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Monday, 5 December 2016

How to Wear a Hat | Flat Cap & a Chunky Knit, over 40.

 A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Hats are everywhere this season.
In every shop.
At every price point.
In every style.

There is no denying that hats can be very tricky to wear.
No matter what style you choose.

Buying a hat is the easy part.

Wearing your new purchase?
Not so simple!

How many of those high street fedoras, flat caps, trilbys and cloches do you see being worn?
Where do all of these hats go?

Are they donated to charity?
Or, are they lying abandoned in wardrobes and drawers.
Unworn and unloved.
It's such a shame!

That hat, that seemed cool and funky in the retail environment, can leave you feeling self-conscious and awkward in real life.

A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

How to wear a Hat in real life.

Pick a style you love!

Worrying that a hat suits you, or not, is pointless.
If you love the style of a hat then wear it.
The fact you love it is enough to make it suit you.
As my middle girls said to me once...
"If you believe it will work then it magically does!"
{see that post HERE}

Unless you are a perfectly proportioned model you will have an asymmetric face.
One eye is always bigger than the other.
Maybe one side is droopier?
Maybe you have a large nose?
Or, a pointy chin?

Well, guess what?
You are not alone!
We are all imperfect, and a little uneven.
Don't miss out on enjoying fashion because of your flaws.
Join the imperfect club, and have fun!

Make sure it fits.

Fit is essential.
Too big, and it is sliding down and flopping around your ears.
Too small, and you end up with a headache...and a silly mark on your forehead!
Spend time finding a hat that fits.

I have a BIG head and can't usually find a ladies hat to fit me.
All but one of my hats was from a gents department.
Shop around and keep an open mind.
Don't dismiss menswear, or the children's section.

Pick a colour that suits you.

Wearing a hat is challenging enough without having to contend with a colour that doesn't suit you.
Find a colour you love and it will probably flatter your complexion.
Your instinct is usually right!
If the colour of your hat suits you then you are more likely to enjoy wearing it.

If the colour is not quite right a trim, or band, can help.
I have a black trilby (not a colour I suit) that is saved by it's purple and red trim... see it here.

Think about your Jacket/Coat.

Sometimes the style of a jacket (or coat) can clash and jar with your hat style.
Think about the colour and cut of your coat.
A pea coat, reefer, wool blazer or trench work well with most hat styles.
Having said that, you can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with confidence!

Make an effort with makeup.

Wearing a hat casts a shadow onto you face, which can be very unflattering.
The shadow can highlight dark circles, fine lines and bags.
A little under-eye concealer works wonders.

{A bright lip is always a good idea too!}

Wear it with confidence!

Hats NEED confidence.
There is no point in wearing yours half-heartedly, or apologetically.
If you are going to wear your new hat do it with gusto!

A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

This flat cap is my new favourite hat!

I bought it with the intention of giving it to my son, but I fell in love with the colour... and the look!
It reminds me of my beloved Grandpa, and makes me smile.

Flat caps are surprisingly versatile hats, and I have worn this one every day since I bought it.
Today I am styling it with an oversized chunky knit, and a wool skirt.

This outfit is part feminine, part masculine.
The jumper (last styled HERE) is so cosy and easy to wear.
It has a satisfyingly masculine feel to it.
The wool skirt is quite prim and proper, adding back some femininity.

Wool tights were essential for warmth, but I didn't want to go too lady-like, so my chunky ankle boots came out to play!

A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

A checked tote bag, and a couple of fun pom poms, finished things off nicely!

A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Do you like to wear hats?
If not, why not?

What style is your favourite (on yourself or others)?

Please share in the comments.
I love to hear from you!

JUMPER: Redoute (similar)
BLOUSE: Charity shop (similar)
SKIRT: Boden (similar)
HAT: TkMax (similar)
BAG: Chaps (this one is cool)
EARRINGS: H&M (these are beautiful!)
GLOVES: Dents (similar)

A Flat Cap and a Chunky Jumper, over 40 | Fake Fabulous




  1. Fabulous hat, you! And those "chunky" boots - they are calling my name : > Thanks for sharing your great look. xo


    1. Thank you Patti.....they are SO comfortable too. I have hardly had them off my feet! :oD XXX

  2. The flat cap looks great with your chunky knit and ankle boots. I like wearing hats but don't do it much for fear of hat hair.


    1. Hat hair! Hahahaha...YES, it can be awful can't it?
      I try to flip my hair the opposite way before putting my hat on then flip it back when I take it off....this stops it going flat and sad looking.
      Although sometimes I just have a mass of fly-aways and frizz.:oP XXX

  3. Ohhhh!!!!!!That's me squealing with delight!! I LOVE this look!!!! Samantha you are so darn cute in this!!! I also love that really unique and chunky knit sweater. (Yum!) You absolutely nailed it on the buying and not wearing of *hats*. It's really like we're taken with the really magical charm of hats, but are afraid we can't quite live up to the illusion we might create!
    I think when you live in colder climates (we share that) you get a little braver because everyone wears knit, stocking type caps down around their ears for warmth!! Remember how cute Ally McGraw looked in that little crocheted hat in the movie, "Love Story"?
    Like you, I've been stretching myself in the last several years and wearing little caps, hats, cowboy hats and fedoras-- you name it. What a bunch of fun!!!
    Hats take guts, confidence, a sense of humor and style! What's not to love!! =)

    1. I remember that... She is beautiful!
      You are right about about need a certain amount of confidence to wear a hat BUT the great part is that people automatically assume the hat wearer has confidence. Therefore we can fake it perfectly :o) XXX

  4. This is indeed a very good look. Love the juxtaposition of the feminine and masculin pieces in your outfit. Very well styled.
    I have recently bought another three hats and I am actually wearing them. Still takes a bit of a deep breath. Especially the more elegant one. I think I am not really the person to wear an elegant coat AND an elegant hat. Makes me feel like a member of the royal family. But with trousers I really like hats. Have to get my older ones out of the closet too (that is indeed where hats go haha).

    1. You are right about people potentially looking like a member of the royal family when the smart hat AND coat goes on!
      Hahahaha...yes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.
      You always have an elegant air about you, so jeans (and trousers) would be perfect with your more formal headwear.
      Hats are lots of FUN.
      My friend has a genuine vintage bavarian hat (it belonged to her grandpa) and it is FABULOUS! She rocks it with that air of confidence that a beautiful hat can give.
      I have hat envy, but my head is too big for it! Booo :oP XXX

  5. I love your hat. I have trouble finding hats I like. Currently I'm drawn to super-duper huge fluffy ones or cloches. Until I find my perfect hat, lately I have been wrapping my head in knit scarves. It works. I'm warm.
    But you said it - it's the magic of believing it works, that makes it work.

    1. I almost bought a great super-fluffy hat today...with lurex was a beauty.
      It sounds like you would have loved it!
      Unfortunately it was too small for my big head.

  6. such a lovely style! you rock it!, I like your hat, your masculine-feminine touch, and that retro vibe!, it's like an elegant cool gamine style!

  7. What wonderful details in this outfit, from your cap to your ankle boots! I adore the purple gloves. Thank you for spreading and sharing your hat love with Hat Attack!


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