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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Going Out Straight from Work Part 1: Velvet During the Day

Work to Party, Part 1 | Velvet during the Day, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

At this time of year our social calendars may be a little fuller than normal.
Whether it is for personal or business reasons, you might need to go out straight from work.
Going out straight from work can be fun, but it can also be quite stressful.

You might feel a little bit grubby, and dishevelled, after a hard day.
You may feel exhausted, and not in the mood to socialise at all!
With no time to pop home and change, going out can make you feel flat.

Well, don't worry.
Going out straight from work need not mean feeling uncomfortable and dishevelled.
Nor do you have to be over-dressed all day.
We can be ready to socialise, at a moment's notice... and look fabulous doing it!

Work to Party, Part 1 | Velvet during the Day, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Today I am wearing a simple black shift dress....that isn't so simple!

This beautiful dress belongs to my good friend.
She has given it to me for safe keeping because it has not been worn in years, and (in her words) it deserves to be seen.
The dress itself is vintage, and is truly beautiful.

It is made of old fashioned velvet.
You know the kind.
Rich, luxurious and substantial.
Not that cheap velveteen (or velour) that we often see in modern clothes.
'Proper' velvet.

Velvet may be BIG fashion news this year, but it never really goes away does it?
Velvet is always in style.

The dress is a classic shift shape, that never dates.
Well, yes....
It has a very cheeky twist.

{Sorry, but you'll need to stay tuned (for Part 2) to find out what that cheeky twist is!}

Work to Party, Part 1 | Velvet during the Day, over 40 | Fake Fabulous

My friend won't mind me telling you, that this dress was her ticket into many a great nightclub.
Her V.I.P pass, and her free drinks token at the bar!

Her sumptuous curves would have filled this shift perfectly... no wonder it was her partner's favourite!

My slightly less generous curves don't quite have the same impact as hers, BUT we have to make the most of what we have been given, don't we?
And, this vintage dress makes me feel sexy... curves or not!

My camera did something strange with the exposure in this shot.
Black can be VERY difficult to photograph, and often the images are unusable.
This one, however, looks weird and cool.
So I thought I would share it with you.

Styling a quality item, like this one, is a dream.
The fabric is so beautiful that layering a blouse underneath is easy.
There is no need to worry about bunching and bulk.
Or, any underwear seams making an appearance... never a good look!

{I really miss the quality of vintage}

I wanted to keep my look smart enough, but still fun.
Leopard print is always a great choice for that!

{See this post about my love of leopard, over 40}

Adding cosy wool tights, and plum T-bar shoes, kept things looking grown-up.
I couldn't resist my 'Goldfish Bowl' necklace though.
A little tongue in cheek accessorising stops things getting too serious.
Life is serious enough and fashion should be fun!

Work to Party, Part 1 | Velvet during the Day, over 40 | Clarks Shoes

In my large tweed bag I have all of my work to party essentials...

This Year's Desk to Dance floor Kit:

  • Heels (the same pair as last year!)
  • Evening Bag (Ditto. Hahaha...I do have other bags, honestly!)
  • Tights (lurex... yes really!)
  • A fluffy cover-up
  • Earrings
  • Lipstick (and mini lip brush)
  • Wipes
  • Sachet of scented body lotion
  • Brush & Hairspray
  • Powder foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
Work to Party Essentials | Desk to Dancefloor

Come back soon to see my party look, and the cheeky twist to this dress!

If you can't wait for that...
See last year's work to party outfit HERE (daytime) and HERE (night-time)... with even more leopard print. 
I can't seem to get enough of the stuff!

DRESS: Vintage... similar.
TIGHTS: Trasparenze...these are nice too.
SHOES: Clarks... similar
BLOUSE: Charity shop....similar.
BAG: Chaps...This one is not similar, but is fabulous!
NECKLACE: Online ...I changed the chain on mine because I thought it looked a little too cheap.




  1. How wonderful that your friend let you have fun with this dress!!
    I do think you fill it out just fabulously Samantha!!
    As for the animal print blouse---you could be part of my series this week---a younger part that is...:)

    1. I was so touched Jodie.... she REALLY loves this dress!
      I promised to look after it.
      You can't go wrong with a little wild print, can you? :oD XXX

  2. You, as always, look totally gorge, Samantha! The dress is fab on you. Any chance your friend lets you keep it!? It really is a showstopper. Looking forward to part two. xx

    1. I'm caretaking just now Lisa.... babysitting this vintage beauty. XXX

  3. This is such a cool look on you! How lovely to have the loan of a dress like that. I like the t bar shoes with it.


  4. That's a wonderful dress! How nice that your friend wants the dress to "have a life!" :-) I really like the animal print blouse with it & the accessories you chose are perfect, too! Great look!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  5. You're so right Samantha, velvet never goes out of fashion. This is such an elegant, grown-up look today, and all beautifully balanced. The leopard print keeps it young, the vintage velvet is pure class, and the t-bar shoes are sleek and stylish. I can't wait to see part 2...
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Samantha x

    1. Thank you Anna. Velvet ALWAYS comes back...every winter season... and leopard is a winner anyday :oP XXX

  6. ohhhh, vintage velvet is luxurious!, I love that deep, rich texture! glad that your friend thought this dress deserves some fun!, I think you're going to rock it!
    I love your outfit, particularly those fab accessories, lovely bag, tights and shoes!. Looking forward to see what's the next outfit!

  7. That goldfish-in-a-bowl necklace though. (!!!so cool!!!)

    Velvet is a very hard material to wear in this hot and humid country, but I wish it weren't! I would have liked to include something velvet into one of my outfit posts, but alas. It's tough for me to find a velvet item that I like but when I do it's a luscious one! (But I never buy them =( )
    Such a cute yet sexy dress, Samantha. Velvet is also extra appropriate in December, is it not?

    XO, Liyana
    | Affordorable

    1. I had a feeling you would like my little fishy friend Liyana! :oP XXX

  8. I adore the shape of this dress and in velvet too! And it looks great the way you have styled it, especially with the grey of the tights, the deep burgundy of the shoes and the fabulous leopard print. A real day-to-evening look! Kx

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like this look, my friend will be please her dress is being admired :oD XXX

  9. Velvet really is a forever fabric, right up there with silk,satin and lace in the dressed up category.
    For that reason it's a little unexpected at work but PERFECT for a day when you need to transition directly to a festive occasion.
    I was really thrown off by your hosiery. When you said they were wool I was shocked. So...a wool and lurex combination? Sounds like just the ticket for cold temps.
    I'm looking forward to the metamorphosis to "Party Time!!"

    1. These ones are wool and are such a lovely knit....I had a change in my bag...the lurex pair are up next. :oD XXX

  10. That is indeed a special dress - the velvet looks so rich and it fits you wonderfully. Love those shoes too - thanks for sharing! xo



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