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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin & Metallics

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

This outfit is (for me) one of those classic combinations that never really dates.
The mix itself may fall in and out of fashion but, like most trends, always comes back in one form or another.
Wide trousers + Camisole + Blazer = Classic combination
It's a combination that's been 'done' countless times before, but always looks pulled together.
Smart and just sexy enough!

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

Today I am trying to 'fake' a luxe-looking outfit by mixing satins and metallics.
Muted satins mixed together can easily create a smart summer evening look.

This top is actually a chemise but the fabric is fine enough (and the trousers wide and loose enough) to wear as a pretty top.
Underwear as outerwear never really goes out of style, does it?

See This Post and This Post for more underwear inspired outfits.

{Both of which are chemises worn as tops.}

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

Adding a satin blazer over my satin 'top' keeps the luxe feel going.
Even the waistband on my trousers adds more shine to this look!

Metallic accessories (with a subtle sheen) work perfectly with satin fabrics for that 'expensive' vibe.

Luckily, feeling expensive doesn't need to really BE expensive.
You can find luxe-looking items at all price points, it's all in the cut and the fit.
Try the items on, and size up if the quality is not the best.
{A slightly looser fit is more forgiving with cheaper fabrics.}

However, these trousers and jacket were charity shop finds for less than £5.
Charity (or Thrift) shops are perfect places to find real luxe fabrics at a more purse-friendly price point.

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

When the budget is tight keep accessories to a minimum.
Low quality accessories can cheapen a look much more than cheap clothes.

Simple and classic accessories work best to 'fake' a luxe look.
I've stuck to plain shoes, clutch and simple silver hoops.
Timeless and not very attention-grabbing.

Having said that, high quality accessories can immediately make a cheaper outfit look expensive.
Money spent on good accessories is money well spent!

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

The great thing about this "faked" expensive outfit is that I don't feel precious about wearing it.
If I was wearing a pair of £400 trousers I would spend the evening worried about ruining them.
In a pair of £4.00 trousers I spend the evening having fun!

Faking a Luxe Look | Satin wide leg trousers & Metallic shoes

What's your idea of an 'expensive' look?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to achieve that luxe feel!
Please leave a comment below.

CAMISOLE: c/o Fantasie
TROUSERS: Fenn Wright Manson...similar
SHOES & BAG: c/o Van Dal
JACKET: River Island
GLASSES: Tkmax.... I love these.




  1. THOSE TROUSERS! I love skinnies, but gosh, how refreshing is it to see draped wide leg trousers like this? I'm wearing them for the first time in AGES in my current post, and I love how swishy they are.

    As always you look amazing, and as ALWAYS, I can't believe the pieces you find for under a tenner. xx

    1. Yay for swishy trousers! Sometimes skinnies are too "squeeeeeeeeezy" aren't they? :oP XXX

  2. And, you're right Samantha! It may seem trivial at times, but we all have to get dressed every day no matter what else is happening. And if we look great, we usually feel better about ourselves. And feeling better about ourselves can help us help others!!

  3. Oh my goodness, those trousers, Sam. How lush. And I can't believe the price you actually paid for them :) I love a good tight, skinny pant but there's much to be said in support of wide legged trousers too. Such a different vibe. As Lisa said, you look amazing. And as Jodie said, fashion is frivolous, yes, but it is a necessary frivolity in our lives xo

    1. Thank you Sheela!!
      It's nice to break out of narrow cuts once in a while :o) XXX

  4. For me, an "expensive" look usually includes one of my blazers! Even pairing one with jeans can make you look a little more "expensive", I think. By the way, I loveee the lingerie-inspired top! I've been wanting to pair one on top of a long-sleeved top but I still haven't made it happen.

    On a different note, is it already summer there? Is it weird that I sense it is so much warmer over there just by looking at the greeneries behind you...?

    1. Hahaha...nope! it's not very warm at all compared to your kind of warm ;oP
      However, it is warm for Scotland and I'm thankful for that.
      As for the greenness.... that's all down to the Scottish rain!!

  5. This is VERY luxe and gorgeous on you, Sam - well done! I love the chemise and those lush trousers. Thanks for linking, xo



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