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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Dress & Fun Tights!

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Baukjen Dress & Fun Zohara BalloonTights!

Grey has a reputation for being a bit of a bore doesn't it?
BUT.... it can be an interesting colour.

Grey comes is so many different shades that there is bound to be one that appeals to you.
Grey can also be warm or cool toned, depending on the mix.
So, there is a grey to suit everyone.

The subtle grey palette of colours ranges from pale cloud, to rich dark charcoal.
Grey can be anything from subtle and demure, to a bold statement!

BUT, the question remains....

Can shades of grey make an interesting outfit?

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Baukjen Dress & Fun Zohara BalloonTights!

This simple outfit consists of a body hugging T-shirt dress and a waterfall waistcoat cardigan.
The waistcoat is really only there to cover up my bottom, and and give me a little more body confidence!

{These ruched bodycon dresses are VERY unforgiving, despite what the marketing tries to tell you!}

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Baukjen Dress & Fun Zohara BalloonTights!

I decided to add a little personality to this otherwise somber look by popping on these quirky tights by Zohara.
They are a great weight, with a peep-toe friendly seam, and such an unusual design.
This pair has left me wanting more!

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Baukjen Dress & Fun Zohara BalloonTights!

These tights are totally tongue in cheek, so great for when you are not taking yourself too seriously and want to inject a little fun into your look!

The studded belt was added in order to stop drafts, and keep me a little warmer, but it also gives some shape to the outfit.
{Belting layers really can keep you cosy}

The same goes for the silk scarf at my neck (and my thermal baselayer hiding underneath) it's still cold here, despite being the start of spring.

What shade of grey is your favourite?
Would you mix different greys in the same outfit?
Please let me know in the comments.... I would love to hear your thoughts!

Boring Shades of Grey | Plain T-shirt Baukjen Dress & Fun Zohara BalloonTights!

DRESS: Baukjen
WAISTCOAT: Topshop...similar
TIGHTS: Zohara C/o My Stockings
SHOES: All Saints... these are cool!
BELT: Tkmaxx... this is nice
SCARF: Moschino...similar.




  1. I'm a HUGE fan of grey! I've probably got more grey in my wardrobe than any other colour lol. I think it's really flattering on so many different skin tones and I often mix different shades in one outfit. It adds to the fun! I love that you admitted to adding the cardie because you wanted to cover your bottom Samantha. I'm like that but with my tummy ;)
    Love, love, love the tights. So unique and quirky... just like you (in the most wonderful way, of course!)
    Suzy xx

    1. Thank you Suzy.
      I have no idea why I feel better with something covering my bum but I do!
      Even though it doesn't really cover it at must be all in my head, like a comfort blanket :oP
      I'm so glad you like these tights....I want more pairs now! XXX

  2. You always know how to make me smile Samantha!! Those tights add so much whimsey to the outfit.
    I think even without the tights--you make this "grey" more fun with the belt and scarf!! I'd totally wear it!

  3. You've really surpassed yourself here...the tights are just amazing! I like different shades of grey together but you definitely need something for the wow factor and you've got it with the tights and cool shoes.


    1. I agree Gail about needing a little "something" to pep up a grey ensemble. I'm glad you like these shoes.... they are my favourite sandals! XXX

  4. I love grey...I think its sophisticated, elegant, classy rather than dull or frumpy. Warm shades for me and dark general over pale which washes me out.

    The tights are cute but its the shoes that get all my heart eyes here.

    1. Thank you Rachel, I agree with the warm and dark types of greys... although they can be hard to find!
      I'm so glad you like my shoes, they are my favourite sandals.
      I am dreaming of bare-toe weather just now! :o)

  5. Firstly, I love your tights! and your shoes too!. And I think that you created a fabulous layering using subtle shades. Love that you added a waistcoat over your dress, that's a good idea, because you're right about those t-shirt dresses!
    I like grey, particularly dove grey, and I like how it mixes nicely with White, and with any bold color!

    1. I could see you in these tights Monica.
      They are right up your street... quirky and cool!
      I am glad you agree about these kind of dresses. They are sold as forgiving and camouflage for lumps and bumps BUT I think they make things look lumpier and bumpier. :oO

  6. Awesome outfit! So cute! I'm in love with this idea of brightning up the normal dress here! very-very nice! I also like your belt and cover-up detail. charming look! The number of little details makes it more interesting to look at for longer period of time

    Inside and Outside Blog
    Your blog is great! following you now via G+ and bloglovin

    1. Thank you so much Lyosha!
      I really appreciate your follows. :o)
      This unforgiving dress needed a few distractions!!! :oP

  7. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I was amused when I saw your look. I had posted a gray dress too. Guess what? I also added printed gray tights, but with polka dots! So funny that we independently of each other came up with a similar idea.

    1. Great minds think alike Nicole :o).
      I did notice a couple of all grey outfits over the past few days....there must be something in the air... (Dark grey clouds, here in Scotland!!)

  8. Those stockings are so fun! You definitely showed that grey doesn't have to be boring! Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  9. So cute. The tights are delightfully fun...they evoke a big ol happy smile! The shoes are amazing!!!

    1. They are a little bit of fun and whimsy.... perfect for a day like today (a bit driech and dark). I hope you have a great week Judy! XXX

  10. your outfit is a perfect example of great styling. you took a boring grey colour and made it look super chic. The tights are great fun and I love the shoes

    1. Thank you Anna....Grey gets a bad name sometimes (along with beige) and I wanted to see if it could be casual and fun as opposed to "smart and business-like". I'm so glad you like it! XXX

  11. There is no way anything about this all grey look is boring in the least. Your tights and shoes positively made me smile! Love it, Sam.


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