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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mixing Reds | Uncomfortable 'Comfortable' Shoes.

Mixing Reds from Top to Toe | Uncomfortable "Comfortable" Shoes

There are plenty of "How To" articles online regarding wearing red and mixing colours BUT....
At the end of the day, all that really matters is what YOU like and what YOU want to wear.

Forget the rules and go with what makes you feel good.

Mixing Reds from Top to Toe | Uncomfortable "Comfortable" Shoes

Red is one of my favourite colours.
It is up there with orange (see THIS POST on how to wear orange, or any bright colour).
So, I'm going all-out red today!

What is your favourite colour family? 

Mixing Reds from Top to Toe | Uncomfortable "Comfortable" Shoes

This bird print dress is an old favourite of mine and never fails to cheer up a dull day.
I decided to wear it with a striped top underneath.
Mostly for warmth but also to mix things up a bit!

Adding stripes works with most outfits.
{I've worn stripes many times...see some of them HERE, HERE and HERE.}

Stripes are such an easy way to mix patterns (leopard is another easy mixer!)
Mixing a couple of (easy) patterns is a sure-fire way to make your outfit appear more detailed, and interesting.

Mixing Reds from Top to Toe | Uncomfortable "Comfortable" Shoes

Can we talk about shoes?

I don't know about you, but much as I love the look of heels, sometimes I need the practicality of a 'comfortable' shoe.
What if the so-called comfortable shoe is not as comfortable as you hoped it would be?
What if it pinches or causes pain?

That's what happened with these red gutties 😒.

Mixing Reds from Top to Toe | Uncomfortable "Comfortable" Converse Shoes

I have always wanted a pair of red pumps like these.
They are bright and cheerful, and of course Converse are classics.

Everyone talks about how great they are, and how they go with everything.

Unfortunately, these red gutties are so uncomfortable.
Despite being the right size, and long enough, they squeeze the side of my foot (and my feet are narrow) ..Ouch!

Luckily I picked them up in a charity shop, for less than £10, so no real harm done.
{More money for a local hospice is always a good idea.}

I may re-donate them if they don't break in a little.
Do canvas shoes ever break in, or is that just wishful thinking !?

Have you ever been disappointed with a supposedly comfortable pair of shoes?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.

DRESS: Fever London... this one is lovely.
TOP: H&M...similar.
NECKLACE: Charity shop find...similar.
COAT: Boden
BAG: Vintage... similar.




  1. You look great in red! Top marks for the pattern mixing. It's really gutting when a pair of supposedly comfortable shoes turn out to be killers! I've just thrown a pair of Birkenstocks out because they always pinched at the sides (took me 3 years to decide enough was enough...)

    1. It can be hard to let them go, can't it? I sometimes think maybe there is something wrong with me? BUT I am so glad to hear I am not alone! Thank you for that Gail. XXX

  2. Hi Samantha,
    your outfit is fabulous! Properly fabulous, nothing fake about it. ; )

    I´ve given up on Converse and the likes because they always pinch or rub my feet somewhere. Even with wearing them repeatedly, they never got broken in. I know they´re supposed to be so very comfy but to me, they´re not.
    I´d rather wear proper sneakers if I want to be really comfortable. And the older I get, the more important being comfortable is. I don´t think it´s very flattering, cool or sexy if you hobble around on hurting feet or legs in heels or pinching shoes. Come to think of it, even back in uni I prefered comfort. How could I have danced the night away otherwise? : )


    1. Hahahaha...thank you so much Inra! I agree!!!
      Back at uni I wore my DMs with everything and anything. My feet were grateful and I danced all night too (ahhhh....fond memories of all-night raves!).
      I am so interested to hear that you can'y get on with converse either. That makes me feel a whole lot better!
      I felt like the only person in the world who found them pinchy....that isn't even a word! :o)

  3. I had some Fat Face converse and didn't get on with them at all and gave up in the end.
    What a shame as they look so nice with your outfit.
    Lynn x

    1. They do look nice don't they Lynn? BUT by lunchtime I was "ouch" and loosening laces, rubbing my foot and looking puzzled. I'm comforted to hear you have had a similar issue with similar styles. Maybe it is a more common problem than people let on? XXX

  4. I've never thought the converse sneakers were comfy because they have absolutely no support. The pair that I have (are a knock off) I will wear my insoles in them which make them so much better! But they are a fabric---so I bet you can stretch it. Have you tried getting them wet and then putting them on??

    1. Great idea Jodie! Nothing to lose I suppose. :o)
      This pair have an insole in them that is thick and padded but the pinching is very strange.
      My feet are quite narrow so I wonder how regular feet fit in? Maybe people need to size up? But sizing up always brings the danger of clown-feet doesn't it? :oP

  5. Red REALLY suits you. Quite how you make all these different styles, shares and patterns work together I have no idea - but you do!! A great look. Karen x

  6. so lovely to see you in Red, it's so flattering and joyful!, I love your dress and such a great idea to wear it with a striped top (warm&cool!) And it's so dissapointing when you get a pair of comfy shoes which are not comfy anymore!, that has happened to me many times! I can't wear converse nor similar flats, even if I like the look so much!.

    1. Thank you so much! Red is such a great colour :o)
      As for non-comfy comfy shoes..... BAH!!! It is the ultimate let down.
      Killer heels and sore feet is an expectation but to be cheated by a comfortable pair is 10x worse. Booooo!! XXX

  7. I love the full on red outfit, Samantha! And one of my favourite things are the red Converse - such a bummer that they're so uncomfortable though. I used to have the same problem with them but for some reason they don't seem to bother me so much these days. Maybe they have been worn in? Perhaps you should try them a few more times before you get rid of them? They do look super cool lol!
    Suzy xx

    1. This is good to hear Suzy, thank you! Maybe there is hope for these shoes after all? :o) XXX

  8. Oh I hear ya. In fact I am sporting a blister from my gorgeous liberty print Vans that I put on this morning forgetting they rubbed. Will try them with some shoe liners and see if that improves them.

    Love the dress and the pattern mixing

    1. That is a right-royal pain in the bum (or the foot, in this case) Rachel! How disappointing. Shoe liners might help but it's not ideal is it? If they are rubbing (as opposed to mine, which are pinching) have you tried sticking a patch of chiropody felt on the area that rubs? I have done this to a few pairs of shoes and always have a supply at home (my feet are narrow so rubbing is a common issue). It could help? XXX

  9. I've heard that Converse shoes can be uncomfortable, and their comfort level sort of differ from shoe-to-shoe because they have quite a heavy rubber base. Apparently a different cut / design could work for you (or couldn't). Fortunately, the two Converse sneakers I have worked out for me, and I hope I never meet a Converse pair that won't! That being said, Nike shoes don't really get along well with my feet! Funny, eh? They sit all wrong around my ankle for some reason =( PS: My favourite colour is red!

    XO Liyana | Affordorable

    1. I'm so glad you are not suffering the same issue as me Liyana.
      Although I am a little envious of your pain-free converse wearing :oP
      How strange about the Nikes... another case of uncomfortable-comfortable shoes!
      The only Nike shoes I have are the ones I "borrow" from my daughter to wear for the gym.... don't tell her! :o) XXX

  10. I'm loving all of this red on you, and ESPECIALLY with that turquoise necklace! Very Diana Vreeland of you to mix your reds... it feels so fresh.

    I can't wear Converse either; I just don't get the hype. They're SO uncomfortable for me! xx

    1. Thanks so much Lisa. I'm really surprised that so many people have told me they can't wear Converse either! I must admit to feeling relieved, I thought I had freaky get or something! :oP XXX


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