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Friday, 10 March 2017

Bright Spring Look | Hot Pink Crops & Nautical Stripes!

Bright Spring Look | Hot Pink Crops & Nautical Stripes! Fake Fabulous, over 40

This outfit is one of those that shouldn't really work.
It mixes colours that don't go together and uses proportions that are unflattering and even awkward.
None of these colours are my best colours.

{If you want to know what colours work best for you,  check out THIS POST}

The rules of proportion are being ignored here.
Luckily, I've never been much of a fan of rules.
Today the rulebook has left the building!

Bright Spring Look | Hot Pink Crops & Nautical Stripes! Fake Fabulous, over 40

This outfit ticks a few essential boxes for me.
  • Comfortable.
  • Warm.
  • Bright and Cheerful.
  • A nod to spring.... nautical stripes ALWAYS appear in the "new" spring lines.
  • A hint of fun.
  • Hides my ongoing extra 'few pounds'....Must remedy the muffin top (Typed whilst nibbling on some deliciously creamy 72% chocolate....oops)
These trousers are set to be my spring/summer go-to trousers.
The hot pink seems to go with everything!
{See them styled HERE}
I know that sounds silly (how can hot pink go with everything??) but they seem to add life to whatever I pair them with.

Gutties seemed the only footwear worth choosing today, anything else was too dressed up and stuffy looking.
{I had to add a sheepskin liner to these shoes to stop my toes freezing!}

A secret thermal base-layer (plus a vintage silk blouse) under this wool-mix jumper was just enough to keep out the cold.
This pretty silk scarf added a pop of brightness (and extra warmth) just where I needed it.
My fun bag finished things off nicely!

Bright Spring Look | Hot Pink Crops & Nautical Stripes! Fake Fabulous, over 40

Layering a baggy jumper over a baggy shirt, over baggy 3/4 trousers, may be a little shapeless and perhaps not the most flattering ensemble?

I know my waist is not defined.
Yes, my legs are visibly shortened.
BUT, I feel comfortable and ready for the day.
Sometimes you can't beat a little sloppiness!

Do you have a comfortable (but not very flattering) outfit?
Please share details in the comments.
I would love to hear all about it!

TROUSERS: Topshop... similar
JUMPER: c/o Bonmarche
SHIRT: Vintage... similar.
BAG: Tkmax (old)...this one is nice.
SHOES: Guess...these are cool!
SCARF: A gift from a friend....this is pretty.




  1. Those trousers must be a really special deep hot pink. ( I thought they were red until you said otherwise!) The blouse beneath is such a pale Robins egg blue (?) that it reads as complimentary. The ONLY item that doesn't seem to fit the flow of colors are the shoes and they just seem very dark. The style is great however!
    If this is frumpy I vote we all claim our right to be frumpy.

    1. Thank you Judy. Let's claim back the right to look how we want and wear what we want too! XXX

  2. I think you're being a bit tough on the outfit.. when I first saw the pics I thought it looked very cool and eclectic. The colours work well together and seem to suit you!

    1. Thank you Gail....I did feel like a bit of a cheat! Being "dressed" in the loosest sense of the word ;o) XXX

  3. I think this looks fab.

    Right now I'm wearing legggings and a fleece...I look ghastly but I have been gardening and now ache too much to be bothered to change.!

    1. Hahahaha...leggings and a fleece works for me too, great for cleaning (or gardening) days :o) XXX

  4. I absolutely agree, Sam, hot pink goes with everything!! And, I admit, I've developed a growing fondness for sneakers and yours are SO adorable.

    1. Sneakers Sheela???? I am looking forward to seeing you in them! (I have a stiletto-heeled pair if you would rather??!!! :oP)
      Hot pink does go with everything doesn't it?? :o) XXX

  5. oh yes, I agree too, hot pink/fuchsia goes with everything! and nautical stripes always look summery and cheerful (and you rock them!!) I think that a comfortable, funky, colorful ensemble always looks flattering if you feel it, whatever the proportions!. Your accessorizing is fabulous, indeed!
    Sometimes you simply look comfy & cool (with a joyful personal touch) and I love that!

    1. Thank you Monica and I am glad you agree with me when it comes to hot it in fact a neutral??!! ;oP

  6. This is exactly how I tend to break those fashion rules too! Rules, who needs rules? Especially when they have been created by someone else!

    Yep, I am guilty as charged of wearing a loose-fitting top with equally loose-fitting trousers, but sometimes I'd rather just be comfortable than worry about whether my waist is defined or my legs lengthened.

    Anyway, I think this looks great actually - perhaps because the trousers do have some structure, even if they aren't figure-hugging? And to me the colours seem natural partners for each other.

    1. I agree Fran....rules are for fools (or something like that anyway! :o))
      I am so glad you agree when it comes to wearing "loose and sloppy" clothes sometimes. We are lucky to be able to dress how we want. XXX

  7. Such a wonderful and fun casual look! I always love this super cute bag when you pull it out. :) I also enjoy the fact you wore sneakers. Perfect! Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Sam!


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