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Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to be a Style Blogger on a Small Budget.

Blogging is great fun, surprisingly sociable, and the perfect way to express your creative side (regardless of what you chose to blog about).
If you have read any of my other posts about blogging (see them all on this page) you will know how much I love it!
Setting up a blog needs very little equipment, and is so easy.

Is blogging about style and fashion not a very expensive habit?
Surely you need an enormous budget for new clothes in order to constantly create new outfits?
What about the latest trends and 'hot' new looks?
Fashion and style blogging must require serious amounts of hard cash to succeed, right?

I am happy to tell you that blogging about style, and fashion, can be as cheap as chips (quite literally, sometimes).
You just have to put in a bit more effort, be savvy, and get creative.
Which is great news, especially if you are a bit skint... like me!

Blogging about trends and high fashion.

The cheapest way to blog about fashion is to research the up-and-coming trends and discuss them.
Constructing fantasy outfits, and talking about the designer inspired pieces on the high street.
You could provide outfit inspiration and countless ideas for other people to create their own looks.
These are popular posts, and sound like fun to write.

To be honest, posts involving images of high-end designer looks (and ideas of where to find cheaper versions) are not really my cup of tea.
I much prefer to see a real outfit on a regular (non-model) woman.

However, you can blog about these trends without spending a penny!
You might even make a few pennies, if you use affiliate links.

{Note: Make sure you are using images legally.}

Many people love these kinds of posts, they are fun to research, and you don't even need a camera!
Easy peasy.

Hang on a minute!
What if you want to blog about your personal style and/or your interpretation of the designer trends?
This involves actual clothes.

{Slobbing around in a pair of joggy bottoms, writing about Burberry's latest collection, just won't cut it!}

Now you need a real clothes budget, and it can be tricky.
No one wants to see the same boring outfit used in every post.
Similarly, people like to see items re-worked and restyled (I know I do) as it gives them ideas as to how to get the most out of their own wardrobes.
You need to find a balance.

Blogging on a tight budget is a challenge, but you just have to be a bit smarter with your money.

Of course, being a style blogger is MUCH easier if you are loaded and can pop into Burberry and pick up a couple of pieces from their latest collection.
Or, invest in that classic Chanel bag
Or, treat yourself those Valentino shoes.

Even popping into a high street shop, and buying the latest trends, would be great for your blog.

The reality (for me anyway) is a part-time job with the NHS...hardly the big bucks rolling in!
I also have a house to run, and 4 children to pay for.

{They are much more expensive than the Chanel classic flap bag, I can tell you.}

Despite my minuscule budget, I still love new clothes, hot trends, high fashion, unique style, fabulous shoes, unusual accessories, great shoes...did I mention shoes?!
I'm not willing to compromise.
So, here are my secrets...

3 Ways to blog about fashion and style (or just enjoy your own personal style) on a tight budget:

1. Never settle for full price.

Why pay top dollar when you don't have to?

  • ALWAYS search online for a discount code or 'money off' offer.
  • Subscribe to the mailing usually get emailed a code to use for your first order. (You can always unsubscribe later).
  • Log in to a website (create an account) add to your basket then leave. Many companies will send you a "you left something in your basket" discount code.
  • Sign up to one of those sites (like MSE) that tips you off to hot deals, double discounts and sneaky loopholes (these dungarees ended up costing me £9!)
  • If you can wait, hold off for the sale. Some items are almost guaranteed to make the sale (you can usually tell). Like these boots that I got for a bargain.
  • Shop around. 
  • Use a cashback site if you can. Better a few extra pennies in your pocket!
  • Check out discount websites for past season items.
  • Always check on eBay (or similar) for someone who could be selling the very item you have your eye on. Unwanted gifts, wrong sizes or (my favourite) 'worn once'.

2.  Find the styles you want elsewhere.

Anyone over the age of 15 will have realised that fashion is fickle, and trends return time and time again.
Take this season's 'Hot Looks'.... sound familiar??

  • Ruffles.
  • Velvet.
  • Embroidery.
  • Leopard print.
  • Tweed/Heritage.
  • Embellishment.
Yeah, yeah... We have heard it all before.
In fact, you probably seen this list several times over!

Be super savvy and scour the internet for previous versions of the latest looks.
Or (even more fun) take a shopping trip to the city and search those charity shops.
Make a day of it.
Charity shops (or bargain bucket sale rails) are fantastic places to pick up, not only clothes, but great accessories and jewellery.
I can't walk past a charity shop without popping in "for a minute".
You never know what treasures are waiting to be discovered.

3. Organise your own wardrobe.

If you have a good look through your own clothes, I bet there are a few items that would fit right in to the current "Hot looks".
Dig them out and try combining them with newer pieces.
Mixing up your usual combinations of items (and common mixes of colour) can make old items seem new.
Adding a new, or unexpected, accessory works perfectly to make your look fresh and modern.
Try Pinterest for colour inspiration.
Look online for unique accessories (or nail colours) to lift your look.

Blogging about style (or just dressing with style) does not need to cost a fortune.
Yes, that designer piece would be wonderful, and quality always counts.
But, for many people, designer items are just a fantasy to admire on others.

Luckily, the cost of your outfit does not really matter.
You can find really beautiful quality items, in surprising places, for less than the price of a coffee.

Regardless of budget, if you love clothes and fashion, that will translate through your writing (or your daily dress) and get other people thinking about ways to make the most of their own wardrobes.
Being stylish does not have a "minimum spend".
Have fun with fashion, and your own personal style, whatever your budget may be!

What are your thoughts on this subject?
Do you find it easier to construct and outfit from various sources?
Or, do you prefer the convenience of the high street shops?
Do you ever treat yourself to that designer splurge?

Please share in the comments...
Or, contact me.
I love hearing from you!



  1. I think your points are extremely valid Samantha!
    Especially the part about what is already in our closets! I can't tell you how many times I will go to buy something, and my husband points out the fact that I have something already like it in my closet!! And he's usually right!!
    The best thing about this blogging, is it does allow me to check out my closet in a whole new light!
    And learning things from smart people like you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jodie!
      I agree with your husband too, and I think we are all guilty of that.
      My weakness is shoes.
      I have been in some sticky shoe situations... one so bad that I was seriously considering buying such an expensive pair that it would have meant no money for food for a month!
      How terrible is that?! Luckily sense prevailed, but it was touch and go for a moment.
      If I ever did come into serious shoe money I would buy something beautiful and ridiculous and love them to death :oP XXX

  2. This is such an amazing, well thought-out post, Samantha - I'm not sure I can find anything I don't agree with! The reality is, style-blogging involves time and perhaps more importantly (I feel like this is the more important one to talk about now) MONEY! However, it is totally, TOTALLY doable at the same time, and I would imagine anyone who is interested to start a fashion / style blog on a budget would find all your tips here extremely useful. I certainly do! I love your writing here too; you've given tips in the most entertaining way possible, and you've got me reading every word.

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. What a lovely comment Liyana! Thank you so much. The thought of you reading every word has really brightened my day :oD. Style has not a lot to do with budget. Sure, money helps to buy nice things but putting a great look together is something money can't buy. Look how many people have HUGE budgets and never quite get it right. Then there are others who shop at H&M on do a few DIY's and look amazing. AND beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all... one persons "inspired look" is another's "bag lady". :oP Thank you so much for popping by to share your thoughts! XXX

  3. Great tips! My girlfriend s husband always says, where does she leave all those clothes?, when she shows him a post from the blog. Haha, well of course I love to shop but I use a lot of your tips too and get great bargain. Not so much as you do though! I tolde you before that I never thrift but I will the next time I am in the UK! In the Netherlands I am not attrackted to thrift shops at all. I now already exactly wich shop I am going to first! Haha.

    1. Hahaha... I suppose your friend's husband imagines your house jam-packed with clothes and accessories! Hahahaha. I think it would surprise many people to hear that I only have one wardrobe full of clothes. Blogging can seem to require an excessive amount of clothes, but many women have so much "stuff" that they NEVER wear. At least blogging makes us use everything :oP XXX

  4. That's a great post, well-written and pretty useful. I like particularly your "never settle for full Price" advice, I'm a huge fan of sales!. I really love to rummage through my own wardrobe, it's the best place to buy!. I think that having a tidy wardrobe is also great advice, everything is easier when your clothes are visible and accessible. I would like to have my wardrobe this way, but Real Life has its own plans!.

    1. It is hard Monica! Sometimes it is almost impossible to let things go :oP. Thank you for your kind comment. XXX

  5. I am a massive fan of thrifting. The stuff that other people consider to be garbage is where I find my treasures for a fraction of the price. Yes it requires tenacity and time, but the thrill is in the hunt.

    I'm actually turned off by bloggers that spend big bucks or promote massive brands. It goes against my personal ethics.

    Interesting relevant post!


    1. Thank you Suzanne. I agree about being turned off! It is so much more exciting to see an achievable look. Finding that someone's bag is worth more than our family car does not appeal :oP XXX

  6. The thing is anyone can go into a shop, buy a 'look' and blog about it but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be interesting or remotely creative. You just end up being a mannequin. Far more interesting to create outfits from a variety of sources and put your own stamp on them.
    And of course, there are certain trends that aren't really trends any more as they're perennial and trends that come around every few years so it's really not that hard to nod your head to a trend. I don't thrift for clothes much but do for accessories and have found some absolute gems over the years. And ebay is for wonderful for finding bargains.
    As you say, you just have to work a little harder but I think for bloggers like us, that's half the fun and you have in return, a greater reward.

  7. I suspect that experience and maturity play a huge role. With a few exceptions those of us who are 40+ simply have a more realistic perception of the so called fashion "trends".
    I'm not sure that words like logic, wisdom, reality, practicality and common sense have a place in the fun and fantasy of our fashions but if you have a "budget" they are lurking there despite our efforts to overpower and ignore them. Hence, we don't buy the designer shoes so we can feed our children.
    Perhaps REAL creativity springs from neccessity and a grasp of our individual reality? OR perhaps I'm full of baloney! =)

  8. I suspect that experience and maturity play a huge role. With a few exceptions those of us who are 40+ simply have a more realistic perception of the so called fashion "trends".
    I'm not sure that words like logic, wisdom, reality, practicality and common sense have a place in the fun and fantasy of our fashions but if you have a "budget" they are lurking there despite our efforts to overpower and ignore them. Hence, we don't buy the designer shoes so we can feed our children.
    Perhaps REAL creativity springs from neccessity and a grasp of our individual reality? OR perhaps I'm full of baloney! =)

  9. Hey Samantha,

    I liked your note on using Pictures legally a lot. Not much Bloggers pay Attention to this! I want to blog for almost four years now, because I think my style is quite a bit off the beaten track, and I like this a lot, and I'd like to Show it to others too.

    Only Problem is: I just can't do ALL the Pictures myself. So it would be the most helpful things of all time if you could give some advice on how and where to get nice Picture of garments, runway Shows or cosmetics legally. Because this is what's initially Holding me back from jumpstarting!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you for your comment and question... I honestly don't really know how you would obtain these images legally.
      I think you would be better to ask the companies directly or maybe google your question?
      I am sure that some of the big bloggers will have written a post explaining exactly what to do.
      I'm sorry I can't be more help.


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