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Saturday, 20 May 2017

4 Ways to Wear a White Shirt | PPP

White sleeveless shirt under a red dress, leopard platform shoes & Black& white belt | Over 40

Each month Anna, Ann and I are styling a 'classic' item and this month it's the turn of the boring classic white shirt.
White shirts are supposed to be a "Wardrobe staple" that "Every woman should own!"

I find it hard to see past the link with school, or my old waitresses uniform.
White shirts leave me feeling bored and uninspired.

Perfect for this month's ping pong piece!

These posts are supposed to help breath a little life into otherwise uninspiring items.
{See last month's blazers (Zzzzzzzz) HERE}

White sleeveless shirt under a red dress, leopard platform shoes & Black& white belt | Over 40

This white shirt is sleeveless, and made a perfect 'fake' collar for a red dress.
However, a full sleeve would probably have worked better for me as I would have prefered an extra layer!.
{My only full-sleeved white blouse is too billowy.... see it HERE}

White sleeveless shirt under a red dress, leopard platform shoes & Black& white belt | Over 40

A bold belt and Leopard shoes were all this outfit needed to make it feel like me!

White sleeveless shirt under a red dress, leopard platform shoes & Black& white belt | Over 40

DRESS: Bonmarché c/o.... now on sale for £25!
BAG: Hidesign...this is nice.
GLASSES: Tkmax.... these are lovely.

Monica from Señora Allnut

Monica is one of my favourite bloggers!
She is uniquely stylish.
Her use of colour is a constant source of inspiration, as she is someone who clashes and mixes colour/print/pattern in unexpected ways.
Her outfits prove that preferring comfort is no excuse for being boring.

Plus, her smile is contagious!

I am thrilled to have her join us this month and take on the challenge of a white shirt.
{I knew this would be a big change for her....Monica is not a white shirt kind of girl!}

I love how she 'cheated' a little by using a white shirt as a jacket/cardigan.
This is how to wear something plain and make it fun, colourful and fabulous!

Be sure to follow Monica on Instagram for more inspiration!

TROUSERS: Festa (old) / pantalón
SHIRT: La Redoute (ages ago) / camisa blanca, de hace siglos
SHOES: El Naturalista (last summer sales) / zapatos, rebajas del año pasado
T-SHIRT: C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
ORANGE COAT: La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
NECKLACE: Sfera (old) / collar
BAG: Surkana (old) / bolso

(Outfit details and a lesson in one!)

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna's shirt is classic, basic and traditional.... none of these adjectives apply to Anna!
{Okay, there are pleats and bold buttons, but you know what I mean. 😊}

She has taken the boring shirt (her words as well as mine!) and given it a kick up the rear with this funky pattern clash.
A completely masculine idea (trousers, shirt, waistcoat) with a totally feminine twist.
There is a mermaid/man feel for me that I love.
Helped a little by her location, I'm sure!

Follow Anna on Instagram for more style inspiration....prepare for location envy!

BLOUSE: charity shopped
WAISTCOAT: River Island
BOOTS: Primark
Ring and Pendant: charity shopped
SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has gone all white.
Making the white shirt part of an achromatic outfit (no colour at all) adds impact.
Ann really suits white, and this outfit looks fabulous on her.
Casual but beautifully elegant.

All-white outfits are so chic looking, even when the pieces are all casual.
There is something about wearing all-white that says "I must be a pulled together and organised person to wear this".
Brilliant for when you want to make an impression.

{I wrote a post on this subject... see it HERE}

EARRINGS: Forever 21
Too many other baubles to mention!
SHIRT: Shein
JEANS: Gloria Vanderbelt from charity shop, double DIYed hem by me

Follow Ann on Instagram. for more inspiration... especially if you are a fan of cool-comfortable footwear.

Is there a classic item you would like to see featured?
Do you wear white shirts?
Or, do they remind you of school uniform?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing them!



  1. Of course that darling red, eyelet, frock is grabbing all of the attention despite the featured item being a white shirt. The little white, eyelet collar is however quite darling!! I'm always delighted by your creativity Samantha.
    I think everyone went for the unexpected in some way and I really love it when you wonderful ladies challenge each other in this way.

    1. Hahahaha...of course Judy :oP
      I don't really like white shirts :oO... (even though this was my pick this month) but I wanted to see if one could be worn without taking over the look.
      I love the fact everyone is totally different from Ann's full-on whiteout to Monica's jacket.
      Wonderfully inspiring for me.
      The best bit is that we never know what the other people are going to come up with so it's always a surprise.
      (I'm super excited to see what is coming next time)
      Thank you for this comment Judy! :o) XXX

  2. Great seasonal transition dressing, popping a white shirt under a dress!

    1. Thank you Gail.... although a longer sleeve would be more practical for MOST Scottish days! :oP XXX

  3. The red and white are such a lovely combination and I have to agree that this cute dress is a bit of a scene stealer. I pick up the occasional white shirt in charity shops as sometimes they do have their uses. We all seem to have been scarred with those white school shirts don't we? Anyway, it worked out fine, didn't it. Another classic done and dusted!

    Anna x

    1. Scarred for life Anna! :oP
      Although my waitress's blouse was worse (starched and stiff).
      Sorry to "cheat" a little but I did want to show that the shirt and just be an extra pop of light as opposed to the focus.
      We have a great selection this month.... one of everything!

  4. I love the idea of layering the white shirt under a dress, Samantha!!

    1. Me too Jodie!
      It stops the dress looking too formal and the shirt looking too boring.
      Win-win :o)

  5. you look really fabulous in red, and love that faux neck effect (so nice layering). Lovely dress (broderie anglaise, love it!!) and lovely accessories: you know I love your shoes!
    It has been so fabulous to share a piece with you!, even if it was a (boring) white shirt, I think that the challenge has been very inspiring!


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