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Friday, 24 March 2017

Why I Grew Out my Pixie...then Chopped it off Again!

Let's talk about hair...

Hair can be a wonderful thing.
You can cut it.
Colour it.
Grow it.
Style it.
Play around and have fun with it.

If you love your hairstyle, it's easily maintained.
If you get bored easily, your hair can change with a few snips!

Mother nature decides how you look, and sometimes she doesn't share out the attributes too fairly!

You can't do anything about your face.
{Without resorting to dramatic medical procedures}

You can't do anything about your height, and very little about your body-shape.

Your hair is something special.
Your hair can be a whole lot of fun!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will have noticed that I have recently been growing my hair (again!).

My hair has been most colours over the years, from black to (almost) white to green!
It has been in just about every style from waist long hennaed braids, to peroxide and shaved.
I LOVE experimenting with my hair.

Last year I got bored and decided to grow out my pixie cut.

See part one of the Pixie grow-out HERE.
And, part two HERE.

Growing out my hair was fun while it lasted (I loved some of the stages) BUT as my hair crept down I felt my face was being dragged down with it!

I felt frumpy and dowdy and generally "meh".
Syling became a chore.
Washing was a bore and I felt like I had aged 10 years!
Then I saw this....

Full of attitude.

As I headed to the hairdressers for a "tidy-up and a trim" I found myself asking her to cut it all off.
"Give me back my pixie cut!"
My hairdresser laughed...she knew this was coming!

It feels GREAT.

Four minutes in the shower.
One minute with the hairdryer.
Leaving Ten minutes to do the most relaxing and enjoyable part of my 'getting ready' routine...applying some makeup.

{I find it so relaxing and calming.}

And the best part?
I feel like ME again!


Tell me your Hair story...

Do you change your hair regularly?
Do you have a style you love/hate?
Are you growing yours out, or tempted to chop it off?
What are your hair issues?

Please share your story in the comments.
I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. I had to laugh when I read this. We crave change but ultimately what matters to us is to feel comfortable, feel that this is who you are.
    Like you, I've experimented with hair, but for a long time now my hair has stayed the same. That's because I got tired of fighting it, and just sort of gave in. Yes, there's a lot you can do with hair... unless you have naturally curly hair, then you're just screwed. The hair does what it wants, irrespective of your efforts. For instance, my dream hair would be a pixie cut, and I had that once. Well, it was more like a 3cm crew cut, standing up... not pretty. And this is why I've had shoulder-lenght hair since then. And I still have a love-hate relationship with my curly hair, and everyday is a bad hair day. And I can honestly say I've tried every hairstyle there is and my hair always looks the same. Oh, and I hate doing my hair... maybe because I grew up in a salon and my mother was a hairdresser...

    1. Oh Tiina....I long for "proper"curls! My friend is a curly-top and yes, she doesn't really suit a pixie BUT her long curls are full and bouncy and youthful. I envy her hair sometimes!
      Wash and wear.
      I agree that many of us crave change... luckily hair gives us the opportunity (if we want it).
      Thank you for a great comment.

  2. Having been following your blog - and you "hair journey" - for quite a while, today is the day for me to comment.
    I really liked your longer hair but what I see from the fotos, the pixie cut suits your style and your personality much better.
    My hair has always been really straight until last year when it started going curly. Maybe it´s hormones, no matter, I´m having fun with it. It does change one´s style a lot so it´s like a free make over. My hair dresser and I are experimenting with it and I get a lot of positive feedback.
    I don´t know if it´ll go back to being straight but I enjoy it while it lasts.


    1. Thank you for this comment Inra.
      I hope you are enjoying your new curls... they are very youthful and hide a multitude of sins!
      It is lots of fun to experiment and your hairdresser must love you if you are up for change and enjoy having fun with your hair. :o)

  3. Oh, and I meant to say:
    I love your style. While mine is rather different, I draw a lot of inspiration from yours.
    I find myself being on the lookout for fun brooches everywhere I go, for instance...


    1. Hahaha...thank you so much Inra! I'm always on the look-out too.
      Please share a photo of any great one's you find.

  4. I love you with a pixie cut; it suits so few people, but it definitely is YOUR look. I had very long hair my whole life... it was such a part of my identity and how people described me. I cut it shoulder length about a year ago, and I love it. It is so liberating! I DO find it harder to style shorter than when it was long...

    1. Thank you so much Lisa....although....I honestly think that any woman who ties up her long hair most of the time would suit a pixie.
      In fact, unless a person has a misshapen head a pixie of some kind would look great.
      It just has to be the right one.
      You are right about shoulder-length being harder to style!
      It was always the ends that gave the game away...past the shoulder hides a multitude of styling sins :o) XXX

  5. Girl---my hair is my nemesis and I'm this close to getting it chopped off! Have you seen the woman on HomeTown on HGTV? I'm thinking of trying her style?? It might work with my unruly curls??? But my hair stylist keeps talking me out of it----ugh!!

    1. I had never heard of Hometown OR HGTV, so I googled!
      I love her hair!
      Maybe not so great for a full head of curls....unless you are happy to fry it with straighteners every day?
      You COULD get a short cut that celebrated your curls. There are loads of images on hairfinder.
      Good luck Jodie!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing you back in your pixie look Samantha. I don't share your view that you looked older with the longer hair but that's clearly your call. It's nice that you could have some fun sampling a new look for a bit and then feel like you needed to go "back home" to your most comfortable look.

  7. For years I rages against my natural hair. Most of my life actually. Then I finally "saw the light" when I realized it is much easier to accept the straight fine nature than to keep trying to have that full curly look I love.

    I stopped perming and stopped using the curling iron. My hair was much more manageable and only took 5 minutes instead of 25.

    I went red about 6 years ago from my natural blond and fell in love with it. It works much better with my skin tone and eyes.

    It will be hard for me to give up my darker long locks. Especially when I get compliments on it almost daily.


    1. Your hair IS your signature is SO striking and beautiful.
      Poker straight hair looks amazing in blunt cuts. No wonder you get complimented every day!
      I remember a girl at uni who had hair that was straight.
      It was so shiny, it looked like glass!
      When we were outside, and the wind has whipped my waves into a gigantic tangle, her hair just needed a quick shake and it was perfect again.
      It was amazing and she hated it!!! Why? She wanted big waves! XXX

  8. You remind me so much of me! I've been through so many different hairstyles and colours in my 42 years. Never had the patience to grow it to waist length though, the longest mine has ever been is shoulder blade length. I've mostly felt more "me" with short hair - either a pixie or jaw length sleek bob. And I definitely disagree with the commenter who said that not many people can pull of a pixie. The beauty of short hair is that there is a cut to suit every face shape. Having said that, I've been growing out my pixie since last September, and it has now reached almost shoulder length (yay for fast growing hair!) It's really fun to have the versatility of being able to have long (for me!) hair, or to put it up off my face and feel like I have short hair again. x

    1. I agree Kizzy!
      There IS a short style to suit (almost) everyone....unless the person's head is misshapen, of course.
      I am so glad you are enjoying your hair!
      Keep having fun with it.

  9. I'm the same - numerous cuts and colours over the years but always come back to the pixie. Its 'my' signature style

    1. It is fun to experiment isn't it Rachel? BUT the pixie always wins! :oP XXX

  10. Many many years ago I tried to grow up my hair for the last time!, and I gave up because I was feeling so frumpy and uncool! all the time!!
    Oh yes, I agree with you!, feeling yourself and not having to spend lots of time styling your hair, that sounds exactly like my favorite qualities for a hairstyle!. Even if I love a classic bob (Phryne Fisher!) I know it's not for me!

  11. I can totally understand why you liked the short sassy cut better than the longer hair. Personally I liked your longer hair very much (lovely hair and very feminine). But you know I am much more conservative than you are. This short style is indeed YOU. I would have thought you'd have it grey too, as in your example picture.
    For me... no many options. I have very thin hair and little of it. And it only wants one thing: go down as quickly as possible. So I found a style which suits my head/broad shoulders, long neck. And a very talented hair dresser. That's it for me I am afraid. It doesn't need much care, just blow drying for 15 mi uted, twice a week. And there are women who tell me I have beautiful hair, which inevitably makes me burst out laughing.

  12. I totally relate to Tiina of the naturally curly hair. Mine is not the good kind of naturally curly hair - the long and lush with perfect curls that cascade down my back. No, mine is mostly frizz and super thin. And every hairstylist I've been to either tries to straighten it (which, ain't nobody got time for that) or gives me what I like to call the curly hair mullet (short in the front, long in the back, perfect for wearing under a hockey helmet), even though I specifically say, I absolutely do not want that hairstyle. I've gotten to the point where I just let it grow and grow and then only go to a stylist when it's just unmanageable.

    I'd love a cute little pixie, but I'm afraid I'd look like I just stuck my finger in an electric socket. :)


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