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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Embroidered Jeans, Bare Shoulders. GOOD Bra v's BAD Bra.

Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra | Fake Fabulous

Off the shoulder tops can be tricky to wear, can't they?
Especially as we get older and the ability to go bra-less is a distant memory (if it was ever an option in the first place)!

Cold shoulder, off the shoulder and bardot tops can look incredibly feminine and classy-sexy (flesh without the flash).


They can often seem unwearable.
Especially when we consider our (lack of) underwear options.
No one wants to look matronly, and frumpy, with a chunky bra-strap on show.
Or with awkward bulges, lumps and bumps.
Fiddling, fidgeting and yanking at your underpinnings is never attractive either.
{We've all done it, haven't we?}
A well fitting bra is crucial... more on that in a moment.


Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra | Fake Fabulous

These skinny embroidered jeans were in a charity shop for a couple of pounds.
Brand new and tagged.
The original owner had a change of heart (maybe they were just a little too tight?) but they are perfect for me!

I like the embroidered detail, which is by no means sophisticated or intricate but it gives the impression of a little bit something extra going on.

I really wanted to wear these tight jeans with an off the shoulder top that was sent to me from Ann in Hong Kong.
I've only ever worn it with layers (see that post HERE) and I really wanted to try it with my new strapless bra.

Strapless bras... useless, right?

I've never been a fan of a strapless bra.

  • They give an odd and lumpy looking shape.
  • Boobage ends up with a droopy appearance.
  • Not supportive.... at all!!
  • They ride up, move about and slip down.
  • The band is too tight and too uncomfortable.
  • A total waste of time!


Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra | Fake Fabulous

After visiting a local independant lingerie shop I finally found a strapless bra that fits.
{As well as a few other styles!}

I felt like a bit of an idiot when the lovely ladies handed me the 'correct' size and I saw what they could do for my figure.
Once I had picked up a few new bras from Lepel, Wonderbra and B-tempted I felt like a new woman.
Friends even commented on "Something different?" and told me my (previously unmentioned) dress looked "amazing!"
That's got to be a good thing, right?

I have (finally) realised that importance of a good bra can't be overemphasised.
Especially with many of the modern fabrications (like viscose) that our clothes seem to be made from.
Fabrics can be structureless and clothes fit where they touch.
Many styles are unlined, and unforgiving.

A good bra can give structure and can even give the illusion of a fabulous figure.
Smoother, uplifted boobs and a more defined waist... making clothes look so much better.
An ill-fitting bra can ruin your outfit and destroy your confidence.

A great fit is like a "Eureka!" moment.

Look at the sorry state of my bust in the image on the right (below).
My poor boobs are pushed into a strange position, squished and dragged down.
I also have strange bumps.
Even the top sits differently... like it's being dragged down.
Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra V's BAD BRA  | Fake Fabulous

The image on the right is of my old bra, which I thought fitted me perfectly!
Oh dear... {hangs head in shame}.

Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra V's BAD BRA  | Fake Fabulous
I don't have big breasts (by any stretch of the imagination) and some people may think smaller boobs don't need 'good' bras.
Surely only large breasted ladies need serious construction?


All breasts deserve a decent uplift.
All women deserve to look their best.

Most of us are wearing the wrong size of bra!

Even if we think we aren't.
Even if we think our bra looks okay, and it is comfortable.
Even if we think we know what we are doing.

I thought I had the perfect bra.
I had measured myself.
It was comfortable.
It looked smooth.
I was wrong.

The most common mistake we make is wearing a back size that is too big.
Most of the time this is because the right fit feels too tight, and a bit uncomfortable.

{Guilty as charged.}

I have found out that it is important to bear with this initial tightness... the bra will loosen off slightly with wear, and should feel tight when it first goes on.
A new bra should be secured on the outside hooks.

Snug = Support.
Support = A great shape!

It's very important to try on plenty of bras to make the right choice.
Each brand is different, and each style fits in a different way.
A 34C in one style can be totally different from another, even within the same brand.
Try some on, and then try some more!
You may have to be flexible with your idea of "your size" and keep an open mind.

{You may think you are a 32B and turn out to be a 30D in one brand, a 30DD in another and a 28E in another. Just like someone I know...Ooops!}

Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra  | Fake Fabulous

At least my shoes fit properly 😜!

Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra | Fake Fabulous

When is the last time you were measured?
Do you find it hard to find a bra that fits well, and feels good?
Please share your favourite brand in the comments!

I'm also giving away 2 Multiway Bras  that were gifted to me from Fantasie.
All you have to do is send me an email (samantha44blair(at)gmail(dot)com) with your Fantasie bra size, and if you are one of the lucky winners, I will send you a new one!

I promise not to hand your details over to any 3 party and I also promise not to send you anything other than a "Congratulations!" email if you win... apart from the bra itself, of course 😀.

Boring, but essential Terms and Conditions....

  1. This giveaway is organised by myself and is not associated with any other party.
  2. The giveaway is just for fun, and a way for me to share my gifted items with my loyal readers.
  3. I will select the 2 winners from email and comment entries.
  4. There is no cash alternative.
  5. Unfortunately, I can not offer a return service or alternative sizes.... make sure you know your exact size in the Fantasie brand!
  6. There is no alternative prize (e.g different colourway or style).
  7. I will send the prizes out via regular UK or International post, depending on where you are.
  8. One winner will get a pair of briefs included in their parcel!
  9. I won't disclose the winners names or any other details.... if you want to share your win that's up to you.
  10. Good luck!

If you would also like to share your sizing story with me I would love to hear it!

TOP: A gift from Ann at Kremb de la Kremb....similar.
JEANS: Charity shop, originally George.... similar.
BAG: Vintage... this one is lovely.
CARDIGAN: Charity shop, originally Boden...similar.
SHOES: Timberland (old)...these are gorgeous!
SCARF: Old...this one is pretty.

Embroidered Jeans, Bare shoulders, Sheepskin Clog Mules & a Good Strapless Bra  | Fake Fabulous

SHOP for a GREAT new BRA!



  1. I spent the last 5 years thinking I was a 36b (thanks M&s) only to discover I am actually a 30d! Choosing a bra is further complicated by the fact that I won't do wired, but I have finally found an amazing strapless Wonder bra that boosts without wires. Engineering excellence!!

    1. WHAT!!!??? Wow Rachel, that is an epic fail. Poor you!
      I was expecting to hear about some interesting size changes but from a 36b to a 30D is utterly bonkers.
      The mind boggles as to what on earth that M&S fitter was thinking.
      As for the wonderbra....I bought that one too!
      Genius in fact! you remember (a few years ago) the company that changed underwires for that plastic hand shaped frame? Whatever happened to them?

  2. I have absolutely no idea what my bra size is. I probably should be fitted, but I've never gotten around to it. I also have a tendency to wear mostly sport bras or completely bad for me bra tops, which I feel I'm going to regret in a few years. :)
    So, all this to say, I should really start wearing a proper bra.

    1. Oh Laurie...I understand completely!
      The comfort of a bra top or cropped sports bra can't be beaten.
      It's so hard to break away from that habit (I've done the same) but your smarter outfits will thank you for a 'real" bra :o)
      It's a huge boost (pun intended) for the confidence too!
      Let me know how you get on.

  3. Finding a good independent fitter is key Samantha - though not always easy. I was assured I was a 36B in a large chain store - then I reached up and my 'boobage' flew out the bottom of the bra! Turned out I was a 32D. Treat your lovely lady like gold dust. xxx

    1. OMG...I am laughing Sarah but it's not funny at all is it? 36 to 32 is a huge wonder "the girls" were trying to escape from that ill-fitting bra.
      Independent fitting seems to be the secret.
      I was gobsmacked when the right size was handed to me, and laughed!
      Then when it went on I was "wow!...okay".
      Happy to be wrong! :o)

  4. oh yes, I agree with you!! the right bra makes a difference! it makes you look so much better! and feel so much better too!
    I like your embroidered jeans and that striped top, so cute!, it's a great idea to wear a scarf too!. Lovely shoes!
    I would love to find some nice unwired bras which fit me properly. It looks like 'beautiful' and 'unwired' are incompatible qualities.

    1. I agree Monica. The underwired bras are often either "little girls" designs or just boring and frumpy! Have you tried the non-metal wired bras? I think they have plastic or silicone frames, some have foam shaped supports. I googled it and there are a few different designs.
      I'm glad you like my shoes... they are one of my favourites (although, I find myself saying that a lot!) XXX

    2. Wonderbra do a great non wired bra and my fav day to day bras are gap non wired. Plain cups but lace bits at side and middle and some nice colours and super comfy with a little boost!

    3. thanks for your advice! I'm always looking for some unwired cute ones!

  5. Such a lovely and interesting post Samantha.
    Adding you to my blogroll
    Much love

  6. I hate bra shopping. It's always so difficult to find one that fits properly, especially strapless bras which end up with horrible gaping at the top - more on one side than the other due to having one larger boob (don't we all?!!). You look fantastic - those jeans look like they were made for you!! Gorgeous!
    Suzy xx

    1. I hear you Suzy. Yes to gaping as well as squeezing and other odd phenomena... Boo to badly fitting bras!
      Thank you for liking my jeans...I love rehoming other people's cast-offs :o) XXX

  7. Finding an independent fitter can also be complicated by the country you are based in. I've gone into shops to look at the bra (style and make) that I usually wear in the latest colour. They then ask me what size do I need, and when I tell them "no, they don't make it in that size/ that size does not exist". I point it out in their very own manufacturers catalogue and hear "well in 25 years of bra fitting, I've never put anyone in that size". "Well, if you don't think it exists and don't stock it, you won't". Can you tell I'm frustrated. However, now I have my size sorted out, I just order online. Still working on trying to find that elusive strapless bra though.

    1. What size are you Alison? Does the strapless Wonderbra go to your size?
      As for the "I've never put anyone in that size" comment... how insulting!
      You deserve to look and feel great, whatever bra size you need.
      And if you can order online then of course there are other women just like you.
      Boo to bad br fitters!!

    2. Hi Samantha, I'm usually a 30E, although it does vary:) My favourite bra is the Prima Donna Divine lace which I discovered last summer. I went down a cup size in the end and it fits perfectly. Prima Donna is widely available in shops in Spain, just not in my size which apparently doesn't exist? I now mail order from a store in Spain that does stock my size and have 5 all in different colours.
      Thanks for the Wonderbra tip. I'll check it out.

    3. A 30E seems 'normal/common' enough to me Allison! I thought you were going to hit me with some obscure set of names and letters :oP
      I'm so glad to hear you can find bras you like, even if you have to order online, and a good selection of colours is a great thing! XXX

  8. Sam,

    you´re right indeed when you say that in the beginning a bra might or even should feel tight. As soon as your body heat warms the fabric, it will loosen some.

    For all the bigger-chested ladies, try Primadonna bras. No, they´re not cheap. But they offer great support and do look sexy - not girly, no frump.


    1. I had a look at the Primadonna bras when I was in being mine and WOW, they are so pretty... you are spot on with your advice! XXX

  9. I love that you showed a side by side comparision, Samantha. It's so true how the right bra can make a difference---and i think it's one of those things that having someone help you is critical!!

    1. Thank you Jodie! Quite a difference eh?
      And one that we might not notice without the help of a camera.
      I think I look older with the bad bra too!

  10. Hello Samantha!
    I love that your posts are always so detailed, I like to follow the extensive stories along. My favorite brand stylewise is Intimissimi, but now that I think of it: more because of their style, not the actual support. I did not know the Fantasie brand, thanks for sharing! Love the shoes too...

    1. Thank you for loving these shoes...they always make me grin when I wear them :o)
      I googled intimissimi and ....oooooo...... lovely!
      No wonder you like the style.
      So sexy and super feminine!
      Thank you for sharing.

  11. I had a similar bra revelation last year - all adult my life I'd thought I was a 34 or 36A, but it turns out I really need to wear 30E! It is amazing what a difference a well-fitting bra makes, not least to one's confidence, and equally amazing that so many of us don't know what size we should really be wearing!

    I figured out my best bra size with the help of some online resources, but the fitters at Bravissimo are usually very good, very professional and very helpful (and they confirmed that I had got my new size spot on).

    1. 36A to a 30E!!!! Holey Moley, that is astonishing!
      I'm trying to imaging the ENORMOUS difference that must make to the look of your figure, posture, confidence etc.
      I've been to Bravissimo too and they were brilliant.
      I gave them my new size and they handed me brands that would fit, and different sizes in different brands. I was very impressed.

  12. Oh, and I meant to say (before I hit 'Publish' too speedily), that your top definitely benefits from your splendid new undergarment, and really suits you worn off the shoulder!

    1. Thank you Fran. My new bra gives me the confidence to wear this top without the fear of slippage! :oP XXX

  13. sam, let me start with saying, I love the jeans!! I wouldnt mind a pair of embroidered myself. The top looks great with the new bra too! I have such sensitivity ( nerve wise) so bras are tough! I wear a strapless, although I am not sure the support is great. I like the one you are wearing and your post.
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    1. I hadn't really thought of your EDS Jess, it must be difficult/impossible to get a bra that is not agony! XXX

  14. OMG. Sam. Your figure in those jeans is just jaw-dropping. Seriously. Whoever put them in the shop certainly can't have look as good in them as you do. I think I might just put every pair of jeans I own in a charity shop after seeing these photos.

    I have enormous boobs and hate how much money I spend once a year on getting fitted and re-kitted. I can't afford not to though. I'm so pleased that you found a good bra, it really makes such a difference in clothes as your photos illustrate so perfectly.

    Still gobsmacked at your figure in the first two photos. xxx

    1. Hahahaha...oh Lisa you are too kind! It's all smoke and mirrors anyway. A lucky angle and stretched out leg..... however, I will gladly accept your enormous compliment! :oP
      Bra money is money well spent.
      A great bra can make a cheap dress look classy, and a bad one can make an expensive dress look like a sack of spuds.
      You always look pulled together and flawless so that investment in your underpinnings pays for itself! XXX


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