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Friday, 16 September 2016

Embroidery and Wet Look Leggings.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Embroidery is big news again this AW16/17, and I am the first to admit that I looked at the trend and thought "Yuck, that's certainly not for me!".

This kind of floral embroidery reminds me of cushion covers from my childhood.
Or, Granny's favourite armchair.

I thought I would quite happily sit this trend out.
Velvet is much more 'me' anyway.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was reading a post by Yvonne @funkyforty, and commented that the embroidery trend was not really my kind of thing.
But, I had to admit that she had inspired me to go out and have a fresh look.
Maybe there was something not so cushion-like out there for me to try?


Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

I came across this embroidered shirt when I was out looking for something else (A gym kit for my second youngest) and I was taken by surprise.
It is unlike anything I own, and not my usual style.
It really caught my eye and I thought... "Why not?".

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect with something like vinyl leggings.
A real contrast of texture is always a winner, for me.
Maybe I could rock this embroidery trend after all?

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

A simple (and super-comfortable) outfit came together very easily.
The shirt is long and loose, sitting nicely with the wet-look leggings.
Adding a red under top kept me warm enough for a cool September day, and made the red flowers pop!
My chunky turquoise and coral necklace, and a cluster of interesting rings picked out more colour in the embroidery, and added interest to my look.

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

Simple red ballet pumps, a black bowling bag and a slick of red lipstick finished things off nicely.

So comfortable and easy to wear.
I am pleased to be proved wrong!

Fake Fabulous | Embroidered long-line shirt, vinyl legging & red ballet pumps, over 40.

How do you feel about embroidered items?
Are you reluctant, like I was?
Or, are you already smitten?

Please share your thoughts on embroidery in the comments.
I love hearing your opinion!

SHIRT: Matalan
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
SHOES: French Sole
BAG: Primark
RINGS: Various bits and bobs!




  1. Such a great look! I love the embroidery.

  2. I am of the same opinion. Usually embroidery means "very conspicuous" and " cannot wear it too often" and "pretty pretty". But as you have proven yourself wrong, you have proven it to me too. This is a splendid outfit. AND comfortable. Big cheer.

    1. Thank you Greetje!
      And, I am SO glad you (and I) have been proven wrong....:oD
      It is always a good idea to try to keep an open mind. XXX

  3. I love this Sam!! I am still looking for an embroidered piece and love the leggings with it. I am so ready for my faux leather leggings but not with the heat just yet... I will incorporate this trend. The red accents look wonderful with it!
    have a great weekend!
    jess xx

    1. These leggings and 90 degrees wouldn't be a good combination! :oP XXX

    2. Love it you look stunning in them leggings

  4. I adore embroidery. Any details to make a piece unique get me every time.

    I love how you've put this look together.


    1. Thank you Suzanne. I am coming round to the embroidered look!
      Some of the vintage bags and other accessories are divine with embroidered details.

  5. I am not a fan, it also Re!in de me of my childhood! But the way you styled it is very good. A bit rock chick in it makes it not to girlie and the colors are intense. Very nice look!

    1. Thank you Nancy! I was hoping to steer away from "girly"... I am so glad you agree! XXX

  6. Like Suzanne C. I've been a huge fan of embroidery my whole life!! In the 60's it was often not affordable but you could find reasonably priced embroidered clothing from Mexico that was so colorful and fun. The ethnic, boho trend was so hot then. I also loved Native American beaded items (and still do) so embellishment has always been beloved by me.
    I recently told Greetje of "No Fear Of Fashion" that Bob Macke, who used to design for Cher in the 60's is still creating a line of very affordable fashion for QVC. (there's also a U.k. version of QVC) Bob Macke does a lot of embellishment that includes beading and embroidery.
    Your shirt/dress is lovely. It would be cute with short red boots too! I know what you mean by "grand mothers embroidery" but there are truly some amazingly beautiful creations to discover out there!

    1. Thank you Judy, I will check that out on QVC.
      As for Mexican and Native beaded treasures...they sound beautiful! XXX

  7. What a gorgeous look. Red and black have never looked better. The duster shirt is stunning with the pretty embroidery. You look so polished and modern, ready to paint the city red!

    <3 Ada.

  8. The wetlook leggings really suit you down to a T


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