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Monday, 2 January 2017

Denim for Work | Tweed Dress and Gold tights!

Denim Shirt, Tweed Shift Dress, Gold wool Tights & Brogues | Fake Fabulous

Is it okay to wear denim for work?
In 2017... why not?!

Unless you work in a corporate environment (where boardroom "formal" dress is expected) denim can certainly be moulded to fit the modern workplace.

3 Simple ways to wear Denim for Work.

1. Keep it dark.

Choose dark washes.
Avoid ripped and distressed finishes.

  • Dark indigo straight cut jeans + White shirt + Quality belt + Classic courts.
  • Fitted denim shirt  + Wool pencil skirt + Booties.
  • Dark denim shift dress + Silk blouse + Loafers, Brogues or Double monks.

All great looks!

2. Make sure it fits.

Keep the fit neat (but not tight) and the cut classic.
Save baggy jeans, skinnies, cropped denim jackets and dungaree dresses for the weekend.... unless you work somewhere that anything goes (lucky you if you do).

3. Keep it Classy.

If your accessories are quality, and the rest of your outfit more formal, denim is instantly transformed into a class act!
Blazers, pencil skirts, tweed, classic shirts, cashmere jumpers and silk blouses all work really well to smarten up a denim look.

{I was so cold in these photos (don't let the sun fool you) and, despite my thermals, you can see the goose pimples on my face and neck in the shot below!! Brrrr}

Denim Shirt, Tweed Shift Dress, Gold wool Tights & Brogues | Fake Fabulous

I am very lucky to work somewhere when anything (reasonable) goes.
As long as my toes are covered, I can pretty much wear whatever I like.

Today I wanted to wear this necklace that my husband bought me as part of my Christmas.

{He is a great present buyer and I am taking ALL of the credit for that! 
Good training :oP}

I decided to wear this (very) old tweed dress with a denim shirt underneath to show off the necklace.
The shirt needs to be firmly tucked in to something, luckily these tights are a great fit and have a deep waistband... not very glamorous, I know, but it works.
I love the colour of these tights!

{My friend bought me these tights for Christmas, she is a clever cookie!}

Denim Shirt, Tweed Shift Dress, Gold wool Tights & Brogues | Fake Fabulous

The gold tones in the tights were the perfect companion for my burgundy brogues, with their tartan detail.
It felt like they were meant to be together.
My trusty leopard beret, and little grab bag, finished things off nicely.

Denim Shirt, Tweed Shift Dress, Gold wool Tights & Brogues | Fake Fabulous

Do you have a dress code, or uniform?
Do you make your own daily "uniform"?

Please let me know in the comments.
I love to hear from you!

DRESS: Tkmax (this is nice)
SHIRT: Boden
TIGHTS: A Gift from a friend, by Falke
BAG: Hidesign... similar
BERET: Topshop... this one is fab!
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas
SHOES: Clarks...this are fab!!!




  1. That's a great look, very peppy and creative. I really love the shoes!! Until recently I was at a big hi-tech firm where the dress code was jeans and sweatshirts. Not my favourite look so tended to wear shortish skirts, opaque tights and cool shoes (like the ones you're wearing).

    1. Ha! I love a rebellious streak Gail... a woman after my own heart! XXX

  2. Ha! I love a rebellious streak Gail... a woman after my own heart! XXX

  3. Love this quirky look.

    My pug pretty much dictates my dress code, which ensures everything is covered in pug fur.


    1. Pug fur is the new black...or something....I'm sure it's a "thing" anyway!! :oP
      Any four legged fur ball is worth getting the lint roller out for. XXX

  4. Fabulous combination, Samantha - and your new Christmas necklace is charming. And those shoes - so cute, I need them! Thanks for linking, xo


  5. Those burgundy brogues are fabulous!!

    1. Thank you Susan! They are a great balance between masculine and feminine, that's why I love them :o) XXX

  6. Those SHOES!!!!!!!! I am coveting them with a vengeance!!!!!
    The entire outfit is really darling Samantha. You continue to set a high bar on creative, colorful,fun, styling!

    1. Thank you Judy... they are pretty old now but still make me smile :o) XXX

  7. I agree with Marilee---those shoes are a dream!! What a fun way to add some print to your footwear!!

  8. Loving the mix of these patterns and colors Sam. I love colored and textured tights and they do go perfectly with those cute brogues! The denim top is adroable and I love the collar, very pretty with the tweed jumper, and I dig that hat!
    Thanks for linking with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

  9. lovely outfit, and lovely advice too!, I'm loving this denim shirt tucked under your dress, that's a great tip!
    And your brogues are so cool!!
    I'm one of those lucky persons who work in a not-restrictive environment. I'm used to wear sandals, sleeveless shirts, or sneakers. Obviously, there might be a limit, but actually I haven't found it yet!. I feel privileged!


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