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Monday, 23 January 2017

Midi Pencil Dress, for Work | The Blank Canvas

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40

A midi length pencil dress is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.
It can be dressed up, down, or in between.
It suits almost every occasion...from evenings out, days at work, popping to the shops or hanging at home.
In trainers, chunky boots or party shoes.
Anything goes!

Once you have adapted the neckline to suit your body shape (for example a V would suit a larger bust) then you can accessorise to suit your personality.

A dress like this is a blank canvas on which to stamp your style.

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40

Today I went for a mixture of teal and cobalt, making for a satisfying clash on a cold and drab day.

Of course any coloured tights would work, just wear whatever floats your colour boat!
You could also choose from a huge range of necklaces/brooches/earrings/belts... the sky's the limit!

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40

I picked this dress up in the sale rail at TKmax for a few quid.
It is comfortable and warm (which is great) but it needs a slip underneath to prevent any cling.

{Read my clinging nightmare story HERE}

A cosy thermal top was a must (no surprise there!) and thankfully this stripy one adds a little personality as well as a cosy hug. 

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40

A turquoise necklace, teal gloves and colourful tights added pops of colour at the edges.
This fun bag and chunky patent boots finished things off nicely.

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40

How would you style this 'Blank Canvas' dress?
Do you have something similar in your wardrobe?
What colours do you use to brighten up a dull day?

DRESS: Lila Rose...from TkMaxx
COAT: Vintage Windsmoor... I got it on eBay for a bargain (read that story HERE)
GLOVES: Old... from Asda.
BAG: Desigual...Found in a Charity shop.
NECKLACE: Charity shop about it HERE
BOOTS: Vagabond

Midi Pencil Dress,the perfect blank canvas | Cobalt, Teal & Black | Fake Fabulous, over 40




  1. I think that your chunky boots (which I love!) and your fabulous accessorizing are really key elements!. You rock your style!
    I'm loving all those cobalt and teal shades, and loving also the long coat over a long dress, such an elegant long-line silhouette!. You look cool and also very comfortable and confident! so it's a perfect outfit in my book. Gorgeous, indeed!

    1. These chunky boots are one of my favourites Monica... but they are a bit of a "Love 'em/ Hate 'em" item.
      Chunk is not for everyone :oP
      My close friend hates them...I mean, they make her wince! hahahahaha.
      Far to clunky, chunky and like boy's boots! I always laugh at her reaction because those are the exact reasons for my love of them!
      We all enjoy different things and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder :o)

  2. Love the dress and how you've put it all together here

  3. How cute is this - I love the way you've combined it with teal - super cute and cheerful!
    Thank you so much for featuring FunkyForty under Blogs you love!

    xoxo Yvonne

    1. My pleasure Yvonne! ...and thank you for popping over to leave a comment. XXX

  4. I love the stripes under this---even at the neckline where it sticks up a little!! You really are the layering queen, Samantha!!

    1. Thank you Jodie. I quite like to have little pops of my layers sneaking out all over the place :oP XXX

  5. I was shopping in a consignment store yesterday and telling the shop owner about the 40+ blogger. I pulled up your most recent post (this one, which I hadn't viewed yet myself) to help explain. I was trying to tell her how women bloggers in the 40+ age group seem to do a lot of thrift, vintage and consignment shopping and that she should think about following a few of you. She thought you were amazing and we both delighted in the cobalt/turquoise splendor.
    I left her with the names of all the glorious women I follow. I think it will reinforce her enthusiasm for being a consignment entrepreneur!!I think she can learn some marketing trends. I bought 3 cute items from her shop and she has always lovely items.
    Anyway EVERY THINK about this oufit and you are completely loveable!!!

    1. How kind of you Judy! Thank you for shouting out for the 40+ blogger.
      What a great idea too.... Lot's of Charity shoppers are older women as we know what we are looking for and can sniff out a piece of quality workmanship at 10 paces! :oP XXX

  6. Replies
    1. Me too Judy! I end up with some idiotic words...especially when I use my phone. Funny though.

  7. I love all of these tones of blue together; teal, turquoise and cobalt. The best accessory with those blues is your gorgeous hair... the perfect combination. I love your style stamp on this blank canvas dress. xx

    1. Thank you Lisa. Blues can be tricky to pull off with red hair.....blondes do it so much better (:oP) but thank you for your vote of confidence! XXX

  8. A truly lovely look. I can never make a midi dress of that shape work - but it's perfect on you. Your teal gloves, tights and necklace are lovely, but how on earth you have made them work with the cobalt coat, I have no idea. You are so amazing at mixing colours! Kx

  9. I love this colour on you!

    That little handbag is quite the find.


  10. You never go wrong with a midi pencil dress! I like how you styled it with striped t-shirt and bright-coloured tights. You look sooooo lovely!!


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