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Monday, 20 February 2017

3 Ways to Style a Yong Kim Tunic Top | PPP 12

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP

Welcome to the last ever Ping Pong Post!

We are trying something new next month....stay tuned.

This final ping pong item is an expensive mistake of mine.
Having regretted it as soon as it arrived, I am glad to say it now has a new home.

I have left it in the capable hands of Ann, in Hong Kong.
I'm sure she will wear it much more than the once I did!

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP

I couldn't really figure out how to wear this top.
The theory is layering and belts and all things I love, but the reality is an awkward sloppy mess in a design that does nothing for my body.

Wearing it the right way round was a fail, so I flipped it back to front and put on a pretty bralet.
That's better.

Now it's a tunic top with open sides.... sexy but not to revealing.
Adding a pair of vinyl leggings gave it some edge, and made it more 'me'.

A chunky necklace, and equally chunky boots, finished things off nicely.

TOP: Yong Kim (VERY over priced for what it is...I wouldn't recommend.)
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
BOOTS: Vagabond
BAG: River Island

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP

Anna didn't like my tunic top either!
A nightmare to style.
A nightmare to photograph.
{Sorry Anna!}

She has styled it the same way as I would have done, without the vinyl leggings.
Over a dress, with a belt.
Perfect Anna!

BELT: Dorothy Perkins
BOOTS: Topshop
BAG: Charity shopped

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP

Ann is at home in this slouchy top.
Loads of great layers.
Cosy, chic and comfortable.
Hopefully she will enjoy styling it in many different ways.
It will look great off the shoulder on Ann's fabulous figure.... when the weather warms up a little.

Another great look Ann!

EARRINGS: My guy Ben in Jardines Bazaar, Hong Kong
TOP: Uniqlo
GLOVES: Market in Shanghai
JEANS: Bershka
BOOTS: Boutique on Houhai Lake, Beijing

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time...on the 20th of March.
We are shaking things up a little.

How would you have styled this tunic top?
Casual or dressy?
Forwards or Backwards?
Please share your ideas in the comments.
I love hearing them!

Yong Kim Tunic 3 ways | Black vinyl | Fake Fabulous | PPP



  1. I think you aced it here Samantha. I don't care for it one bit the other way.

    I'm interested to see your new project.


    1. Thank you Suzanne. I am so relieved to have sent it on to Ann.... It was too expensive to ditch but handing it on feels so much better.

  2. What a cute idea to show case how three different women wear the same top - I like them all but yours is my favourite Samantha!

    xx Yvonne

  3. Oo la la! Very glamorous Samantha. Thr back is stunning!

    1. Hahaha...thank you Gail!
      The (only) good thing about this top is it's stretchiness that allows it to be pulled and manipulated to suit the mood.

  4. A fab bit of styling here, Samantha. However, the top is a blooming nightmare and I was pleased to hear that it was greatly enhanced by a glass of wine when you bought it online. It works best of all back to front and that strappy top was a brilliant addition too. Game, set and match baby!

    See ya next month for the new PPP x

    1. Hahahaha! Thank you Anna!!!
      I'm so sorry to have given you such a hard time with this....Annie will get so much more from it I am sure of that.

  5. I'm glad you found a new owner in Ann. She will do her reinventing and squeeze some wear out of this zonker.
    You look fabulous from the back and your necklace and boots are lots of fun.

    1. Thank you Judy. It will be in a better place.....Hong kong! :o)

  6. lovely ensemble! I think you rock it with your leggings and chunky shiny boots! also lovely necklace! sorry that this top didn't suit your style, such a brilliant idea to wear it backwards!
    You really rock!!

    1. Thank you Monica. We all make mistakes from time to time, don't we? Luckily I can send it over to someone who will look much better in it! :o) X

  7. I love that look, Samantha. You really pull it off! The tunic is the perfect length and I love the detail on the back and how it contrasts with the 'plain' front. Well done for braving the vinyl leggings, they look just right on you. J x

    1. Thank you J. These leggings were the only thing I could think of that would save this top! I'm glad you approve. XXX

  8. I agree, that is a tough one to style, but I love what you've done with it! The necklace and leggings are so fabulous (along with your colouring) that I really don't notice the tunic much at all! It is just a canvas. I'm glad it has found a good home though! xx


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