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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pleated Culottes, Patterned Tights and a Slouchy Knit.

Pleated Culottes, Zohara Patterned Tights, vagabond sandals and a Slouchy Knit.

Oh, I loved wearing this outfit!
It may not be chic, high fashion, edgy or cool BUT, my goodness, it was comfortable and fun to wear.

Pleated Culottes, Zohara Patterned Tights, vagabond sandals and a Slouchy Knit.

This slouchy, sloppy and easy-going jumper is an old favourite of mine.
I've had it for years, but never tire of it, and it reappears every spring getting lots of wear.

Pleated Culottes, Zohara Patterned Tights, vagabond sandals and a Slouchy Knit.

I love the see-through fabric and it offers a surprising amount of warmth, without any bulk.
It also covers my bum... which is pretty important in these structureless culottes!

These pleated culottes are light as air, floaty and fun BUT offer no real coverage, warmth or structure.
Great on a hot day.
Not so good in Scotland!
So, I popped on this cute pair of tights.
Easy, comfy and warm.

Zohara Patterned Tights and vagabond sandals.

Chunky sandals (with a cosy sheepskin liner in the toe) kept the look feeling spring-like.

Pleated Culottes, Zohara Patterned Tights, vagabond sandals and a Slouchy Knit.

A geometric necklace and a pair of oversized sunglasses finished the look of nicely. Reading Sunglasses | Fake Fabulous

These sunglasses have a clever section at the bottom for reading.
Perfect for sitting in the garden with a magazine!

I had my youngest photographer today and she has a great eye for details...

Silver Bangle | Fake Fabulous Reading Sunglasses | Fake Fabulous

I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic photography team!

What are you grateful for this weekend?
Please share in the comments.
Or send me an email....I love hearing for you.

CULOTTES: Matalan...similar.
JUMPER: Old...this one is lovely.
TIGHTS: Zohara c/o mystockings
NECKLACE: H&M... this one is cool!
LACE VEST: Old...this is pretty.
BAG: Saks... this one is fab!
GLASSES: Delia bifocals c/o
SHOES: Vagabond




  1. how lovely are those tights,
    I really like this colorfull combination and all those Details.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    1. Thank you Amely.
      These tights are so comfortable... and pretty...I'm so glad you like them!

  2. Very cute look dear - loving the pretty textures and colours.

    xoxo Yvonne

  3. This is such a pretty feminine and very textural look. I love it! What's better than comfy, pretty and unique all in one look?
    I have several sweaters that are a similar type of weave, which reminds me of lace. The tights are so, so, lovely and the color is that smokey purple that is very cool. Do I see that your camisole is that same color??
    You and I have very similar taste in jewelry and this geometric multiple metal one is so cool!
    I can see why you loved wearing this Samantha.

    1. Thank you Judy!
      The two straps you see on my shoulder is actually a navy lace camisole and my bra strap.
      I thought that if I was going to flash a bra strap it may as well be a pretty one :oP

  4. And look at you rocking your culottes!! They are fun when you finally find the right pair, right?

    1. Yes Jodie!
      My youngest daughter spotted a 'mini' version of these recently and I was tempted to buy them for her.... but stopped myself.
      Not cool.

  5. I actually think this IS a chic and edgy look. Quirky yes, comfy yes, but absolutely lovely too. I especially love the combination of culottes, tights and shoes - however do you come up with combos like that that work so well!

    1. Thank you very much for this kind comment!
      I usually end up throwing something together and thinking about it later (as I write about it).... My tights were purely for a bit of warmth and comfort so I'm glad you like the way it turned out :o) XXX

  6. I'm loving your 'chunky sandals' once more, they look stunning with everything!, and love them with those pretty tights and cool shaped culottes!, fabulous combo!. You look really stylish in your slouchy jumper and pleated culottes, and fab accessorizing!
    so cool!!

    1. Thank you Monica. They are cool aren't they? I'm so glad you like them too!!
      I think they go with everything and I love the super-chunkiness on my skinny ankles.
      I know this is the opposite of what I "should" like but I've never been much of a fan of a delicate shoe. Maybe it's the 90's raver in me? :oP XXX


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