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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Making Statement Sleeves Wearable.

Making Statement Sleeves Wearable | Buff, Pink & Nude | Soft Tones for Spring | Fake Fabulous

Statement sleeves are EVERYWHERE.
In every shop.
At every price-point.
Available to us all.

And there is no denying that they look cool.
Fun to wear.


Making Statement Sleeves Wearable | Buff, Pink & Nude | Soft Tones for Spring | Fake Fabulous

Statement sleeves are not very practical are they?
They trail in your lunch.
Dip in your tea.
Dangle in the washing up.

And forget about cooking the dinner... unless you fancy a trip to A&E!

Making Statement Sleeves Wearable | Buff, Pink & Nude | Soft Tones for Spring | Fake Fabulous

How can we make them work for real life?
You could nod to the trend by wearing a smaller version of the sleeve, or an elbow length version, which is definitely more practical.

{Unless, of course, you have a butler and you never lift a finger around the house. In that case the bigger the better!}

The blouse I am wearing today has HUGE pleated full-length sleeves.
These sleeves look great but are totally impractical.
And, probably completely flammable.

Luckily, many of the current statement sleeve styles are tied (or banded) below the elbow (or on the forearm) so I DIY'd this top in order to make it work for me and my butler-free life.

{Although my husband might argue that he is the unpaid butler in our house. 😊}

Making Statement Sleeves Wearable | Buff, Pink & Nude | Soft Tones for Spring | Fake Fabulous

In order to make the sleeves less 'wafty', I tacked a narrow ribbon to the inside of the sleeve, then tied the ribbon in the right spot.
The thin ribbon helped pull the sleeve just short enough to stop it trailing in my coffee, but long and puffy enough to still look like a 'statement'.

The top is actually tunic-length but is lightweight enough to tuck into these cream jeans.
Adding cream, pink and nude colours makes a soft-toned outfit, perfect for Spring!

Making Statement Sleeves Wearable | Buff, Pink & Nude | Soft Tones for Spring | Fake Fabulous

Do you like the look and feel of statement sleeves?
How do you make them work for real life?
Or, do you just let them dip in your dinner!? 😀

JEANS: c/o Bonmarche
SHOES: Vagabond
BELT: Boden
TOP: Old
BAG: Cambridge Satchel Company




  1. How clever! Great solution. The colours are great on you. It's lovely to see pink nude and beige together.

    1. Thank you Gail. It's not a combinationI normally go for but it seemed to work out pretty well. Although my jeans got grubby really quickly and I did manage to dangle one of the sleeves in my dinner!! :op XXX

  2. I knew you were a smart cookie, Samantha!!

  3. You are a clever clogs, aren't you? Not JUST a pretty face! That is such a good idea. I have one wafty sleeved dress, and I'll be ending my experimentation with the trend right there. I like it, but not enough to accumulate more statement sleeves.

    These colours and this print are so totally gorgeous on you, babe. I keep staring at your haircut; it is good to have pixie-cut-Samantha back. XX

    1. Hahahaha...thank you Lisa. As you say, one waffly sleeve is enough. They look so glamorous in a photo.
      Not so chic after being rinsed under the tap to get your dinner off them! :oP XXX


  5. I do love the statement sleeves but also find them impractical.

    I choose 3/4 length ones for the most part.

    How I love a redhead in pink. I need to try it more often.


    1. They ARE impractical Suzanne... I dipped mine even with the little ties.
      Great for posing and wafting.
      Not so great for washing up the dishes! XXX

  6. I shy away from statement sleeves because they just feel like too much uncontrolled fabric for a person who likes to gesture wildly. Which is another way of saying they're impractical.
    You look absolutely fresh and "spring ready" here Samantha. Feminine and pretty##

  7. I do like this sleeve, but have to admit to having a blouse with a smaller statement cuff. Love your whole look, great for Spring. Jacqui

  8. such a lovely color combo!, subtle and cool! and you look so fabulous wearing those pink and creamy shades!, lovely!
    I love a big sleeve too!, even if I hate to stuff them into my jackets or coats, so impractical and they come out all wrinkled!

  9. I actually cooked in these kind of sleeves the other night, I had to be so careful!! My husband took over for dishing up, else I would have had dinner on my sleeves for sure. Great tip!

  10. I'm loving this new trend for accent sleeves and will be dipping (haha) into it soon on my blog. Yours are rather fabulous with these pleats being an extra special feature. I love your clever solution to keep them clear of the dishwater too, although much prefer the notion that you have a man servant!

    Anna x


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