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Monday, 31 October 2016

Preppy Style, over 40 | The Fab 40's!

Fake Fabulous | Preppy Style, over 40 | The FAB 40's!

Welcome back to the fab 40's.

I am delighted to be part of a group of international bloggers, called The fab 40's.
The purpose of this diverse group is to show how eight (very different) women interpret a specific style.
Each month there is a new theme chosen by one of the group.

These ladies prove that being in your forties does not mean you have to be dowdy, frumpy, boring or forgettable.
All of these women are 40+ and fabulous!

Fake Fabulous | Preppy Style, over 40 | The FAB 40's!

This month's theme was Preppy.

Okay... that's me stumped!

I have attempted preppy style before {see it here} but I based the preppiness of the look on the fact I was wearing a blazer.
Blazer = Preppy
Job done.

It dawned on me that a blazer is a great starting point, but it's not really the be-all-and-end-all of the preppy look.
So I "Googled" it.
Grace Kelly popped up.
Jackie O.
Audrey Hepburn.
All beautiful (and achingly stylish) women but, I was none the wiser.

Fake Fabulous | Preppy Style, over 40 | The FAB 40's!

So, today's outfit was as preppy(ish) as my un-preppy self could manage.

Fake Fabulous | Preppy Style, over 40 | The FAB 40's!

I kept the outfit as simple as I could.

{Channelling the clean lines of the preppy look}

Although, I could not resist a pattern.
And a peep of shoulder.
AND a ruffle... maybe not entirely true to the preppy ideal?!

The accessories were kept to a minimum (very preppy).
Adding a simple pair of neutral shoes and a smart bag.

Natural makeup and simple earrings finished my look off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | Preppy Style, over 40 | The FAB 40's!

Blouse: Primark
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks
Bag: Charity shop
Necklace: Topshop
Earrings: Zara

Do you like the idea of the preppy look but need some more outfit inspiration?
Look no further!

I have 7 fabulous ladies here, to show you how it can be done.

Introducing our Guest blogger this month... 

Michelle from RetroChicMama.

Michelle seems to have understood the Preppy remit perfectly.
Adding a funky T-shirt twist.
So effortless, and cool.

Classic brands tend to produce items that can easily be mixed together to create a smart (and preppy-feeling) look.
She makes it look easy!

Blazer: Marks & Spencer
Trousers: Winser London
T-shirt: Maison Kitsune
Brogues: Dune London
Bag: LV

Sheela from Sheela Writes.

Sheela never fails to bring a little "something" to her outfit.
This look is fun, sexy, quirky...all the things I love about her.
Ripped jeans, a necktie and statement cuffs made preppy!
I love it.

PJ Blazer & Romantic Blouse: Forever21
Ripped Jeans:NY & Company
Heels & Clutch: GX by Gwen Stefani
Leather Hairband & Sunnies: Poshmark
Lipstick: Be A Rich Bitch from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann is a natural at nailing the preppy look.
BUT, she always adds a twist to make it her own.
Cute and fun in her tartan breeks and blazer... with loafers too (what could be more preppy than loafers?).
Adding a T-shirt to keep the look fresh and modern.

Earrings: Kate Spade
Various Necklaces from all over
Reading is Sexy T-shirt: Sarah Utter Tee from Buy Olympia
Navy Blazer: Banana Republic with a little DIY with the gold buttons
Trousers: Forever 21
Penny Loafers:Sperry Top-Sider
Crossover Bag:Vintage Coach

Jennie from A pocketful of polka dots.

Jennie has gathered together the key pieces of a preppy look.
A crisp shirt.
A smart blazer.
What a lady!

BUT, she adds her own spin by tucking her jeans into a pair of knee boots.
Jennie always adds a tougher element.
Speaking of which...who could fail to notice her bright pink hair?
Preppy with a fabulous punch.

Blazer: Liz Claiborne
Gingham Oxford: Old Navy
Striped Tee: Joe Fresh
Necklace: Amazon
Belt: Charming Charlie
Boots: Bandolino

Diane from Fashion on the fourth floor.

Diane is back!
{I really missed her last month}
Looking fabulously cute in this feminine/masculine outfit.
Mixing a potentially unisex shirt and tank top with a super feminine skirt.
Check out those patent ankle boots too.
Love 'em!

Button-down shirt: Zara
Sweater Vest: Forever 21
Midi Skirt: Forever 21
Ankle Boots: Zara
Clutch: Zara
Watch: Fossil from Macy's

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

Mary normally wows us with her feminine interpretations of each month's theme, and this time is no exception!
If you like a feminine spin on things then her blog will be right up your street.
She looks super-cute and lots of fun in this simple look.
I love the long socks with the boots (I think I might be borrowing that one).

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Black Sweater and knee socks: Kohls 
Booties: Target
Bag: Liz Claiborne 
Jewelry: Ny and Company

Veronica from CID Style file

Veronica is a style chameleon.
She can look super-fierce, cute and feminine or casual and tom-boyish.
I would quite happily wear this entire outfit.
Colourful, comfortable and cosy... with a couple of patterns thrown in for good measure.
Right up my street!

Red Jeans: Jessica Simpson
Boyfriend Shirt: Old Navy
Faux Fur Vest: Charter Club
Tassel Flats: JustFab
Leopard Print Bag: R&M
Glasses: Warby Parker

Over to you...
Do you like the preppy look?
What is your idea of preppy?
Are there any preppy style icons that I should check out?

Please let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.
Or contact me!
I love hearing from you.

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Wearing DARK lipstick, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | Dark lips, over 40.

Dark lipsticks are everywhere this autumn/winter, and I love them!

Unfortunately, being over 40 (with not very full lips) can make wearing dark lippy a challenge.

Dark lips can make our mouths look small, thin and a bit mean.
Great for Halloween, not so good for real life.

There are lots of tutorials (and videos) demonstrating dark lipstick application, but not many feature an older women.

{I was struggling to find a makeup look on someone my age that I would be happy to wear.}

The 'models' are either too young, too perfect (with huge lips) or too brightly lit.
I want to see someone I can relate to.
If the model is my age the makeup is often so over done that it looks old fashioned, and a bit drag queen-esque.

{P.S. I love drag queen makeup looks....on drag queens}

Dark lips are really hard to pull off in real life.

Fake Fabulous | Dark lips, over 40.

5 Things to Think about when wearing Dark Lipstick

1. Exfoliate

This is so important.
Dark and bright lipsticks (especially matte textures, like the one I use in the video) highlight every flake on your lips.
Exfoliate and moisturise... then do it a second time, just to be sure.

2. Conceal any Redness, Veins or Dark Circles

Reds, plums, purples and other dark (or bright) shades of lipstick can make every mark on your face look much worse.
Conceal each blemish carefully.

3. Keep your Eye Makeup light

Overdone, heavy (and dark) eye makeup can make you start to enter old hag territory.
Definition is all you need.

4. Wear Blusher

Red and dark lipsticks can instantly drain your face of any colour.
Get the blusher out, and apply it high.
If you have high colour on your cheeks, and find it hard to cover, let some of your natural tones shine through and try a complementary lip shade.

5. Keep it Glossy

If you a struggling to look good wearing a dark lip, add a touch of gloss.
It can make all the difference.
The gloss reflects light and gives the illusion of volume.


Before you leave the house, pop your finger into your mouth, close your lips around it and draw it out slowly.
This trick will remove the lipstick that was going to end up on your teeth!

Fake Fabulous | Dark lips, over 40.

Here is how I wear my purple lipstick...

{I started the video planning to wear a red but changed my mind to purple as I was recording... I'm so fickle when it comes to makeup! :oP}

{PLEASE NOTE: All of the products used here are my own... no gifted or sponsored items}

Do you have any tips for lipstick application, over 40?
How do you stop your lips looking thin and mean?
Have you stopped wearing dark shades because of bleeding colour or thin looking lips?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.



Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Oversized Mohair Cardigan & Orange leather.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

This outfit is perfect for a cold autumn day.
Plenty of layers, and the all-important 3 'C's'...


Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

Outfits like this one are so easy to wear.
There is nothing digging in, pinching, squeezing or scratching.
Just warmth and comfort all the way.
Ideal for a cold and crisp autumn day.

{Rain would have made this outfit a dripping mess... soggy mohair and wet feet. Yuck! Thankfully the rain was having a day off.}

This outfit started with my oversized mohair cardigan.
It's a rich and delicious colour that seems to go with everything... or, at least I think so!
I teamed it with a khaki 'furry' jumper and this bright orange leather top.
The orange top is punchy in colour, and fun to wear.

{My husband teased me that it looked like a high visibility tabard, which made me laugh.
Cheeky man!}

Skinny fitting textured tweed(ish) trousers, and my burgundy boots, were the ideal partners to this oversized top-half.

I love the ruching of fabric at the ankles.
This may seen odd, especially to any petite ladies, but the extra fabric makes me happy.

{See this jacket with it's wonderfully long sleeves}

Teaming my crunched up leggings with a pair of bunched up socks made for a lovely cosy effect around my legs.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Burgundy Boots & Tweed leggings.

A bold necklace, fleece-lined burgundy gloves and my bright red bag finished things off nicely.

What is your magic formula for the perfect Autumn outfit?
Do you agree with my 3 C's?
Or, do you have your own set of criteria?
Please share your idea of the perfect Autumn outfit in the comments.

Fake Fabulous | Autumn style | Oversized green mohair cardigan & orange leather.

CARDIGAN: Finery (this one is cool)
LEATHER TOP: A street market in Hackney (London)... it was a one-off (this is nice)
FURRY TOP: Charity shop... this jumper looks cosy.
LEGGINGS: River Island... these are much smarter than mine.
BOOTS: La Redoute (similar)
BAG: Bogner... this one is nice too....and this one!



Monday, 24 October 2016

Should we be Wearing Leather over 40?

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

At what ages does it become a little sad (and pathetic) to be still wearing leather?
When do we stop looking 'edgy' and start looking like mutton dressed as lamb?

Does wearing leather (over 40) mean we come across as desperate to look young?
Should the leather loving over 40's give up the rock chic look, hang up their biker jacket and stop making a fool of themselves?

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I think we can wear leather at any age.
Whether it's a simple leather jacket, trousers, leggings, t-shirt, shirt, dress or full-on leather catsuit!!
If you love it, rock it!

The only time leather starts to look "off" is when you are trying to be something you are not.
When it is worn awkwardly, or with a sense of apology.
Leather can't be worn apologetically.

Leather is not for wallflowers.

You can't wear leather and fade into the background.
Leather is a statement.
Embrace it, and have fun!

See my previous leather looks for more inspiration:

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

This particular leather look is as subtle (and wearable) as leather can get.
A simple day look that suits just about anyone, of any age, regardless of shape or size.

The jacket I'm wearing was sent to me by a company called Hidepark.
When they first contacted me I must admit that I was a little dubious.
Buying leather online?
Hmmmm...I was not convinced.
You can't get a proper 'feel' of it.
Leather is a very tactile fabric.
Personally, I need to get a handle on it in order to find out if it is for me.

Leather can easily be cheap, stiff, grainy and a bit unpleasant to wear.
Cheap leather looks ugly.

I am always willing to give things a go (See this post about the importance of trying new things) so I went online for a nosey.

When I had a look at their website (check it out here) there were so many styles and colours to choose from.
Blue, green, tan, nude... I was spoilt for choice!
After much 'humming and hawing' I decided on this hooded jacket.
It has such a carefree and cool feel to it.

When the jacket arrived I was delighted.
{In fact, that is a bit of an understatement!}
I was so impressed with the quality of the leather.
The fit is perfect.
(I am wearing a small, and usually fit a UK large 8/small 10)
There is also plenty of room inside for a cosy jumper.

{I don't see the point in any autumn/winter jacket that can't fit a jumper underneath. This is Scotland after all!}

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

The jacket has the most ingenious way to remove the hood, where the internal front section unzips taking the hood with it.
Removing the hood gives the jacket a smarter look, and suitable for any season.

{I will wear it like that another time}

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Todays outfit was so simple to pull together.
Blue velvet jeans (velvet is big news this Autumn) and patent black boots... I think these are my new favourites!
A cosy petrol coloured jumper, with eyelet details and lace-up sides, added more richness and interest.
It was cold today, so I added a pair of woolen gloves and a thermal baselayer.

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

3 Ways to wear leather, over 40.

1. Pick a colour that suits you.

Yes, black is timeless (and cool) BUT does it really suit your colouring?
If it does then lucky you!
Enjoy it.

If not, don't worry.
Black is quite a tricky colour to wear, and not many people actually suit it.
However, with the vast range of colours available in the shops, there is sure to be something to suit you and your personal style.
Have fun with it!

2. Choose a style you love, regardless of trends.

Of course the classic biker jacket is always in style BUT if you love the look of a cream leather pencil dress then go for it.
Leather culottes? Why not?!
Life is for living.

3. Try something different.

Trying bright colour or an unexpected shape... like a green leather t-shirt, blue leather jacket or a red pencil skirt ...and really put a spring in your step.
You can wear anything you want!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Trying Something a little Different

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Do you wear leather (real and/or faux)?
What style and colours do you like?
Please share in the comments.
I love hearing from you!

Fake Fabulous | Wearing leather over 40 | Brown jacket, velvet jeans, patent boots & eyelet jumper.

Heidi JACKET: c/o Hidepark.
JEANS: Boden (old)
BOOTS: Vagabond
JUMPER: Matalan

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Hairy Green Dress (yes, really!) 5 ways | PPP 8, plus guests.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

This month's PPP has been quite an epic event!

Anna, Ann and I are joined by Greetje and Sheela.
This month's item has travelled thousands of miles.

I can hardly believe that this dress has travelled so far.
From the Isles of Scilly, to Amsterdam, to Houston, to Hong Kong, to Scotland then back home again.

So, here is the epic eighth Ping Pong Post.

This time Anna, Ann, Greetje, Sheela and I are styling a seriously quirky dress.

Totally different to last month's classic breton.

When I opened this parcel I had to smile.
I've tried on this very dress (last Christmas when out shopping for a party outfit) so I knew how this was going to work for me.

This dress is oversized {understatement of the year!} and pretty shapeless.
No amount of belting (or pegging) is going to help.
I just had to embrace it's vastness, and it's crazy texture, and enjoy wearing it.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

There is always going to be a 'fit challenge' with these PPP posts.
Simply because all of us are different.

{Even more so, this month, with Greetje (tall) and Sheela (petite) joining us.}

We are not the same shape, or size.
We live in different worlds, and have different lives.
That is what makes PPP so much fun!

Wearing the dress alone made me feel like a character from the Muppets (or Sesame street :oP) so I knew I had to add a cover-up.
Initially, I wanted to style the dress with vinyl leggings and chunky boots but was worried that my fellow bloggers would be doing the same.

{How wrong I was! See below...}

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

I finally decided on a palette of soft beige, cream and light tan.
Perfect for a cosy autumn outfit.

My OTK (over the knee) boots, wool tights and chunky socks were the starting point for this casual look.
Adding a beige poloneck and a chunky cable cardigan kept things cosy and comfortable.

A modern necklace and red lips, finished my outfit off nicely.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Over to...

Anna from Anna's Island Style

Anna has piled on the colour in this eclectic look.
So different from last month's pared back palette.
She is a style and colour chameleon.
I love those shoes Anna!
{Why oh why do we not have the same size feet?!}

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Dress: H&M
Disco pants: H&M
Polo neck: eBay
Shoes: Office
Pendant: Vivienne Westwood
Sunglasses: Quay Australia
Watch: Michael Kors

Rings: Old.

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann had taken this dress and turned it into a scarf.
{Nothing surprises me when it comes to this lady}
Draping the dress around her neck and securing it with a brooch.
She is a clever cookie!
Check out her blog for the rest of this outfit... and those gorgeous orange shorts.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Sunglasses: Forever 21
Earrings: Ben from Jardines Bazaar, Hong Kong
Scarf: Anna's dress
Brooch: Banana Republic
Ring: India
Shirt: Gap
Leather Shorts: Forever 21
Jungle Bag; Louella Odie

Greetje from No Fear of Fashion

Greetje has also chosen a soft cream to go with this dress.
I once likened Greetje to a tulip.. tall, sleek, elegant and colourful.
Although the colour is taking a break here, the elegance remains!
Check out Greetje's blog for more outfit inspiration and great chat.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Sheela from Sheela Writes

There are two certainties when it comes to Sheela's outfits.. original styling and fabulous shoes.
She does not disappoint here!
As a petite lady this dress must have swamped Sheela, but she has made it her own by adding layers, textures and interesting accessories.
Be sure to check out Sheela's blog, especially if you love sky-high footwear.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.

Follow Sheela on Instagram

Leather Top: StitchFix
Belt worn as necklace: JCrew
Clutch, Booties, Sunnies & Leggings: Thrifted
Ring: a gift
Yellow Cuff: Courtesy of Unearthed

I hope you enjoyed this month's PPP.
Stay tuned to find out what happens next time (on the 20th of November).
It's my turn... and it's a tricky one (insert evil laughter)!

How would you have styled this hairy dress?
Please let me know in the comments.

Fake Fabulous | PPP 8 | A Hairy Green Dress, 6 ways, style over 40.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Wearing Black and Blue without looking like a bruise!

Fake Fabulous | Mixing Blue, green and Black together... with a pop of hot pink!

Wearing black and blue together is supposed to be one of those colour combinations that shouldn't be seen on a stylish woman.
A forbidden (and tasteless) mix.
Oh dear.
I've done bad again.

Other "ugly" mixes are:
Black and Brown.
Pink and Red.
Red and Green.
Yellow and Black.

Luckily, I don't care much for fashion rules.
Especially when it comes to mixing (and clashing) colours.
Playing with colour is a very personal thing and if you like the way a combination looks, then go for it!

Today, I decided to mix the forbidden blue and black, as well as a little bit of green!
Oopsy, did I forget that blue and green shouldn't be mixed either?
Silly me!

Fake Fabulous | Mixing Blue, green and Black together... with a pop of hot pink!

This look started with my chunky boots and worked up from there (my favourite way to dress).
The boots are very comfortable, perfect for being on my feet all day.

A large green bag followed, as it was essential for lugging around all of the things I needed.
Navy blue trousers and a patterned black top (See it in this post more clearly) were easy to wear, and comfortable.

Fake Fabulous | Mixing Blue, green and Black together... with a pop of hot pink!

Throwing this black and white coat over the top, was a decision I grew to regret later in the day.
This coat is made of a polyester mix and is unlined.
Consequently, it is not very warm at all.

Luckily, I had an extra cosy thermal layer hidden underneath my top, but it was not enough.
{Wishing for a cosy cardigan...or another coat!}

It's so disappointing when a coat does not deliver any warmth at all.
Although, for the price, I was hardly expecting great things.
Smarter layering is the answer.

The bright side was: I didn't get hot and bothered while running around!

Fake Fabulous | Mixing Blue, green and Black together... with a pop of hot pink!

A colourful and chunky necklace (last seen here) and some hot pink gloves, finished my look of nicely.

Do you have any favourite (and forbidden) colour combinations that you love?
Please share in the comments!
Or, contact me.
I'd love to try out some of your favourites.

COAT: Primark, bought in a charity shop (brand new)
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas (a gift)
PIN: H&M (part of a trio)
TOP: Ted Baker (found in a charity shop)
BOOTS: Clarks
GLOVES: A gift (John Lewis, I think)
BAG: Osprey (from Tkmax)



Sunday, 16 October 2016

How to Look Older | Makeup Mistakes.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

Makeup (for me) is one of life's little pleasures.
There are so many beautiful products available, and so much fun to be had!

The act of applying makeup is relaxing, and calming.
Selecting colour combinations is a real joy.
I also love looking at makeup counters, soaking up the delicious colours.
Trends excite me (even if I don't often follow them) and finding new products to enjoy makes me smile.

Makeup can be very flattering, and beautifying.
It can be striking.
It can be transforming.
BUT, it can also be downright ugly!

It is so easy to get stuck in a makeup rut.
Or, to start piling it on, to try and fill in the cracks.
Bad makeup can make us look decades older.

I love makeup videos and online tutorials BUT sometimes the videos can leave me feeling a bit cheated.

The makeup artist may be in her 40's but she looks too flawless on the camera and I don't really want to see that.
I want to see someone 40+ looking like they are 40+.
Beautiful AND older.

I want it to be acceptable to have lines.
I want to see a real face.
Not someone in their 40's looking 20.
That's not real life.

So today I decided to "keep it real" and have fun with some of my makeup.

I have applied the same makeup products in two different ways.
The first is unflattering, and ageing.
The second is (hopefully) not!

I am happy for you to see my flaws and the fact that makeup can't really hide them... it just makes me feel a little fresher.

What I used:

WIPES: Simple baby wipes.
FOUNDATION: Rimmel lasting finish (100)... it's not a great colour for me.
CONCEALER: Bourjois Radiance reveal (01) & Benefit Boi-ing (01)
POWDER: Bare Minerals original (Fairly light)
EYESHADOW: Barry M (Starry eyed palette)
EYELINER: Bourjois waterproof clubbing liner (Green)
BRONZER: Bourjois (52)
BLUSHER: Max factor Miracle touch (soft pink)
LIPSTICK: Seventeen (roses are red)
LIP GLOSS: Bare Minerals (Heartbreaker)
LINER: Rimmel exaggerate (Call me Crazy)

Makeup gone bad.... How to look older.

In this video I am 'trying out' a few of the common makeup mistakes that we can be guilty of as we get older.

Having said that, it's not just older women that make these mistakes!
Young women do them too, it's just their skin is taut and smooth so they can get away with it a bit more.

25 Common Makeup Mistakes


  • Wearing too much foundation to try and cover the lines.
  • Wearing the wrong colour to change the colour of your skin.
  • Not matching your face to your neck/rest of the body.


  • Too much light reflective concealer under the eyes.
  • Too much concealer, in general.
  • Putting opaque concealer under the eyes.


  • Wearing too much and using a powder puff to press the powder into the skin.
  • Powdering fine lines in a bid to "fill them in".


  • Doing your makeup with your eyes shut (especially if they are hooded).
  • Too much shimmery eyeshadow (especially on crepey lids).
  • Light/sparkly shadow under the brow bone, it looks so dated.


  • Thick lines, unblended.
  • Just lining the lower lashes... especially if the liner is a harsh black or blue.


  • Thin brows, over plucked or shaved.
  • Odd shapes, like the tadpole or a really high arch.
  • Pencilled in super skinny brows.
  • Dark brows, like two slugs.
  • Too much powder (or pencil) in them.
  • Not grooming them... those hairs can go crazy!


  • Dark lipliners.
  • Harshly lined lips.
  • Matte, dark lipsticks.


  • Not using it!
  • Too much shimmer.
  • Dark contouring... it "sinks' the cheeks in and as we age our cheeks sink in anyway.

Look how harsh this makeup looks.
My lips are hard, thin and a bit mean looking.
The whole face is old fashioned.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

Check out this close up of my eye makeup.
Heavy looking droopy eyes.
Dark and aged.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

The concealer (and powder) accentuates fine lines and my droopy lids.
This is what the world sees even if I can't.

{Anyone who wears reading glasses will know what I mean!}

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

The same makeup products, but better!

I look much fresher and more natural in this shot.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

Yes, my droopy lids (especially on the side I sleep on) and fine lines are still there, but the makeup is not screaming "Check these wrinkles out!!"

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

My eyes look slightly softer, and a lot more natural.

Fake Fabulous | How to look older | Makeup mistakes, over 40.

I hope you found this post fun!
I certainly enjoyed making the videos, and my daughter enjoyed taking my photographs... getting a good laugh at my crinkly bits and giving me some makeup tips {see her efforts here}.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on makeup (or any great tips you have) by leaving a comment.
I love hearing from you!

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