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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wear a Wrap Dress as a Skirt | Peacock, Teal and Hot Pink!

Peacock Wrap Dress as a Skirt | Teal & Hot Pink | Fake Fabulous

The last time I wore this wrap dress I loved it BUT...
I soon realised that I don't really have the figure to do it justice!
Wrap dresses look so much better on curvy ladies.

However, despite my lack of resources I love the pattern of this dress, so I decided to make the most of it and wear it as a skirt.

Layering a poloneck under the dress, and a simple jumper over the top (tucked in to the wrap ties at the front) made for a comfortable outfit.

{This jumper is actually 3 sizes larger than my normal size, but I wanted it to look baggy and more casual. Turning up the sleeves stops it looking too old-ladyish.}

Adding a blast of pink with my new leather bag (that I rescued from a charity shop for a few pounds) kept the look light and fun.

OTK boots were needed to keep me warm, that's freezing fog in the background... brrrrr.
Pink tights and a colourful brooch finished things off nicely.

Peacock Wrap Dress as a Skirt | Teal & Hot Pink | Fake Fabulous

Do you ever change the way you wear your clothes to make them suit you better?
Please share your tricks in the comments... or contact me.
I love hearing your ideas!

DRESS: A gift (read about it HERE)...this one is pretty too.
BOOTS: Vintage...these are fun.
BAG: Charity shop find.
JUMPER: Charity shop... originally from M&S Classic collection.
BROOCH: Vintage




  1. I love this! First pink and teal together...then the way you've turned a dress you didn't think was flattering on you into a skirt...and the peacock design is fab! I thought you looked fine in the dress BTW...I don't wear wrap dresses because if you have a bigger bust it really accentuates it.

    1. There must be a perfect bust size for these dresses then Gail...not too small, not too large. Although I think a little too much is better than not quite enough! :oP
      Thank you for your kind words. XXX

  2. First---the colors just make this anything but old ladyish, Samantha!!
    And I do love the idea of making a dress into a skirt. It's definitely one of my fave things to do!

    1. I'm starting to do it more and more Jodie...we just need a little "tuck" and no one would know our secret :o) XXX

  3. I do this too! Wrap dresses are my favourite but some are too dressy for everyday wear so I throw a jumper on over to make it more casual. As a lover of coloured tights and a frequent buyer in charity shops I absolutely love this look.

  4. Such fabulous colours, and wonderful with the boots and tights! Kx

  5. I've got my wrap dress ready to wear as a skirt tomorrow. Will be posting pics on my IG page.
    Thanks Samantha


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