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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Problem with Wrap Dresses.

Fake Fabulous | Peacock Wrap dress & Bold Colours, over 40!

What could be more classic than a wrap dress?
Thanks to the stunning designs of DVF (back in the day) wrap dresses are a wardrobe staple that isn't going anywhere!

Wrap dresses are easy to wear, comfortable, feminine, classy, sexy and universally flattering.
Given the right fabrication, they suit every woman for every occasion.


Fake Fabulous | Peacock Wrap dress & Bold Colours, over 40!

Today I wanted to wear this stunning little wrap dress that was sent to me by the gorgeous Ann (see her blog Kremb de la Kremb).
Recently, she sent me a surprise parcel which included an item for the next PPP (keep an eye out for it on the 20th December) and this gorgeous peacock dress (see how she wore it here).

It is such a happy dress!
Colourful and fun.
There is just one (small) problem...

I don't have the right curves in the right places to fill a wrap dress properly.

But hang on!
Wrap dresses are supposed to suit everyone, aren't they?

Wrap dresses are STUNNING on those of you with curvy hips and bottoms, neat waists and decent sized busts.
Wrap dresses make rounded tummies look feminine and sexy.
Wrap dresses are perfect for anyone with curves.
Wrap dresses can be anything from professional and smart to achingly sexy!

Wrap dresses make me look like an ironing board.

Not fair!

Fake Fabulous | Peacock Wrap dress & Bold Colours, over 40!

I was determined to wear this joyful dress, despite my lack of cleavage.
Colour was the answer to my problem.

{To be honest, colour is my solution to most problems!}

This dress is bold and vibrant and fun.
Picking clashing colours was easy.

Bold and bright clashing colours keep the eye moving around this outfit, distracting from my lack of wrap-dress-filling-curves.
(The little ruffly sleeves help too.)

This dress was screaming out (in my opinion) for a splash of sulphur, a pop of hot pink and a blast of bright blue.
I added a thermal base layer, gloves and a clutch to provide what I needed.
A slim belt held the dress together.
Plum coloured tights and ladylike shoes finished my outfit off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Peacock Wrap dress & Bold Colours, over 40!

DRESS: H&M (all the way from Hong Kong!... this one is nice)
SHOES: Clarks
TIGHTS: Gipsy (these are nice)
BELT: Topshop (similar)
NECKLACE: Charity shop (this is pretty)
GLOVES: A gift 
BAG: Linea (similar)
TOP: M&S..this one could work.

Do you love the look of a wrap dress?
Does the style flatter your curves and make you feel feminine?
How would you have worn this bold wrap dress?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!




  1. Wow!What fun going back in time and seeing not only how Ann styled this dress but also learning a bit more about all of the women that I've come to enjoy SO much. I feel sad to have missed so many of those details of your lives that you've already shared.
    Now, as for the peacock wrap dress!!
    I must say that Ann did know who would love the colors in this dress but I completely understand your other concerns with the wrap. I too am NOT well endowed with Boobage and thus the "wrap can gap" and would always require some sort of cami/undershirt. I think it's interesting that even Ann wore a turtleneck under the dress although I see that was more for warmth. Anyway curves are far more flattered by this design. (You do NOT look like an ironing board Sam.)
    I love the sulfur color that you chose to emphasize and I think tights in that same color or fuscia would be more flattering than black. This dress has a "light" quality and I think the black tights make the outfit feel bottom heavy (on both of you).
    Sorry that I've written a short story! YIKES!!!

    1. I love your short stories Judy! Hahaha, thank you.
      I did try my fuschia tights with this dress, but I felt it was veering into crazy territory :oP.
      (BTW, My tights are a deep plummy purple, which is quite bright in real life)

    2. Something interesting just occurred to me! Black is often considered to be slimming but it is interesting that you referred to the black as being "bottom heavy"... I have always disputed black's slimming ability...I think that a fuller figure all in black can look larger.... maybe it's time for an experiment? XXX

    3. Personally, I love a wrap dress with nothing underneath but the skin on a flat chested woman. GOALS! I think that is so sexy!! Probably because it's the opposite of me! Hahha! I just think flat chested women are sexy in general!! ;D A x

  2. Those colours sizzle on you! Fantastic. I've had a couple of wrap dresses but I have the reverse problem - a generous bust, shall we say - and they draw attention to it in a way that makes me feel too conspicuous. Plus I always need to wear something underneath to avoid showing cleavage, which as Vogue tells us is "verboten."

    1. I understand Gail...ample boobs and low cut wrap dresses can look TOO sexy, which isn't all that good either.
      Although, cleavage is great... as long as it is intended. Maybe a more structured wrap is the answer for a bigger bust? And a smaller one too!?
      I know that some companies (like Pepperberry) cut clothes to fit proportionally larger busts. I wonder if they make wrap dresses? I'm off to have a look (even though they are no use to me! Hahahaha. XXX

  3. I honestly have yet to meet a wrap dress I haven't liked, Sam, they do wonders for me, even with my airport runway chest GRIN actually, particularly because of that. Nothing is popping out and everything's in its place :) trust you to infuse this dress with loads of colour to make it yours, especially that burst of sunshiny yellow, so refreshing xo

    1. Yellow is such a happy colour isn't it Sheela? I'm glad you like it too... Airport runway chest??? are funny! XXX

  4. I love the colours and pattern in this dress. I did not notice that wrap dresses didn't suit every body type until you pointed it out. I wonder if a strategically placed pin wouldn't eliminate this problem.

    I'm a huge fan of wrap dresses as they suit my body type. I dare not count how many I own.


    1. I bet Suzanne. (LOL) rock a wrap!
      A pin looked okay, but just like I was trying to stop my dress gaping (which I was, but didn't want to look like I was...if that makes sense?) and it reminded me of old ladies pinning themselves into their dresses on Sundays, when I was a girl. Maybe a cluster of funky pins would be better? I will try it next time. XXX

  5. I love all the colours in this outfit - you have styled the dress so beautifully, and with some fun bright colours for these drearier days!

    1. Colour on a dreary day always helps chase away the blues :oD XXX

  6. Clever answer to the neckline challenge--and the dress's print is gorgeous!

    I don't have much upstairs, but I like wrap dresses for the office. With a snap (press stud) in just the right spot, I can usually get the neckline to lay smoothly without gaping. Not a perfect solution, though, and sometimes it's easier just to throw on a camisole. :-)

    1. Good idea Velma! I think that could work really well, especially with a more structured fabric. Thank you for the tip. XXX

  7. Severe dress envy! Your shoe / tight combo inspired me to be a bit more adventurous in this dept myself this am - blue tights and green shoes:)

  8. Dear Samantha,

    (Sorry for the multiple replies! Something keeps clicking without a chance to finish. I'll try one more time...)

    I am so happy to see this bold peacock dress on you. Of course I knew it would suit you!! I have to admit I'm so surprised to see it paired with yellow as I never really ever saw yellow in the design. Isn't that odd! I always saw the blue, green, and bright, bright fuschia.

    I'll tell you about the favorite time I wore this dress. I was quite lighter--I'm not sure how many stones, but I was light enough for my boobs to have lost enough weight. I wore the dress with nothing underneath except my bare d├ęcolletage. I used a little tape to keep things in place. I wore it to the faculty Christmas party in Mumbai when we were working at the American School of Bombay. Ooooh! Did I feel sexy!! I should find a picture for you to show you....Hmm, now it's time to get back to that lightness so my boobs lose the weight! Hahah!

    At any rate, you look stunning. I love that you even added purple tights. The way you've styled it took me quite by surprise but I do like it.

    Do you think you'd ever wear it bare and sexily so? Maybe for a cocktail party or date with the hubby? Or never in a million years?

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  9. oh yes, I agree, colour is my solution to most problems! and it's a great solution!. You rock your pretty dress with that yellow and hotpink and purple, it's a fabulous color combo which I'm loving absolutely!!!
    You look gorgeous in this dress (as usual!). I'm not a huge fan of wrap dresses on myself, as I'm in the contrary side of the spectrum, my problem is usually that my curves (particularly, my girls) would try to poke out!. So, No, wrap dresses are not for everybody!
    besos & colors


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