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Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Hairy Green Dress (yes, really!) 5 ways | PPP 8, plus guests.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

This month's PPP has been quite an epic event!

Anna, Ann and I are joined by Greetje and Sheela.
This month's item has travelled thousands of miles.

I can hardly believe that this dress has travelled so far.
From the Isles of Scilly, to Amsterdam, to Houston, to Hong Kong, to Scotland then back home again.

So, here is the epic eighth Ping Pong Post.

This time Anna, Ann, Greetje, Sheela and I are styling a seriously quirky dress.

Totally different to last month's classic breton.

When I opened this parcel I had to smile.
I've tried on this very dress (last Christmas when out shopping for a party outfit) so I knew how this was going to work for me.

This dress is oversized {understatement of the year!} and pretty shapeless.
No amount of belting (or pegging) is going to help.
I just had to embrace it's vastness, and it's crazy texture, and enjoy wearing it.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

There is always going to be a 'fit challenge' with these PPP posts.
Simply because all of us are different.

{Even more so, this month, with Greetje (tall) and Sheela (petite) joining us.}

We are not the same shape, or size.
We live in different worlds, and have different lives.
That is what makes PPP so much fun!

Wearing the dress alone made me feel like a character from the Muppets (or Sesame street :oP) so I knew I had to add a cover-up.
Initially, I wanted to style the dress with vinyl leggings and chunky boots but was worried that my fellow bloggers would be doing the same.

{How wrong I was! See below...}

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

I finally decided on a palette of soft beige, cream and light tan.
Perfect for a cosy autumn outfit.

My OTK (over the knee) boots, wool tights and chunky socks were the starting point for this casual look.
Adding a beige poloneck and a chunky cable cardigan kept things cosy and comfortable.

A modern necklace and red lips, finished my outfit off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has piled on the colour in this eclectic look.
So different from last month's pared back palette.
She is a style and colour chameleon.
I love those shoes Anna!
{Why oh why do we not have the same size feet?!}

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Dress: H&M
Disco pants: H&M
Polo neck: eBay
Shoes: Office
Pendant: Vivienne Westwood
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Watch: Michael Kors

Rings: Old.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann had taken this dress and turned it into a scarf.
{Nothing surprises me when it comes to this lady}
Draping the dress around her neck and securing it with a brooch.
She is a clever cookie!
Check out her blog for the rest of this outfit... and those gorgeous orange shorts.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Sunglasses: Forever 21
Earrings: Ben from Jardines Bazaar, Hong Kong
Scarf: Anna's dress
Brooch: Banana Republic
Ring: India
Shirt: Gap
Leather Shorts: Forever 21
Jungle Bag; Louella Odie

Greetje from No Fear of Fashion

Greetje has also chosen a soft cream to go with this dress.
I once likened Greetje to a tulip.. tall, sleek, elegant and colourful.
Although the colour is taking a break here, the elegance remains!
Check out Greetje's blog for more outfit inspiration and great chat.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Sheela from Sheela Writes

There are two certainties when it comes to Sheela's outfits.. original styling and fabulous shoes.
She does not disappoint here!
As a petite lady this dress must have swamped Sheela, but she has made it her own by adding layers, textures and interesting accessories.
Be sure to check out Sheela's blog, especially if you love sky-high footwear.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Follow Sheela on Instagram

Leather Top: StitchFix
Belt worn as necklace: JCrew
Clutch, Booties, Sunnies & Leggings: Thrifted
Ring: a gift
Yellow Cuff: Courtesy of Unearthed

I hope you enjoyed this month's PPP.
Stay tuned to find out what happens next time (on the 20th of November).
It's my turn... and it's a tricky one (insert evil laughter)!

How would you have styled this hairy dress?
Please let me know in the comments.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.



  1. wouaaaaa, I'm pretty amazed by your talent!!, so many stylish ladies!, and such a daring piece to play with!!
    I love that you created something cool&comfy in your own style, which is a challenge when wearing a party dress!, and also love your fabulous boots and that necklace (one of my favorites on you!)

    1. Thank you Monica. It's one of mine too.... up there with the fish skeleton and the naughty cat! Hahaha. XXX

  2. I always LOVE this series! How funny that you had tried on that very dress before! I think you did a fabulous job styling it! I love the boots with it, and the cardigan truly gives it some shape. Very well done!

    Already looking forward to next month's post!

    1. Thank you Andrea.
      Last time I tried it on with lurex tights! :oD XXX

  3. This was such a great post, Sam. I enjoyed seeing the vastly different takes on styling this dress. I think you did an amazing job and I really like how you have styled it as an actual dress! Fab boots, too.

  4. Lovely to be able to wear it like a dress. See where it hits my leg? Not wise for me to wear it like that. I love how you have still left it a dress, but made shape with the cardigan. Who knew you could make shape with a cardigan? As for your boots... I think they are terrific. I went to their website in the Netherlands, but they didn't have them. I might try the UK site. They are so good.

    1. I think your height stopped it being a dress Greetje...BUt it looked great as a tunic!
      The boots are old but they do have similar styles, and they are fitted for slim calves through to extra wide. I hope you find something. XXX

  5. This is a fab mix of elegance and casual comfort Samantha. I'm still not giving up on OTK boots, especially every time I see yours, but I fancy I might need my legs to be stretched a few inches first! My next styling of this will indeed be as a dress albeit in a different way to yours. Thanks so much for taking part in the midst of your very busy time - it's another success I'd say x

    1. You would look great in OTK boots need for leg stretching! XXX

  6. So awesome! Love this idea! I love those OTK with socks with this dress! It's a mix and match that WORKS! Love it!

    1. Thank you Ruth.
      I love layering socks and boots, it gives a more laid back feel. Maybe a bit less "sexy"?...I don't really know, I just like it! :oD

  7. I do love the OTK boots with this Samantha. And even that bit of socks showing at the top---I haven't tried that yet so thanks for the idea!
    I'd probably cover it up somewhat like you did---that's my go-to for keeping warm!!
    It really looks great on you---the color is fantastic!

    1. It is a lovely shade isn't it? Green is such a comforting colour.... Even when it is wild and hairy :oP XXX

  8. It's amazing how you gave this garment shape, Sam. A silhouette. It looks light and delicate, which is the complete antithesis of what that shaggy little thing actually is :)

    1. Hahaha...very true Sheela.
      I loved what we did this month.
      Great fun!

  9. If I read correctly the shaggy dress is from H&M, right? I love the shagginess of it! I tried its jacket/cardigan version when it was in store and I remember wishing I lived somewhere cool, just so that I could wear it out. You all look great in this dress/vest; I enjoy seeing everyone's take on it!

    Liyana | Affordorable

    1. A jacket version???!!!!!
      Why didn't I see that?
      That sounds very cool.

  10. Love this collection of shaggy-dress! You all look marvelous, and it's so fun to have a stand-out piece. Thanks for linking, xo


  11. A great way of showing how you can get so many great looks from one dress!

    1. Thank you Gail.
      It was such a tricky piece to style too.
      Something so distinctive can be restricting... but we did it!
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the post. XXX


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