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Sunday, 28 May 2017

What to Wear when you don't know the Dress Code.

Purple Wide Satin Finery Trousers, Nude ruffle off the shoulder top, vagabond platform sandals | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to be going to a hen night.
I knew it was going to be lots of fun, but a very sophisticated affair.
It wouldn't be involving costumes, strippers, shot glasses or inflatables.

{Although, I'm all for that kind of wild hen night too!!}

We were off to a lovely restaurant for food and plenty of cocktails.

Unfortunately, I had to work in the morning and had very little time to get ready when I got home.
Not really.

Purple Wide Satin Finery Trousers, Nude ruffle off the shoulder top, vagabond platform sandals | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

How to get ready in 10 minutes.

1. Plan.

This is the most important part.
Spend time (when you have it) assembling your entire outfit.
You need to make a quick change so everything must be ready.

A bit like fireman's overalls, you will simply step into your preplanned outfit and be ready to go.
Make sure you have tried everything on and you are happy with it.
This will save any last minute panic.
Check from all angles now, so on the day you don't need to.
This stops the last second dash that involves throwing clothes and shoes around shouting "I've got nothing to wear!"... or maybe that's just me?

2. Lay out.

Get your entire outfit together.
Attach any belts to belt hoops, or brooches to lapels, and have everything (and I mean everything) either laid out in order of use (if you have space) or all together on a hanger.

I had this entire outfit on one hanger. Even down to the underwear I was going to wear with it.
My shoes, bag and earrings were in a shoe box nearby ready to pop on.
Have your evening bag as prepacked as possible ready to grab and go.

3. Freshen up

Spend any time you do have refreshing your makeup, giving yourself a spritz of scent and sorting your hair.
I managed to top up with some eyeliner, lipstick and powder, fluff my hair a little (although that was a pointless exercise as we were caught in a rain shower) and use some body lotion on my arms.
Good to go!

Purple Wide Satin Finery Trousers, Nude ruffle off the shoulder top, vagabond platform sandals | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

What to Wear when you don't know the dress code.

Dress codes can be tricky can't they?
When an occasion has no specific dress code and "anything goes" this can make it much more difficult to decide what you should wear.
It's so much easier when you know what's expected of you!

Black tie? Simple.
Smart-casual? Help!

This outfit is a great one for when you are not sure how smart (or casual) other people are going to be.
Hen nights are like that.
Some people can be in jeans, others in evening dresses.
I always feel that the occasion deserves the respect of making an effort, but (in my opinion) it is always better to be slightly underdressed than overdressed.

So, my go-to smart/casual outfit would be a pair of dressy trousers and a pretty top.
Dressy trousers come in every shape, colour and design.
There is bound to be a pair that appeals to your sense of style.

Satin trousers can be hard to wear (they are completely unforgiving on lumps and bumps) but they do strike a great balance between comfort and style, with enough impact to seem 'dressed up'.
I teamed them with a chiffon top that adds interest and a more seasonally appropriate feel.

Comfortable platform heels and a few pieces of jewellery finished my look off.

Would you rather be over or underdressed?
Please share in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinion on this!

Purple Wide Satin Finery Trousers, Nude ruffle off the shoulder top, vagabond platform sandals | Over 40 | Fake Fabulous

TROUSERS: Finery... these are nice and on sale!
TOP: Primark... this is pretty.
SHOES: Vagabond (those are the tan ones)
BAG: Old....and crumbling. Similar.




  1. You look beautiful and also did look beautiful at the Hen do, sophisticated and effortless( although you had planned and done all the work in advance) It was lovely to meet you. I can totally relate to your comments about what to wear when you don't know the dress code and what everyone else will be wearing. You were spot on. Heather (the stranger at your table)

    1. Hi Heather and thank you so much for taking the time to pop over and leave a comment!
      I really appreciate it.
      I always have to have some kind of plan when time is tight or I dash around like a ninny, shoes flying everywhere (My husband ducks for cover :oP) then end up wearing the first thing I pulled out anyway!
      It was lovely to meet you too and I can't wait to see the wedding photographs.

  2. Definitely under dressed! I went to a glam do a few years ago and was the only woman in a long maxi dress (evening dress as it was described). I felt very over dressed but had to brazen it out!
    Your hair is looking great!!

    1. I'm sure you managed Gail! :o)
      Although that sounds tough. Underdressed is definitely a bit 'cooler' isn't it? :oP

  3. That's a tough question! I guess I'd prefer to be slightly overdressed.
    Getting everything ready in advance is the way I prefer to operate most of the time. When I was still working I definitely prepared everything and that approach was stress free. I do this now only for those "occasions" that I want to pre-think. Let's face it looking good takes creativity and planning ahead to pull off in a relaxed manner.
    You look very elegant in this outfit Samantha. The color of the blouse is gorgeous with your hair! I also love the little dragonfly pin;such a nice touch! XX00 from Jude

    1. Thank you Jude. This over/under dressed question is a really interesting one! XXX

  4. love your pants, such a fab color and shape, and you look really elegant wearing them, that's such a nice outfit for any 'dressy' event!. And you've shared some really useful advice about how to dress up in 10min. Actually, I'm used to run from one room to another looking for a brooch or accessory which I didn't picked previously. Never more!
    And I've realized that I'm not good at dressing up for weddings (or similar events), and that I feel better if I keep on wearing my own style (and flats!)

    1. Hahaha...that's me too Monica! Dashing around throwing things about and searching for the "perfect" piece. This is a MUCH more relaxed method :oP XXX

  5. I'd so rather be overdressed----why not look great, right?
    But I know my mom's friends have given her a hard time when she dresses up and they are casual---and you thought people behaved better when they got older??

    1. Hahahaha...that is so funny Jodie! Maybe your mum's friends are a little envious if she is dressed up and they feel underdressed or frumpy?? Your mum rocks! XXX

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous Samantha! I'm totally loving that purple skirt on you too. Beautiful!
    Suzy xx

    1. Thank you Suzy. I love these purple trousers swishy! XXX


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