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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired!

How to make your eyes look bigger and wide awake | Makeover over 40

The feeling of permanent tiredness is a reality for many people.
Whether it is due to a busy life, worries, illness, bad sleep...
Or, all of the above!

Many women (and men) have too many plates to spin, and not enough hours in the day to spin them.

Then we have to contend with the unrealistic images we see in magazines and on Youtube.
Why don't I look like that?
What's wrong with me?!

Well guess what?
That person doesn't look like that either!
If they are not photoshopped (in the magazines) they are over-lit and botoxed.
What chance do we have?

Should we just give up, and stop wearing makeup altogether?

Makeup (like fashion) is supposed to be uplifting, and fun.

Hell YES!

My whole face crinkles up when I smile, and I like it!
{It's much better to have a crinkly face than a dour one.... [see the meaning of Dour]}

How to make your eyes look bigger and wide awake | Makeup over 40

Botox and fillers would make me look smoother (and younger) but I just don't want to.
{I also can't afford it, but that's beside the point!}

Luckily, I don't mind looking crinkly and wrinkly.
A little bit grey (at the temples).
A little bit red (especially after a glass of wine).
Totally imperfect.

Why should we feel bad about not being "perfect"?

Have fun with makeup, and don't worry about looking 'older'.
Embrace your natural beauty and join the imperfect club.... with the rest of us!

Check out my totally imperfect video.... shot while sitting on my kitchen floor to get light from the window (how imperfect is that?!).

7 ways to make your eyes look BIGGER!

1. Don't overdo the foundation and concealer...less is more when it comes to the eye area. You can't paper over the cracks! Embrace them.
2. Don't go too light with your undereye concealer... it can make you look instantly old and tired (no thanks!)
3. Remember light and/or shimmery coloured eyeshadows maximise, dark and/or matte colours minimise. Apply light colours to areas you want to look larger and darker tones to those you want to push to the background.
4. Avoid chalky mattes....they will sit in lines and make you look older and more tired (yikes!).
5. Use a nude (or gold/silver depending on your skin tone) liner in the waterline if your eyes are red-rimmed, or bloodshot.
6. Curl your lashes!
7. Layer your mascara for maximum lash impact... you can use falsies too, if they are your thing.

How to make your eyes look bigger and wide awake | Makeup over 40

Do you enjoy wearing makeup?
How do you feel about 'Perfect' images on Youtube?
Do you admire them, or do they annoy you?

Should women over 40 still experiment with makeup?
Or, is colour for the youngsters and us oldies should stick to neutrals?
Please share your opinions in the comments.

Or contact me and send me your favorite makeup looks!
I love hearing from you.




  1. Honestly I don't experiment with make-up. I probably should but I find it a nuisance. My eyes don't like it at all. I wear eye make up when I go out or for photos but on most days I try to avoid it and give my eyes a rest. I envy those that can wear eyeliner in their lash lines.


    1. That's a shame that it irritates your eyes Suzanne as it can be quite relaxing and enjoyable to apply. I love the process.... almost like meditation :O) XXX

  2. I admit to being a little daunted by makeup! Most of my life I've not worn anything except some foundation, but now I'm older I do feel like I need to do something with my eyes (mascara at the very least) to stop me vanishing into the background. I even break out the eyeliner occasionally for an evening out. Unfortunately, I have very picky skin, and I'm currently battling with an annoying outbreak of eczema around my eyes, so any eye makeup is out for the moment. I feel so bland without it though!

    I still haven't mastered lipstick either, and just can't seem to find a colour that doesn't make me look ridiculous, or make my already thin lips vanish!

    When I have some time, I think I'm going to get some professional help and invest in a makeup lesson.

    1. Eczema around the eyes sounds horrible Fran! Ouch!! I hope that clears up for you soon.
      Organic makeup brands could be the answer to your problems.... there are some beautiful products now (things have moved on ) try Dr Hauschka or Kjaer Weis.

  3. I enjoy experimenting with makeup Sam, and feel like a kid in a candy store when I go into Sephora ( some pricey candy) however, once I find products I like, i want to spend 10 min on my morning makeup routine. I do think women over 40 should wear color! why not? and once you find your "holdy grail" product that works for you, stick to it! I get tired often due to medications, so I enjoyed your tips.
    jess xx

    1. That is expensive candy Jess, but you are worth it! I am definitely NOT product loyal and am always experimenting. Makeup is such fun! We should continue to play with it for as long as we can. XXX

  4. I think makeup is a lot of fun because it's a way to express yourself through artfully enhancing or improving what you have. I love learning new tricks and your little video made me want to try a couple of your tips.
    I think it's important not to over due makeup as you age and I'm really mystified by the amount of liner and mascara that some women apply to their eyes. Your tip about light and dark colors having an impact on the illusion of eye size was key. Too much liner and mascara can make eyes appear heavy, unnatural and small.
    I always love hearing you speak Samantha. I feel I know you a little better after watching one of your videos. You are such a lovely, sincere, charming (and informative) woman!

    1. You are very kind Judy! I agree about the heavy liners... they are SO ageing. I wonder why women do it? XXX

  5. I too like to experiment with makeup. I've got hooded eyes so I try and emphasise them and (hopefully) I look more awake!

  6. I didn't wear make up until my mid thirties when my mum (God bless mums eh?) literally DRAGGED me into a dept store and insisted they apply some.make up. I couldn't believe the difference it made (I loved it!) and have worn make up since. V bad at experimenting though and nervous as he'll about wearing "too much" (not sure who's measuring). :)

    1. No one is measuring Sam.... apart from ourselves.
      Anyone else's opinion does not really matter.
      If you feel great then go for it.
      A little "too much" can be lots of fun! XXX

  7. As a newcomer to your blog , absolutely LOVE the styling ideas and views.
    You have real flair for styling outfits and enjoyed the Christmas posts during dreich December days. New Year resolution? To wear more colour- inspired by your blog.
    Thank you for your refreshing and honest take on make up for folks that are ahem, no longer 21. Botox Is not my bag, but good make -up goes a long way.
    Here's to a more colourful, less tiring 2017!

    1. What a lovely comment've made my day!

      Yay to trying more colour.... I am honoured to have inspired you.
      Experimenting is sure to put a spring in your step.
      {There is a post in the archives about "Being braver" as well as loads about mixing colours etc (the search box is at the top of my sidebar)}

      Please let me know how you get on.... and what colours you decide to buy.
      I'm trying to incorporate more Green and Pink this year.
      Pink is going to be big in the fashion world....and it's such a happy colour.
      Green is the pantone colour of the year and is another great shade to brighten up a dull day.
      I'm already planning looks and scouring the charity shops/sales/eBay.
      Have fun!

  8. Fabulous video, Samantha! I'm often lacking in sleep, so your tips were useful for me.

    I experiment A LOT with makeup, and I usually wear a 'full face' every day. I am finding as I age though that I have to tone things down more... a natural look makes me appear younger than the full-on looks that I used to love. xx


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