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Friday, 18 November 2016

Winter Layers, over 40 | 3 Steps to Perfect Layering.

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

I love layers!
Even in an outfit this is not 'obviously' layered, I usually sneak on one or two.
Being cold is not something I enjoy.

My husband is sometimes astonished as to how many layers I am capable of wearing.
For example, today I have 6 on my upper half and 4 on the lower part of my body.
(Or, 7 and 5 if you include underwear!)

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

Layers can look great.
Layers can give an outfit that feeling of 'effortless-cool'.

Layering can look chic, and elegant.
Layering is very practical.
Layering can make you look (and feel) like a bag lady!!

{Please excuse my remote in these shots... and the cock-eyed angles... my photographers were out, and it was just me and my dodgy old tripod}

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

Some layers are easier to wear than others.
This mohair coat/cardigan is probably one of the most tricky pieces to wear.
It is big and bulky, and potentially adds pounds of weight to my frame.
Bulky layers (like this one) can be unflattering, and very difficult to style.

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

3 easy Layering Tricks.

1. Mix it up.

Layering similar textures and fabrications can look drab & dreary.
Mix up those textures for maximum impact!
Even a monochromatic outfit (e.g. all black) can sing when different fabrics are pulled together.
Silk and chunky wool.
Leather and lace.
Suede and vinyl.
Or, a mixture of any fabrics you love!

Tonal layering looks chic and modern.
Blending similar colours together can give a luxe feel to your outfit.

Clashing colours is always fun, and can create a striking look...the sky's the limit!

Mixing patterns can also work beautifully in a layered look, especially if you keep the patterns within the same colour family.
Playing with print sizes, and pulling out colours within the patterns using plain items, can make for a fantastic outfit.
Go with your instincts... if you think something looks good then it will!

2. Keep it light.

Chunky bulky layers can add pounds to your frame, and look sloppy.
However, if you are in love with a 'chunky monkey' (like me in this HUGE mohair coat) then keep the rest of your layers slimline.
Try wearing a few fine layers, to create a cosy feel, then add drama with your chunky piece.
Slim fitting trousers (or a neat skirt and boots) can help keep the bulky piece from overwhelming you.

3. If you love it wear it!

Wear whatever floats your style boat.
If you love a certain colour then go for it!
Contrast and clash your shapes and textures.
Have fun with patterns.
Go large and bulky.
Go sleek and streamlined.
Do whatever makes you feel like you!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

This outfit is SO cosy, and no wonder!
I'm layered up to the max.

On my top half I am wearing a thermal base layer then a heat generating poloneck.
My legs are clad in a pair of footless tights, then heat generating leggings.
{It is honestly COLD here :oP}
Two pairs of long wooly socks are keeping my lower legs warm, as well as these boots.
OTK boots really do keep out the cold... I highly recommend them!

This dress (that I found in a charity shop) is a very fine knit, but works perfectly on top of this cosy layered look.
My cashmere longline waistcoat provides lightweight (and slimline) warmth.

A chunky scarf and thick gloves are a must today, as well as my enormous fringed suede bag... plus a trio of fun pom poms!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

A fun dinosaur necklace finishes things off nicely!

Winter Layers | 3 Layering Tricks | Fake Fabulous

How cold does it get where you live?
Do you ever use layers to pretend you are wearing less than you actually are?

Please share in the comments.
I love hearing your thoughts!

CARDIGAN: Finery... similar.
DRESS: M&S... this one is nice.
LONG WAISTCOAT: Tkmax... similar.
BOOTS: Duo... similar
BAG: Topshop
GLOVES: A gift
SCARF: Newlook... this is their recent version.




  1. I really love this look! I'm definitely going to try more layers particularly as it's starting to get chilly down here in Devon. And I used to go to charity shops when I was younger but haven't for years. I think I might give them another go and see what unique items I can find... I love your lipstick colour, what is it? Thanks for a great post!

    1. Hi Nat, Thank you! It's actually a mixture between a nude liner (A rimmel one) all over my lips...then a touch of Bobbi Brown lippy.. rose something, or something rose.... the writing has worn off a bit! XXX

  2. I love the more pared down version of this look ie without scarf and green jumper. But I know it gets much colder ooop norf so probably wise strategy! FAB necklace! PS hair is looking great! Mine never ever looked that good 'growing out'

    1. You are very kind hair is feeling like a mixture between a scarecrow and a mop at the moment! :oP XXX

  3. As a plus-size woman I find layering a challenge. I need to find really thin layers or I start feeling like the Michelin man. I pretty much max out at two, personally...though I love the look of layer upon layer upon layer!

    I am DYING for that green mohair sweater! And that dinosaur skeleton necklace is HYSTERICAL!!!


    1. Hahaha...thank you Bettye! I know what you mean about adding bulk...maybe you could stretch to three though? If you found some lightweight layers to wear under? XXX

  4. I'm a layering girl too!! In fact, I love wear hosiery under my jeans in the winter for not only warmth, but it stops the jiggling!!
    You look absolutely marvelous Samantha!!

    1. Thank you Jodie! Hahaha...I always wear something under my jeans in winter, usually footless tights or thermal leggings. Cosy is best! :oD XXX

  5. That dinosaur necklace is sweet!

    Layering is tricky for me as it adds weight quickly if I'm not belting my waist. Here though when it gets really cold we cannot be picky. Eventually warmth and comfort win out when it gets to below -10.


    1. When the thermometer dips into double digits I have been know to be unidentifiable as a woman! Half human, half king sized duvet! :oP XXX

  6. Great post! And you look wonderful in your layers. Wish we needed them more here in Florida! Thanks for linking up, xo


  7. King size duvet outfits could catch on!! (You are so funny Sam)
    This outfit is the finest of faboo fall color. I love the geometric tunic and the warm beige boots. This is impeccable layering,subtle pattern mixing and genius featuring of texture. It's also just so cozy to the max!!!
    I really like what your hair is doing in this posting too!
    Sorry I got behind on your postings and I see your red tresses are growing so quickly!
    I really love this outfit Samantha!!!
    I see you snapped up another Tatty Devine novel necklace too.
    PS I ordered the fish!!!! =)

    1. Ooooo...I hope you love it Judy! It is so much fun to wear. XXX

  8. well, you look absolutely adorable in your big mohair cardi, it's a fabulous piece!, and all those layers just add interest!
    I'm amazed about all the invisible layering which is necessary (it's not that cold here until Jan-Feb!) and admired that you look gorgeous whatever the weather!

  9. Love it! Did a little layering of my own today. So cool and comfy!


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