and I'm still cold. Fed up!

    I love a touch of boho, especially embroidered tops like this, maxi skirts and long necklaces (maybe not all at once). This bag is stunning


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