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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why it's okay to be Out of Fashion.

Crinkle Pleated Culottes, Next Floral Cold Shoulder satin top, Clarks Sandals. Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

It's sunny and warm in Scotland!*

{*gets the flags and banners out to celebrate.}

There is something joyous about a really warm day when they are few and far between.
Especially when that warm day that just so happens to be your day off (insert relieved and slightly smug face! 😌).

Arms are out.
Legs are out.
Sunglasses are on!

{There is also a cardigan, brolly and covered shoes packed in the big bag... Scottish weather can change at a moment's notice.}

Today I am wearing silky, flowing culottes and a silky, flowing top.
SO comfortable, it almost feels like a cheat!

Chunky, retro sandals and a HUGE bag were all this outfit needed to have me grinning from ear to ear.
Perfect for a day like today.


While I was looking at the photos of this outfit I realised something.
This look is so far behind the latest trends that it is almost 'old'.
Are the true fashionistas totally over culottes and cold shoulders?

I realise that I am WAY behind the fashion-party.
In fact, I have probably missed the bus all together... Taxi!!

And, you know what?
It's okay!

Warming up to a trend is a normal thing for regular people to do.

Lurching from one latest "must have" to another doesn't allow us the time to settle and enjoy.

It's okay for some items to be on a low simmer rather than vigorous boil!

Crinkle Pleated Culottes, Next Floral Cold Shoulder satin top, Clarks Sandals. Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Culottes have been on a really slow burn for me.
I first tried them at the beginning of my blogging life and struggled (understatement!).
I felt awkward, frumpy and out of proportion.
In short... a sack of tatties! 
(Or a bag of potatoes for anyone unfamiliar with that phrase.)

Crinkle Pleated Culottes, Next Floral Cold Shoulder satin top, Clarks Sandals. Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

As time (and style) moves on, my affections have changed.
Today I feel comfortable and confident.

Ditto the cold-shoulders....
From feeling awkward (and a bit silly) to feeling sleek and sexy.
Who'd have thought it?

Crinkle Pleated Culottes, Next Floral Cold Shoulder satin top, Clarks Sandals. Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

So the moral of my style story is; Do you own thing and follow your own path.

Yes, keep up with what is trending, and read fashion magazines/blogs.
Yes, keep trying new colours and new styles. 
BUT, don't give up on styles and colours that you love, and that make you happy.
In fact, don't give up on anything that makes you happy.
And, if your style is on a slow-burn when it comes to certain things (like me) then so be it!

Crinkle Pleated Culottes, Next Floral Cold Shoulder satin top, Clarks Sandals. Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Are there any trends that you are just coming round to?
Are there any 'old' trends (or colour combinations) you still love?
Please share them in the comments.
I would love to hear from you.

I wanted to leave you with this ridiculous photo of me taken just as a bee flew in my ear! Hahahahaha
Much as I love bees, this one gave me a fright.
My husband almost fell over laughing!

CULOTTES: Matalan.... similar.
TOP: Next
SANDALS: Clarks... similar.
BAG: this one is fun!
GLASSES: Tkmax... similar.
EARRINGS: Asda... these are pretty.




  1. I absolutely love the top! It reminds me of a Chinese watercolour painting. Divine! In fact this is the first cold-shoulder style top I really like. I also love that you say " don't give up on anything that makes you happy" which is why I continue to wear Birkenstocks in a variety of colours and styles, whether they are 'on-trend' or not!!��
    Xxx Sasha

    1. I LOVE Birkenstocks too Sasha! I have a pair of floral clogs and two pairs of thong sandals. All ancient and all well loved. They are still going strong. I think they are always in style :o)

  2. I haven't yet come around to culottes yet, but maybe one day I'll try on a pair at the store. I always think they look so cute on others (as these do on you), but not sure yet about on me. You should swing by my blog and share your style. My brand new linkup just went live at

    xo- Karen

  3. There are still lots of culottes and cold shoulder tops on sites like Asos so I wouldn't say they're old trends. Wear and enjoy! And keep for the inevitable revival. I had one pair of culottes I loved (described then as 'city shorts') but I crazily gave them away!

    1. I am guilty of that too Gail!
      I give loads of things away and 99% of the time it's fine then you miss something. Bummer.
      Maybe you can try again with a new pair? XXX

  4. for the last few years I have been wearing the culottes I picked up in the charity shop last time they went /out/ of fashion. I'm not sure if this makes me fashion forward or so far behind the trend I'm almost on the revival. Luckily I don't actually care!

  5. oh yes, I agree totally about enjoying trends at my own way, sometimes when they're dated!. Some trends need (a longer) time to find their way into your style. I think you look fabulous in your culottes, love that texture, and also love that comfy summery vibe and your big bag!! Lovely that it's not only a cool bag, but it's also big enough to carry a cardi and a pair of shoes!, very sensible!

    1. It's like a Tardis! Big with loads of compartments.
      I lose things in it all of the time :oP XXX

  6. As one who never likes to say I told you so---I told you so, Samantha!! At least on the culotte style---finding the right ones just changes the entire story, right?
    And who's to say what's in and out anyways!! You look fabulous!

    1. Hahahaha...I don't mind being wrong Jodie!
      I think your wise words encouraged me to keep trying.
      Thank you so much!

  7. LOL I love that last photo!!!!!
    I couldn't agree more with you Samantha. I'm always behind the times when it comes to fashion because, like you said, it can take time to warm up to certain trends. I prefer to wear what suits me rather than what's in style anyhow!
    Suzy xx

    1. I think it's better to slowly try new things than to stick in a boring rut. At least we are moving and evolving... albeit at a glacial pace sometimes!! :oP XXX

  8. Wait...the bee flew right in your ear??? Yikes! That'd be like those old comic books where the bee flies in the ear and then you can see it buzzing around behind the person's eyeballs.

    It takes me a long time to warm up to things and even longer to move on. In the past trends would last more than a few weeks. Now one can't keep up to the impossible pace that trends arrive and disappear.

    Since I've become more of a vintage thrifter I care less and less about the newest trends and more about the pieces themselves.


    1. Hahahahaha...yes Suzanne, it tickled my ear!
      I totally agree about trends moving too fast.
      It's all about business, profit and turnover.
      We don't get a chance to sit back and enjoy!
      Vintage clothing is the perfect way to do that.
      My vintage pieces never seem to go out of style and I reach for them often.
      More often than not modern trends are just re-jigged vintage looks anyway, aren't they?

  9. Well, I think you look fabulous! The print on that top is so beautiful,and the fall of the sleeves looks just beautiful on your shoulders. The culottes really suit your figure. I'm not a culotte person, or ANY kind of cropped pant person... they just make me look short and fat (or at least the particular pair I have do). I wore them once on the blog, and they have hung in my closet, glaring at me since. I don't usually make purchasing mistakes, but for me, culottes were one. I am a firm believer in wearing whatever I like, whether it suits anyone else's tastes of not.

    The only slow burn trend I've warmed up to is the pink one. I've always hated pink, and somehow I have come around to it recently. I'm not girly, and it is being worn these days in a way that doesn't feel so sugary, so I can deal with it in my wardrobe.

    Enjoy your weather, gorgeous! It isn't often that it is warmed in Scotland than the South of France, but you're in the middle of it! xxx

    1. It's heavenly Lisa.
      Hot hot HOT and I love it.... 25 here and so humid it feels tropical!
      I agree about pink. I used to hate it too (hate is a strong word, but applies here).
      Maybe we appreciated pinks more as we get older? It certainly brightens things up!


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