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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

How to Wear a White Peek-a-Boo Culotte Jumpsuit, Over 40 | Part 1

White Peek-a-boo Noisy May Jumpsuit, Topshop jacket, Tan booties, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is part one of a two part post...

How to Wear a White Jumpsuit, over 40.

Lets be honest here....
There are 4 challenging things going on with this white jumpsuit.

1. It's White.

White is notoriously difficult to wear, especially if you are a dirt magnet or clumsy (like me).
White can also be see through (undies or fleshy bits on display are never good!)
White has a bad reputation for being unflattering, and visually widening.

2.It has Culotte legs.

Culottes....sigh.... they can be tricky can't they?
I've had trouble with them in the past.
LOTS of trouble... see HERE, HERE and HERE.

3. It has a peek-a-boo midsection.

Over 40?
With a post-lots-of-babies squishy midriff?
Give me a break!

4. It's a Jumpsuit 😜.

Any style of jumpsuit has it's problems.
Bathroom issues.
Baggy bum issues.
Saggy crotch or Camel toe issues.
The list goes on...

So, pretty much everything about this outfit is a challenge, right?

Not really.

Yes, it may be a fankle to visit the ladies and, yes it has it's issues, but if you like something (like white jumpsuits) you should definitely be wearing them!

Having said that, wearing a white jumpsuit does require a little planning and a handbag addition.

The planning part is all about the underwear.
Smooth and well fitting pants are essential.
Any ooze or bulge will stand out like a sore thumb, even the seams on your knickers are on show.
In my opinion the best thing to wear under culottes is a culotte slip.
(I found mine on eBay but you can get a similar one HERE)
And, the best knickers to go for are brazilian style.

What is your go-to knicker style when you don't want a VPL?

The handbag addition are wipes, just a small packet of wet wipes for any slitters or spots.
The fabric of this jumpsuit wipes easily and dries quickly.
I dropped a blob of coleslaw (from my lunch) in my lap but recovered easily 😇 .

The culotte-ness of this jumpsuit is growing on me.
I have struggled in the past, but the more I wear culottes the more I like them.
Plus, there is no need to worry about dirty hems!

The peek-a-boo section of this jumpsuit is only a slither (when belted) and shows the narrowest part of the body.
A mere suggestion of skin!
(You'll see more in the next post)
It is also a flowing fit, so there is no squeezing and inevitable oozing through the peek-a-boo holes... Yikes!

Jumpsuits are undeniably more difficult when visiting the ladies!
Unzipping can be tricky, then there is the "holding up".
With this white one I just took it off and hung it on the back of the door!
Much less hassle, and no danger of it falling on the floor.
Yes, bathroom trips take a few minutes longer but it's no big deal really.

White Peek-a-boo Noisy May Jumpsuit, Topshop jacket, Tan booties, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I may have belted the jumpsuit this time, to give a 'shape' and add interest, but I found that I prefer it unbelted and baggy at the crotch... weird right?

{More on that in the next post!}

The belt also reduces the look of the peek-a-boo area to just a slither of skin, which is also easier to wear... and a little smarter.

White Peek-a-boo Noisy May Jumpsuit, Topshop jacket, Tan booties, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

I added a simple pair of chunky earrings but no other jewellery, sometimes a little less is better (only sometimes though!)

My (very) old favourite cropped jacket, and a pair of peep toe booties finished things off nicely.

{See this old jacket styled HERE, HERE and HERE.}

What are your thoughts on...White?
Peek-a-boo bits?
Please let me know in the comments...I'd love to hear your opinion!

White Peek-a-boo Noisy May Jumpsuit, Topshop jacket, Tan booties, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

JUMPSUIT: Noisy May at ASOS...similar.
BELT: Topshop...this one is really cool!
BAG: old...this one is pretty.
JACKET: Vintage Topshop...I like this yellow one.
EARRINGS & BRACELET: Gifts...these earrings are fabulous!
SHOES: JD Williams.... similar.




  1. I truly do not like the idea of fully undressing in the bathroom. I do jumpsuits but not where I need to hang it on the back of the door.

    I was in a bathroom in downtown Toronto this weekend that had swinging saloon doors (essentially see through) and absolutely zero room to move. I mean zero. I could barely close the doors and there were two bathroom stalls in that super small space. While the jumpsuit looks smashing on you that bathroom would have been its worst nightmare.


    1. That bathroom sounds hellish!
      I have been in some howlers myself... one where I had to hover (because the loo was horrible) and hold the door closed with the other hand. It makes me laugh now but not at the time.....I dipped the hem of my sain trousers in something dubious on the floor...yuck!!!
      This jumpsuit was safe on the back of the door but I must admit to feeling a little silly standing in my slip! Hahaha.

  2. I agree with Suzanne, visiting the bathroom could be a real challenge!. However, this is a cool, comfy and elegantly chic outfit, and I like particularly how nicely it fits you!. Lovely jacket, lovely booties and lovely minimal accessorizing!
    I don't love white color near my face, but never thought on white as 'unflattering', I worn white linen pants frequently when lived in the south and I was used to pick those ugly seamless 'flesh color' undies, 'cause they work nicely under white pants!
    Culotte pants are tricky, yes, but you manage them very well, and look fabulous!

    1. Thank you Monica! The loo was a challenge, but once I had gotten over the feeling of silliness it was okay.
      It seems strange to 'do' minimal accessorising for a change :oP

  3. Oh gosh, you dare devil. I actually like it a lot. Very edgy, very arty. It goes very well with your hair. Love the belt and jacket with it. (And the rest.) I had a bit of a "don't know" with the short culotte bit in the top picture, but in the last picture I was really into it. Perhaps the way you posed in the first picture? I don't know. Or it grew on me quickly haha.

    1. It must have been the wind Greetje!
      In the first picture the wind is blowing them back more than the bottom picture.
      They are wider in 'real life' :o)
      I am so glad you like this look. It is very minimal for me and has grown on me too.... maybe more minimal looks to come??? :o)

  4. Looking back over your 3 other culotte stylings I find the I really like the last one. These grey ones are like a fat pair of shorts! Back in the 60's we called them flirt skirts!:-)
    I also like this white one a lot and again the length is key. This one is a little longer! It's more the midi skirt length! Perhaps the element of length is THE element to consider when doing the jumpsuit?
    Love the pretty colors Sam. Cute clutch and shoes as well.

    1. Fat shorts!? Yes Jude!!...that must be why I like them more than the khaki pair (now donated).
      You are right about the length too.
      I prefer this jumpsuit unbelted and even longer....which is coming up soon :o)
      Thank you for liking my old clutch bag. Unfortunately, it is slowly falling to bits (wearing out) and I keep losing the odd bead. It's sad when an old favourite bites the dust :o(


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