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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché!

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

Wearing black leather trousers, with leopard print, is such an "over 40" cliché isn't it?
We get to that "certain age" and start dressing like an aged rocker.
So predictable.

Well, guess what?
One of the pleasures of being an over 40 woman is the freedom to wear what the hell we want!
We are no longer shackled with the worry of what other people might think.
Or, confused as to who we are, or where we are going.

{Although I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up!}

We know our limitations.
We accept our flaws.

We are well aware of those "age-appropriate" style rules, and we may (or may not) stick to some of them...sometimes.
However, when it comes to fashion, we know exactly how to have fun, and nothing is quite as much fun as a splash of leopard print!

Especially when paired with some leather.

Whatever floats your (leather) boat will work beautifully... a jacket, a dress, a sexy pencil skirt or some comfy leggings.
I don't care if it's a cliché.
Leather and leopard... I love it!

{See another cliché HERE... this time a "blogger" one}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

This unapologetically clichéd outfit is easy to wear, and so comfortable.

Faux leather leggings (last spotted here and here) are simple to style, and surprisingly warm!
(Essential in this cold weather)

I paired these leather-look leggings with a bronze-coloured tunic top, and a cosy sleeveless cardigan.
This cardigan is big and chunky... just the way I like it on a cold day.

{You can see my breath in this shot!}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

The best part of this outfit (for me) are my leopard boots.

I love these little boots.
Funky but practical.
A little bit rock chic.
A little bit cowgirl.
A whole lot of fun!

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

A simple geometric necklace added some subtle interest.
Fun earrings, a cute beret and a red lip finished things off nicely.

{See this beret styled here and here}

Leather Trousers and Leopard Print, over 40 | What a Cliché | Fake Fabulous

Are you happy to wear a Cliché from time to time?
Do you mix leather and leopard?

What is your idea of a FUN outfit?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I love hearing from you.

TUNIC TOP: New Look... this one is lovely!
WAISTCOAT: Asda... this one is less bulky.
LEGGINGS: River Island
NECKLACE: Topshop... this one would be perfect!
BOOTS: Tkmaxx...similar
BERET: Topshop
LIPSTICK: Bourjois
NAILS: Collection Hot looks (similar)




  1. Such a cool look on you. The boots are really fun!

    1. Thank you Gail. I love these ankle boots too. Cute but practical, and very comfortable! The holy grail of footwear :oD. XXX P.S I love your blog name!

  2. Definitely you are a perfect example of a "hot mama!!"
    The leather leggings---so fabulous---I almost bought a pair myself and yet talked myself out of them. Silly, I know. But I can always get a pair tomorrow!!
    And those booties are calling my name---don't you hear them? jodie...jodie...

    1. Hahaha! You should get yourself a pair Jodie... a definite YES! XXX

  3. These photos of you are real standouts Samantha. You look just beautiful and about 27!
    This is definitely a hot!! The ankle boots are really special and the beret is darling on you. Perhaps many women lack the confidence to wear this combination because it can scream "attitude". Come to think of it; where does cliche stop and classic start? This is a great combination of textures and warm, natural colors. What's not to like?

  4. I adore leopard and leather. This whole outfit looks great on you. Attitude is all it takes and you've got plenty of it : )


    1. A outfit like this can make it easier to "fake" a confident attitude ;O) XXX

  5. Samantha, I don't remember seeing anyone rock leather AND leopard print together so effortlessly. Over 40, not over 40, this is leather + leopard print done right! I would absolutely STEAL those boots from you (metaphorically, of course).

    I've yet to find my perfect leather pants - nevermind that I can't wear it in the heat of Malaysia - but it seems like you've found yours. I absolutely adore this outfit head to toe!

    PS: Those earrings are gorgeousss.

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thank you Liyana! Leather (or faux, in this case) and hot temperatures can make for an uncomfortable mix. That is such a shame.... :o(.... You would be welcome to borrow these boots, anytime (Shame there are almost 7000 miles between us!) XXX

  6. mwahaha, lovely attitude on clichés and age appropriate advice!, I think you rock absolutely!
    I love those pants, the coziness and the rock'n'roll all together, and your pretty boots! and fabulous accessorizing!
    (Confession: I've never worn leopard print until I was 40!)

  7. Sam, I am a fan of leopard print and faux leather.. I need to wear my leather pants more.. THe fun hat with your hair wisps forward and red lip looks awesome. Love those fun booties!
    jess xx

  8. These warm golden and brown tones in the leopard print are just MADE for you. I don't think you could look like a cliche if you tried! The first photo is so beautiful.

    The only cliche for the 40+ crowd right now is the Bella Freud 1970 jumper. If I see another one, I'll scream. xx

    1. Hahahaha...yes, although that item is not in my price bracket so you are safe here Lisa! :oP

  9. I think you look fabulous! I'm over 50, I dress similar to you and I frankly don't care about some magical number that says you must dress a certain way at a certain age. I love fashion and that will never change. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. You go girl!

    1. I'm so glad you agree! We are only the age we feel inside....and I guess we are both around 25!? :oP
      Young at heart with a few years of experience under our belts.
      The best of both worlds really.
      I'm so glad you popped by and left a comment!! XXX


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